Monday, 24 March 2014

When our kid shied away with the surprise

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must be knowing about how much I love to give happy surprises to my family. Last year in August, I gave my husband a romantic birthday party at Cherai beach, Kerala as a surprise. He was totally stumped. And this time, we had decided to bowl over our kid, Ashmit. We thought to give him a surprise birthday party this year.

Basically Ashmit's birthday is tomorrow but given the fact that tomorrow is Tuesday, there would be no guarantee that people could come early from office. Even if they came, they wouldn't be able to enjoy themselves till late. Thus we decided to plan the party last Saturday, four days ago of the actual day. The party was small as it was majorly a kids' party. We had invited only those friends who have kids. We had planned everything without telling it to our son.

On the party day, I took charge for the snacks that would be serving with the cake. I browsed and selected two super delicious and duper quick recipes that are extremely perfect for any party. While I was busy in getting everything ready in the evening (before our son could come home), Sumit decorated the space. We were hurriedly finishing our tasks and finally called Ashmit from our neighbor's house. We are also thankful to our wonderful neighbors for co-operating with us. When Ashmit entered into the house, he got skeptical seeing our grinning faces and finally when he spotted the Happy Birthday banner and the table loaded with cake and other delicacies, believe it or not, he shied away. His face was worth clicking and Sumit was quick in such moments. Do check out his priceless expressions by yourself :)

Ashmit shying away :)

He, happily looking at the banner

Then we had cake cutting. We all sang Happy Birthday song for him. Funny thing happened when he forgot to blow off the candle before cutting the cake. Anyways, it happens with others too. Then we served snacks along with cake pieces. The snacks I rolled out were heavily adulated during and after the party. Everyone loved it. I surreptitiously danced inside my heart. Then we had some fun, gifts were on spot opened and we all played them. Then we had dinner. We had ordered Hyderabadi Biryani which is all time delicious. I had also rolled out the dessert. It is called Shahi Toast. It is a bread dessert garnished with cream and chopped cashews over it. It turned out mouth-watering as well. Everyone appreciated the party at the end.

After the cake cutting

Table loaded with cake and delicacies I made

All in all, our plan of giving our son a happy surprise birthday party was a huge success. He was always complaining for not getting any kind of such surprises from us and when we did give him, he was very delighted. I guess, once in a while, we parents should surprise our children with some happy things. These little gestures show that we care and believe in expressing our love to them.

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