Friday, 7 February 2014

In the middle of frenzy, comes a savior

Today is Friday. Unarguably the most favorite day of millions!! It is mine too. Even though I don't go to any office (I work from home :)), it is still the most exciting day of the week two days I get to spend with my husband, Sumit. Two wholesome days that sure are healthy for us.

So to make this Friday special, we have planned something special. Why this Friday? Nothing specific you dear. It is just...every Friday is special but the cool idea of masquerading it into something special hit the nails on my head just two days ago. So that is why we are having a special Friday night...tonight.

We have planned to have a night out. We will watch movie/s that we both have been longing to see, will have some finger foods, and a beverage (he may opt for wine but my preference will always zero in to Thumbs Up). A total absolute off from our respective works. I am very excited about it as it has been really long since we have watched movie or spent time together and that too with no hindrance. Usually he is busy in his office work and I am with my writing. He is coming late these days and after dinner, we get little time to talk to each other. Sumit is tired albeit he helps me with some of the chores. I feel bad for him for how much our husbands have to work to make both ends meet. They do work a lot!! Beyond our imaginations.

Since last few nights, I have been writing till late night. I often write till 2.30 or 3 AM and then go back to bed. Mornings are usually drowsy. I hurriedly finish my morning errands and send our kid to school. It is then only when Sumit leaves for his office I get few hours for myself. Alone, private, secluded time and I strongly love it like my Nescafe Red Mug (I got recently). But even in those free hours, I am busy with the promotion of my book to death. Sending emails, reaching out to people, answering every mail and call, thinking more and more about it, then working on my next project, everything takes me down to tiredness and in the midst of all this madness, my kid arrives often shouting like a mad. Then there is no time which I can actually use for my benefit. I sometime fall asleep in the evenings.

This way, both of our days are pompously stuffed. Such routines can be called frenzy; totally being caught in the whirlpool of the demands of life.

So it is time to call for a savior. Will celebrate this Friday night with each other. Will do our favorite things that we have missed to our busy schedules. :)

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