Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Are we becoming digital slaves?

Or, we have already become. Isn't it?

Recently a little incident happened that careened my focus towards this point...again. Two nights ago, I and Sumit both were working on our laptops. Sumit, being tired and facing health issues since a little while, was not feeling well nonetheless he could not stay away from checking his Facebook account...over and over again. I told him to get some rest but he continued wandering over the site for no reasons, much like we all do. We have nothing to retrieve at social networking websites yet we are logged in through out the day and keep refreshing the page for unconcerned updates like the world would crash down if we don't procure them.

I shook my head at how much we all have become slaves of gadgets like mobile, laptop, watch, tablets and the list is long. Calls, text messages, email alerts, app notifications etc. instantly diverts our mind which is not so very good in many circumstances. Everyday something new is getting invented and gripping us in more, thicker shackles. It is good to improve technology wise but at what cost? Health? Family? Freedom? And if nothing else then privacy?

I am a writer and my profession demands screen exposure for most of the day time. Sometimes I too get irritated and sincerely want to log off from all the accounts, shut the laptop down and have some rest. If not rest then enjoying through some other refreshing way. But I can not and I am helpless about it. I am totally dependent on my laptop for my work and I can not imagine myself surviving without it. And this does not sound too good to me as well.

Earlier days were better I guess. We had pens and papers to write. I agree it consumed lots of efforts but at least we were not easily prone to mental and physical health issues. Also, working with natural things keeps you aware of our surroundings.

While technology has become inseparable part of our lives, we still insist on having must-to-follow excuses and reasons to stay away from it. Here I am giving away some tips to stay away from gadgets and if you too have something to share, feel free to do so in comment box. I will also get enriched with additional knowledge of bursting the bubble of digital world.

Captions say it all!!

  • Think about your life style. If you can manage without looking at social networking websites or your mobile for few hours, you are doing yourself a big favor. Shut down unnecessary interference from technology.
  • If you can not stay away from it but seriously want to, spend more time with your friends and family. Good moments and laughter will surely keep you at bay from irritating gadgets.
  • Pursue a hobby, an all time panacea. Living with a hobby exhibits a better us. Hobbies give us new opportunities to know ourselves at more fronts plus healthily motivate you to stay away from unwanted notifications.
  • Dedicate a time when you will not use any gadget (TV, phone, pager, tablet etc.), if possible. Hard to do but not impossible to comply. Even one hour of this practice can do wonders. During such duration, reach out to other options like walking, chatting with your neighbor, painting or anything that fancy you. 
  • Technology is good for students but not very often. iPods/MP3 players, game consoles, calculator, headphones etc. encourage students to focus more on frivolous things rather than the books. So lock those gadgets in a cupboard and create a healthy environment for study.
  • Browsing internet is another very addictive habit. While getting updated about the world is useful, sometimes it is not recommended. To solve the issue of long hours of internet browsing, bookmark those sites. Do not go over them at the same time. Read one site/information a day. Slowly but surely you will learn the ropes without hurting your eyes too much. 
  • Watching TV is an addiction without a doubt. My kid is so much fond of watching cartoons that he hardly listens to us. Result- we get annoyed and irritated and my kid gets chided. Now this is the result we sure do not want here. Fix a time for watching TV shows. One hour or maximum of two hours (with breaks in between) will do better. This way, family will get under the discipline umbrella and you will be saved from harmful affects.
  • It is often observed that constant exposure to electronic frequencies cause mental and physical hazards. Mobile network, wifi radiation etc. constantly send out harmful frequencies. When they are not in use, switch them off. Problem solved.
  • Before buying a new gadget, make sure you are in their absolute need. This may sound your teacher's lecture but teachers are hardly wrong. If you are buying a gadget just because it has become a cult or your friend has bought it, do not give yourself in to such useless competition. Every second new technology is coming to life and you certainly can not cope up with everyone then why for one or a group of people? Unless you need a gadget really hard, enjoy your life better without them.
  • Okay! You are in a need of buying a new toy. It is a must and you can't get away of it but make sure, the older versions have made their way out. De-clutter your life from gadgets too. Give them to some needy people or sell them at some online or offline shops. 
  • New gadget means new packaging with manuals, ear phone, charger etc. Sometimes, new accessories do not work or work very poorly. Send them to recycle point or back to the manufacturer. Do something but DO NOT discard them carelessly in your house garbage.

Things are not too hard to follow. All we need is...the passion to do it. 


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.