Monday, 3 February 2014

Mondays are good head starts for the week

Monday...most of the occasions a daunting day. If not office then house and stuffs related to it make it so. So my this morning and most of the afternoon went into de-cluttering some parts of my house, my kid's toy almirah and my own wardrobe to be precise.

In fact, the day started on a bizarre note because of which I could not send my kid to his school. Therefore, he is right in front of me mimicking Captain America with his set of bow and arrow with fake whooshing and killing sound. Anyways, when Sumit left for his office, I got down to the business i.e. tidying up my kid's toy almirah. It has four giant racks and all of them were burdened with books and articles to death. Every rack was spilling out the moment someone opened the door. So I decided to clear up this mess first. After two hours of rummaging through piles of books, stacks of little-big toys and clutters of unwanted articles, I finally succeeded in resuscitating the almirah. It was tidied up and looked very happy with all arranged racks and things. I too was glad to see this. But the best thing that happened with me out of the mess was...I got the first rack completely empty for my books!! Yes. I got a big space for keeping lots of my current (and future) books and novels and magazines that I heavily dote on. People who carry their own libraries at their homes can only relate to my happiness successfully. I gave a huge smile and immediately ran to my another book shelf and oozed out some of the books (my this book shelf too is loaded with lots of books). I so needed a big space and when I got it, my happiness knew no boundaries.

I placed my books as well as children books on the opposite corners of the new born spacious rack so that there would be no fuss finding a gender wise book. I adjusted them very carefully and the outcome looks really nice. I am very glad to get such a nice gift of big rectangular space. When I locked the neatly arranged toy almirah, I had the feeling of triumph of finally getting loads of clutter out of my house. I also arranged my jewelry articles and bangles that took around half an hour of good effort.

Then there was rest of the house waiting for me to settle it. It took another hour to get everything back at their respective places. Finally I got everything settled and done. I was so much consumed in my work that when my kid said he was hungry, then only I got a reminder that I had forgotten to make Sambhar. Rice was already done but sambhar was yet to make. I hastily terminated my own work after finishing miniscule tasks and proceeded to make rest of the lunch. When I sat down, I realized I too was hungry as hell. When I brought out rice laden with sambhar over it, its aroma titillated my hunger pangs and the moment I put the first bite into my mouth, it felt like heaven. Nothing can beat a meal that is served to a hungry person. I and my kid both were eating, heavily indulged with its taste. It felt ridiculously good. I also had two Mango pickles that my mother had given during her recent visit. Those pickles enhanced the taste of rice-sambhar by manifolds.

But I realized one truth. Today (Monday) has been rather a productive day for me. I got so many unwanted things out of my home and also received a big space for my books. This is wonderful. We make Mondays notorious for no reasons. In fact, it gives you a good head start for the week. :)

Now I am too tired to do any other work. I feel like sleeping and it will be better if I take a quick nap. Half day is gone but another half is still there. I have to recharge myself for it and now...let me say good bye. Wish you a nice Monday evening.

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