Wednesday, 5 March 2014

As I's good to be too busy

As Women's Day (March 8th) is round the corner and my book, It's Never Too Late, is supremely based on women related issues, this week is gonna wrap up with some real amazing events. Here are the details in a quick glance ~

March 7 - Crossword sponsored Twitter Chat at 2 pm. Get a chance to ask me anything you like about me or my book. Please don't be personal. Join me on my Twitter account HERE.

March 7, Corporate talk @ BIOCON, Bangalore - Will be conducting a corporate talk at India's largest biotech organization, Biocon. The theme would be...Contributing Factors in Crimes against Women. Will be discussing the subject on two grounds - Societal as well as a woman's view. Personally speaking, I am honored to get such a wonderful chance to speak there.

March 8, Mind's Bookstore, Hyderabad - Will be in Hyderabad for one full day on Women's Day. Will be doing book signing sessions at some bookstores plus an event at Mind's Bookstore in Dulsukh Nagar during 6-7 in the evening. If you are around, drop by. The theme would be from my book to discussing various issues with women of this era. It's going to be one such wonderful event. See you there! For more insight, click HERE.


March 9th, Atta Galatta, Bangalore - An Interactive and Book reading session at one of Bangalore's leading bookstores, Atta Galatta, Drop by at 6 pm and enjoy the evening for one full hour. The theme would be...When it's never too late. It is an interesting topic coinciding perfectly with my book. Fpr more details and insight, click on the title above.

Phew! Lots of things are on the roll and I will constantly be on the run. So I may not be able to answer your comments on my pages or my blog but will do my best to stay connected as well as updating my profiles.

Wish me luck! And please come and join me at open events. It will be wonderful to meet all of you personally.

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