Thursday, 6 February 2014

Four core themes of It's Never Too Late ... A guest post

Recently, I have been asked and writing guest posts for some of the wonderful bloggers and website owners. This one I wrote for TheReaddicts. Hope you will like it :)

Love & Friendship

For me, love and friendship go hand in hand. A romantic relationship infused with friendship as its bridge is way stronger than any other bond in this world. It automatically grows the resilience between the two people connected to it. Love & friendship are one of the strongest core themes of my novel. Maya is only able to do better in Antaragni because of her divine friendship with Rajat. In later stages when she struggles through the horrible night, it is her love for the family that spins the table around. It has always been love and friendship for Rajat and her family that makes Maya pass through every pitfall, every difficulty.


We all face fear, in one or other form. It may be as tiny as a dot and as giant as a monster but fear is always present within us. Fighting to overcome its heart wrenching effect is a task that every one of us has to go through it. Exactly the same happens with Maya when she confounds her biggest fear – Fear of losing her family and dignity. But remember one thing always; a weakness gives birth to strength somewhere within. So when you face fear, realize that the strength to fight with it has also taken birth in you. You just need to find it much like Maya.


 This, I believe, is something we all do on a normal basis but the analysis of wringing ourselves becomes self storming when you face doubts and umpteen times of self-restraints. The life after the night of terror, Maya too has to go through an endless conduit of introspection. She begins to have doubts in herself. She loses faith in herself at many points. The repercussions of the night churn her heart with several hounding memories. But she continues doing her best to keep all the pieces together and finally she makes her way out of the introspection, the self-analysis.


Faith is as diverse as human beings but here with faith I mean, faith in destiny. Have faith in destiny. No matter what circumstances you have to go through, always have in mind that destiny has stored something better for you. Many of you may dismiss it with utter disagreement but I don’t intend to argue at this point. This concept is hard to understand I know but you can trust it as it is coming straight from an author’s heart. I have already mentioned it in my book this way -
When every door is closed, there must be a window of opportunity and if that one is closed too, try to change the lock and get out.But remember, you struggle only because of one faith – the faith of finding something better for the survival outside the door frame.

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