Monday, 24 February 2014

Night when I had a good night sleep

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would be knowing it has become a bit struggle for me to get a good night sleep. But I had a very sound peaceful dose of whole night snooze this weekend.

On last Friday's night when we all three came to bed for sleeping, I started a game. I told Sumit and Ashmit that each one of us would ask a funny question to one another and the answer must be funny in the same context.

To start the game up, I asked to my son.

"Ashmit! Why are you a boy?"

Thinking a bit, he soon came out with almost an instant reply.

"Because I am born as one"

We were quite impressed by his intellectual answer. Then the game went on with some funny notes. I remember when it came to Ashmit's turn to question his father, he had asked,

"Papa! Why did you born on 15th August? Why on Independence day?"

Sumit's official birthday indeed is celebrated on August 15th every year while his real birthday falls on August 20th. At the moment, Sumit could not come up with a some funny answer though the impromptu game I invented was a fun to play.

We laughed, then proceeded to play Word Puzzles in my mobile, and then went to sleep happily. After a long time, I slept like a baby...deep in sleep and free of my work pressure.

I guess laughing and spending time with your family right before the time phase that stresses you, can lead to happen miracles to your life style. I can surely avail such fun filled times during weekends because I mostly work on my projects at nights. Thus, I have got one more prominent reason to look towards the weekends.

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