Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Rainbow of life

I know it has gone late at night and I am working on my computer but I feel like writing and sharing my immediate thoughts with my blog and being a writer and a blogger, how can I do injustice with my writer self? I can not and I will not :)

It's Monday (very soon turning into Tuesday in a few minutes) and the day was okay. Last weekend was very horrible to me as I have got a severe throat infection that resulted in high temperature and an absolute impossibility of swallowing things. On Saturday night, we had some friends over for the dinner and spent a great evening nevertheless I was feeling not well since the morning. I thought having some fun and laughter sharing would do the magic and keep me on healthy track but somehow I had to pop a tablet right before serving the dinner. As the night gradually crept under the sheath of darkness, my situation started to deteriorate and finally I ended up with really serious problems that I have mentioned above. Could not sleep at night. Sumit did his best to keep the situation under control but unfortunately it was not exactly into his hands. Then we went to the doctor in the morning and got some medication.

It was Sunday and throughout the day, he took care of me. The kitchen was a mess after Saturday's dinner and I didn't have enough strength to step inside it. So he did his best and helped me in getting rest the entire day. Our neighbors are so good that they provided us their home-made lunch. This way, Sumit did not have to think much about the mid day meal. We are so thankful to be around with such nice and wonderful neighbors. Their one thoughtful gesture has melted my heart.

Today (Monday) Sumit didn't allow me to wake up in the morning and prepare breakfast and lunch for our son. He did it all by himself and that touched me a lot. Really! Sometimes I think how lucky I am to get such a loving and supportive husband. He made both the courses and helped Ashmit to get ready. I too woke up and helped him along with few things as being a mother, I knew all the things that require for a school-going kid to get him set up for the school.

When Sumit left for his office, I was sleeping. When I woke up, the silence of the house scared me for a while. I was being cared and pampered so gently that a mere thought of being alone in my own house and that too with no one really looked unbearable to me. I laid down for few extra minutes, sinking the reality. I wanted to talk to someone but I couldn't. I am having a big difficulty in speaking. Sumit has to do almost lip-reading to understand my things. So chatting was way out of the scenario. Slowly I got up and figured out that I have spent half of the time (before my son arrives home) in sleeping and I only had to get over another few hours. That didn't look big deal to me.

I got up and arranged my house with the capacity at my best. I had bath and then I ate some biscuits. Sumit could not make anything for me as lunch so I had to stick with bread-butter and milk sort of edibles. I just had the former one. Milk I ignored. While eating, I sorted out important mails, sent out imperative messages, updated my official pages; in short, I did everything that did not involve speaking. And in the evening, I again started to feel sick and religiously went to sleep. I slept for two good hours.

It feels so weird that I can not speak much. I can but not more than few lines as it strains on my tonsils. It pains. So I am restricted to few lines only and my sound comes out very low. This is the first such experience of my life and somewhere I laugh at it. It also irks me a bit knowing I can not call anyone or share my things but yet, it does not annoy me much. Funny that I am enjoying this phase but want to get healthy asap. Have you ever felt such thing? Have your own tonsils barred your way of speaking? People, in fact, take a jibe on you. My mother teased Sumit that he is being saved from all of my talking. I couldn't agree more. She is right. But few more days and I will be back on the track. Then I will deal with my mother to make Sumit realize his actual situation. ;)

But among all these different moments, I find life is beautiful and pretty. My experience says that bad health and bad time always get you the ones who actually love and care about you. During the day, my sister called just to know about my health. She knew I would not be able to speak but yet she called. I talked in few lines and hung up. I liked it that she called me from her work place. It showed that she cares for me. And my little silly brother! He didn't even bother to send me a message across of "Get well soon sister". A typical businessman he has become. After my mother, I will deal with him too.

But whatever I say, I know my family loves me and they care about me. If one of them can not make it to do something very obvious, I can't blame. This is life and sometimes things just roll into a different color. And because of one missing silly color, we can not ruin the entire rainbow. With love and understanding, we can always have our lovely rainbow of life where things are radiant and shiny and last forever. I feel better because of the medication and now I can swallow with little less pain. But such physical pain will go away I know. Things that are going to live with me are the thoughtful gestures of Sumit making today's breakfast and lunch, filling up hot water bottle for me so that I could drink warm water while he was in his office and the whole way he took care of me. These feelings are gonna stay forever in my heart. I will never let them go.

Neither do you. If someone cares for you, lock the moment. Save your treasure. In your bad times, you will gonna need such treatment of radiant moments.

Now let me say good night otherwise I will end up with worse health. Good night and sleep tight.

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