Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Helicopter moms? A Big No No

Helicopter moms are those mothers who constantly push their children to the edge of being super-kids. It means, such mothers prefer to perfect the art of perfecting their kids by enrolling them for several classes like dance, sports, vocals, etc. after their school hours, just to make them better than the other kids. These mothers think they are doing a high favor to their children while their good intention turns into bad consequences in sometime and unfortunately, they remain unaware of it.

Helicopter parents...hovering over the kid 24x7
When a kid is constantly drilled to do something that exceeds his or her limits, not only mental but physical problems starts as well at the end. Headache, stomach pain, anxiety, stress are few results of being pushed over the edge. Such moms should not breathe down to thier kid's neck as it is harmful for them.

Solutions: Helicopter moms MUST learn that trying to live their dreams through their kids is not recommended. Hence, try these solutions...

  • Give some space to your kid. Talk about his interests.
  • Learn to relax. Living in the constant stress of molding your kid into something that he is not, leaves you nowhere around your kid's trust. He will stop befriending you.
  • Remember, loading your kid to re-live your incomplete dreams is a very bad idea and clinically not recommended either. What you got to do in your life is your share but your kid's life is his'. Let him live the way he wants it under your careful (not over-indulgent) supervision.
  • Life is long. Enroll him in one class at a time so that he can give his 100% attendance and concentration. This way, he will achieve the maximum results, exactly the way you wanted it.
  • Give your kid a break every once in a while. While classes keep them away from TV, computers and laziness, let them enjoy these gadgets too for some time. Digital exposure also helps in their growth and development, provided it is being watched wisely.
  • Activity classes keep your kid away from boredom plus gives him a productive time slot. Choose carefully when you pick such classes. Narrow down on your kid's interests, distance form your home, the everyday convenience, charges, other facilities etc. Just because Karate classes are nearby to your home, do not pick it impulsively. Your kid may dislike you for that. 
  • It is essential to keep an eye on the duration of the classes. After schooling hours, kids get tired and they do not want to spend so much of time doing another hour long activity. 
  • If you have learnt something that can be taught to the children, think of organizing a workshop at your home. This way, your kid will get to stay at home without making a fuss, can enjoy other kids' company and will learn something meaningful. This will also get you closer to him.
  • At last, do not act to be tagged as Helicopter Mom. Rather, work on to be called as The Best Mom ever. 
Good Luck!


  1. The most perfect advice a mother/father can read. I totally agree with you on this part. Kids are not machines or a trophy. Let them develop according to their own abilities and capabilities.

    1. Yeah! Right Dhara. Kids need their space and parents must respect that.


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