Friday, 21 March 2014

We can help regardless of the distance

Last night a very interesting or should I say, an eye-opener incident happened. First to set up the background, let me explain. My uncle (whom I call Tau ji) has recently got operated for mouth cancer and now after spending few weeks in Mumbai hospital, he is back at my native. There he is getting all the care about food, and daily life things. Now the real part. Surgeons had to incise his cheek and take out all of the infected flesh. Then they used some of his chest flesh to repair the cheek. Now my tau ji is having two stitches; one on his cheek and another on his chest.

Since few days, there was pus formation in his chest stitches which was being treated and dressed every day. But last night, pus started to come out of his cheek stitches also. And not only in small but in good amount. Everyone got very upset and worried for him, seeing the incoming of pus from his cheek stitches for the first time. They started trying to reach good doctors. In all of this worrisome situation, Sumit called up and came to know about the real situation. I too heard and I also got worried. I in fact got tears into my eyes. I love and respect my tau ji a lot and now such operation has happened with him, I feel awful given his old age. I thought, we are living in South while my native is in North, we can not do anything from here. When Sumit saw me teary eyed, he comforted me and started googling about 'pus formation post cancer operation'. There he found some meaningful insights. Apart from this, he knew one of his friends is Oncologist (Cancer specialist). He searched for him on Facebook but could not found. Then he got his younger brother. Sumit called him and took his friend's number. Then he talked to his Oncologist friend and he said that if the pus color is green and red, it is good because it shows the immune system is working fine. The body is trying to heal and the incoming pus is the part of this healing process.

Sumit instantly called up to my mother and told her not to worry, stating his friend's conversation. Then my parents and everyone relaxed and their worry level went down. They even praised Sumit for taking up actions immediately and letting them know about the facts. Later on, when my father took my tau ji to the local surgeon, he too said the same thing that this is the part of healing process and you should not be worried.

There I was sitting on my sofa and watching all of this. I realized that no matter what the distance is, we always can do something. It is just we think we live too far and by sitting here we can not help but it's wrong. I realized it deeply last night. Even this morning my parents and other family members were praising Sumit to think fast at the moment when everyone was so much occupied with worries and tension.

Forget the distance & focus on actions

We live around 2000 Kms away from my native yet, Sumit helped them from the internet. I learnt a new lesson last night. We can help, no matter what the distance is. We just have to control our emotions and focus more on taking actions.

Thank you Sumit! For being such a wonderful person. I am truly lucky to have you (my parents, and sister have been repeating this since yesterday) :) And thank you Google too!

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