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Helicopter moms? A Big No No

Helicopter moms are those mothers who constantly push their children to the edge of being super-kids. It means, such mothers prefer to perfect the art of perfecting their kids by enrolling them for several classes like dance, sports, vocals, etc. after their school hours, just to make them better than the other kids. These mothers think they are doing a high favor to their children while their good intention turns into bad consequences in sometime and unfortunately, they remain unaware of it.

When a kid is constantly drilled to do something that exceeds his or her limits, not only mental but physical problems starts as well at the end. Headache, stomach pain, anxiety, stress are few results of being pushed over the edge. Such moms should not breathe down to thier kid's neck as it is harmful for them.

Solutions: Helicopter moms MUST learn that trying to live their dreams through their kids is not recommended. Hence, try these solutions...

Give some space to your kid. Talk about his i…

A wise caption for writers

Night when I had a good night sleep

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would be knowing it has become a bit struggle for me to get a good night sleep. But I had a very sound peaceful dose of whole night snooze this weekend.

On last Friday's night when we all three came to bed for sleeping, I started a game. I told Sumit and Ashmit that each one of us would ask a funny question to one another and the answer must be funny in the same context.

To start the game up, I asked to my son.

"Ashmit! Why are you a boy?"

Thinking a bit, he soon came out with almost an instant reply.

"Because I am born as one"

We were quite impressed by his intellectual answer. Then the game went on with some funny notes. I remember when it came to Ashmit's turn to question his father, he had asked,

"Papa! Why did you born on 15th August? Why on Independence day?"

Sumit's official birthday indeed is celebrated on August 15th every year while his real birthday falls on August 20th. At the moment, Su…

Love your work and it will love you back

Life has become altogether so busy that I do not find a moment to breathe. Just today I worked on my laptop for continuous four and a half hours. And when I started getting a headache, I stopped after finishing my work. I took a break. I was very exhausted by the time I shut my lappy down.

But it's cool. It feels really good to be too busy to look around; too busy to notice anything. It gives me no time to ponder over creepy unwanted issues of life. I work like a happy-go-lucky soul who loves her work intensely. Interesting thing is, I get headache from writing and writing is my only solution. So after tea-time break, I again landed in front of my lappy to work. I again sorted out important mails and sent out articles, fixed some activities, went through reservations, scheduled some discussions and that's it. My headache almost gone.

Now when I get to be busy this much, I realize how quintessential it is to keep doing something in life; something that you totally love and mad…

Rainbow of life

I know it has gone late at night and I am working on my computer but I feel like writing and sharing my immediate thoughts with my blog and being a writer and a blogger, how can I do injustice with my writer self? I can not and I will not :)

It's Monday (very soon turning into Tuesday in a few minutes) and the day was okay. Last weekend was very horrible to me as I have got a severe throat infection that resulted in high temperature and an absolute impossibility of swallowing things. On Saturday night, we had some friends over for the dinner and spent a great evening nevertheless I was feeling not well since the morning. I thought having some fun and laughter sharing would do the magic and keep me on healthy track but somehow I had to pop a tablet right before serving the dinner. As the night gradually crept under the sheath of darkness, my situation started to deteriorate and finally I ended up with really serious problems that I have mentioned above. Could not sleep at night. S…

A simple compliment lasts for a lifetime!!

Valentine's day is upcoming and people all over the world are busy in celebrating it. Lovers to be precisely. But is the day really meant to be celebrated by lovers? If you broaden up your vision and scale up the thoughts on a higher level, the day can be celebrated with anyone and for anyone who you love and care about. 

This morning my mother Whatsapped me this pretty heart-touching message -

What is love?

Love is when my mom kisses me and says, 'My child is the best of all' and dad says, 'Sorry my child! Got very late today'.

Love is when your brother says, 'You don't worry my friend! I am there for you'.

Love is when your mood is off limits and your sister says, 'Let's go walk around'.

Love is when your best friend hugs you and says, 'Oye! Where were you yaar? It wasn't fun without you''

These are all the best moments of love. Don't miss them in life. Love is not only having a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It is all about tho…

It all begins with a crack... My guest post

Recently I wrote a Guest post for b00kr3vi3ws... Find it HERE


Many a times, we get the power of motivation from within and then we start reaching out to the goals. But on the contrary, sometimes, we take a step forward and then we succumb to the strength that is required to make it to the goal.

And I am a better example of the latter. Becoming an author was something that I had never thought of...ever. I was happy and content in my life being a housewife and a mother on personal note and a Freelancer, and a Poet (sometimes I do poetry as well) on professional note. But when my husband Sumit suggested me to write a book, I was completely unsure. Because writing articles ranging from 200 words to 2000 words is a different thing and rather easier but writing a book with thousands of words skilfully weaved with fresh plot, suitable dialogues and intriguing scenes is a humongous task. So…

In the middle of frenzy, comes a savior

Today is Friday. Unarguably the most favorite day of millions!! It is mine too. Even though I don't go to any office (I work from home :)), it is still the most exciting day of the week two days I get to spend with my husband, Sumit. Two wholesome days that sure are healthy for us.

So to make this Friday special, we have planned something special. Why this Friday? Nothing specific you dear. It is just...every Friday is special but the cool idea of masquerading it into something special hit the nails on my head just two days ago. So that is why we are having a special Friday night...tonight.

We have planned to have a night out. We will watch movie/s that we both have been longing to see, will have some finger foods, and a beverage (he may opt for wine but my preference will always zero in to Thumbs Up). A total absolute off from our respective works. I am very excited about it as it has been really long since we have watched movie or spent time together and that too…

Four core themes of It's Never Too Late ... A guest post

Recently, I have been asked and writing guest posts for some of the wonderful bloggers and website owners. This one I wrote for TheReaddicts. Hope you will like it :)

Love & Friendship
For me, love and friendship go hand in hand. A romantic relationship infused with friendship as its bridge is way stronger than any other bond in this world. It automatically grows the resilience between the two people connected to it. Love & friendship are one of the strongest core themes of my novel. Maya is only able to do better in Antaragni because of her divine friendship with Rajat. In later stages when she struggles through the horrible night, it is her love for the family that spins the table around. It has always been love and friendship for Rajat and her family that makes Maya pass through every pitfall, every difficulty.

We all face fear, in one or other form. It may be as tiny as a dot and as giant as a monster but fear is always present within us. Fighting to overcome its heart w…

Are we becoming digital slaves?

Or, we have already become. Isn't it?

Recently a little incident happened that careened my focus towards this point...again. Two nights ago, I and Sumit both were working on our laptops. Sumit, being tired and facing health issues since a little while, was not feeling well nonetheless he could not stay away from checking his Facebook account...over and over again. I told him to get some rest but he continued wandering over the site for no reasons, much like we all do. We have nothing to retrieve at social networking websites yet we are logged in through out the day and keep refreshing the page for unconcerned updates like the world would crash down if we don't procure them.

I shook my head at how much we all have become slaves of gadgets like mobile, laptop, watch, tablets and the list is long. Calls, text messages, email alerts, app notifications etc. instantly diverts our mind which is not so very good in many circumstances. Everyday something new is getting invented and gr…

Mondays are good head starts for the week

Monday...most of the occasions a daunting day. If not office then house and stuffs related to it make it so. So my this morning and most of the afternoon went into de-cluttering some parts of my house, my kid's toy almirah and my own wardrobe to be precise.

In fact, the day started on a bizarre note because of which I could not send my kid to his school. Therefore, he is right in front of me mimicking Captain America with his set of bow and arrow with fake whooshing and killing sound. Anyways, when Sumit left for his office, I got down to the business i.e. tidying up my kid's toy almirah. It has four giant racks and all of them were burdened with books and articles to death. Every rack was spilling out the moment someone opened the door. So I decided to clear up this mess first. After two hours of rummaging through piles of books, stacks of little-big toys and clutters of unwanted articles, I finally succeeded in resuscitating the almirah. It was tidied up and looked very hap…