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Journey towards It's Never Too Priyanka Baranwal

Has it ever happened with you - Fulfilling someone else's dream making you not happy but happier? It sure has happened with me. On the release of It's Never Too Late, my debut novel, I have fulfilled my husband's dream and that is what making me happier every day.

The journey towards my debut novel It's Never Too win the battle against your biggest enemy : Fear, this particular journey has been one of a kind to me. It had involved all kind of emotions, drama and many things that were entirely new to me. With all the pleasure and nostalgia, I sit back today and give you the details of whats, whys and hows of my journey towards my book.

It was the usual signature chilly night of Bangalore, August 26th 2012 to be precise. I was comfortably curled up on my couch dwelling deep into a riveting novel. I was about to finish it and when I read its last word, I somehow hated it. Whenever an interesting book comes to an end, I feel bad. I wish stories, good ones on this note, can go on forever. But I now know it's too much to ask to an author. Characters can manage to live on for perpetuity but not the story. Anyways, when I was done and closed the book, I was silent for a moment. I was relishing its every piece and then I smiled and turned to my husband, Sumit, who was equally busy in playing a game on screen. I casually said to him,

"How good these people must be feeling seeing their names on a book? How beautiful it'd feel when they know millions of people are reading their array of thoughts and procession of sentences? It definitely be feeling heavenly".

Sumit smiled back and replied, "Yeah. That is right. But why don't you try to write a novel yourself? You write really well. I have read your online articles and poems. You write really good. Try writing a novel now"

I was highly bemused to hear this because I had never thought of it. Even the lightest dim of flash never dared to cross my head. I shook my head in dismissal and said, "No way. Not possible. Writing articles and poem are fine but novel...I don't think I can do it". By this time, he had finished playing the game and I had put the novel aside. We were now deep in conversation.

"But I think positive about it. You start writing one. I know you will again do marvelous in this venture too". No matter how much incredible his offer or idea looked to me, I found it no harm trying it anyway. After few seconds of pros and cons considerations, I put my faith into his and said YES. And that simple three letter word YES would change my life, it never crossed my head either.

Next day, on August 27th 2012, a Microsoft doc was opened to witness the journey towards my first ever novel. First challenge was to select a topic. I didn't want to select just any topic. I knew at that moment that my first book will be my signature book. It will give me a new name, a new identity. Therefore, the story must be different and attention grappling. But surprisingly, the topic selection phase didn't last longer and I easily came up with it. I was joyous as the concept was somehow brimming into my head since a while. So I was soon done with topic selection task.

Next challenge came up was Title selection. I thought about it a little but couldn't come with the most appropriate one on the spot. So I did the best thing. I left thinking about it and started writing the story instead. Then the title It's Never Too Late came around after few pages. This way, this issue was put out swiftly.

When I started writing the story and I had to pen down the details of the night which wrecked hell on my protagonist Maya, my hands shivered, fingers trembled and sometimes, few tears bobbed up into my eyes. I am not exaggerating anything here. These all things happened with me in real. When I describe or better say portray a character, I totally put myself into its shoes. I need to feel and react the exact way the character would do. When Maya was harassed and molested, being a woman I felt her pain; I could relate to a woman's trauma at a considerate level. I couldn't type further because I found myself weak enough to finish the night scene. I could not cast brutality spells on her just like that. It was really tough for me to make my protagonist, whom I loved most, suffer a great deal. For the first few days, I couldn't write but it could not go on like this forever. Finally I emerged out of my weakness and penned down the entire spine chilling night scene. The scene was done yet, it was a very unexpected experience that I will never forget.

I even asked suggestions from Sumit as he was the only one knowing about my book. He did give his best efforts to suggest me write with accuracy and that helped me enormously to describe scenes at their precise. He often left his work and listened to what I have written. I did not prefer to give him word by word narration but yet, he listened to whatever I had to say and tuned in his best suggestions and guidelines (he is my guide too). This way, major scenes were done.

These whole scenario involved a messy house, demanding family and complaints of 'You don't call me anymore' or 'You don't have time for me now' sort of things. These all complaints were buttered all over me from my family and friends. Though I did my best to qualify everyone's demands yet the time I could manage to give them was somehow always seemed to be a modicum of large cake. I too regretted at some events for not being able to be a part of it but thankfully and luckily, my family understood me really, extremely well at this front. They did complains but understood me even more. They yelled at me but loved me even more. They turned their faces out from me but faced every trouble before me. In those times, I did realize mountainously that such a wonderful family I am blessed with. I say I did struggle writing my book but if the truth to be told, my family has struggled more to give me as much time as it was possible. Having such a beautiful and understanding family is a blessing. Isn't it?

After the night scene came description of repercussions. I, again, never knew it was another challenge waiting for me. Writing about a woman who has got attacked and molested by two criminals is a very sensitive thing especially if you have got to describe it as a part of fiction. When things are real, you know the facts and then it becomes easier to write but writing a fiction is not so easy. Because you have to drench yourself with the same trauma, harassment and frustration in your head. You will have to surrender yourself completely to the plot and keep thinking about 'Does it sound real?', 'Am I exaggerating?' or 'Will it hurt someone some way?' sort of questions. Whether I was cooking, ambling, talking, reading or have gone outside, my characters never ever left me even for a second. In this procession, I have spent countless sleepless nights. Whenever I had gone to bed, I could not sleep because I wanted to do the best justice to my story. I neither wanted to make a hype of something nor was willing to make my work an understatement. I just wanted to make it real, a natural story that can settle easily with anyone. Thinking day in and day out had made me jaded, tired. I started having dark circles and puffy eyes. I was worried about such issues as well but certainly not more than my story. Later on, I dealt with all these outlook-appearance issues.

Repercussions of the night stuffed another stock of my time in its bag. I didn't complain and so did my family. Describing rest of the journey was relatively less tougher. I have added things that clearly connect with the story in a meaningful way. All in all, you will definitely feel yourself connected with It's Never Too Late. The only thing barring it from happening is its absence in your hands. Grab a copy today and start reading it. If you like it, put your reviews/feedback on the links or write to me on - Use links also -

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I was done with writing first draft in two months. Then I took more time to do editing and re-writing. When I knew everything was done, I started contacting publishers. Sooner, Srishti Publications came in the way and they sealed the deal for publishing my work. I was delighted to get a publisher for my work. This particular step gave me the solid ground to my belief of seeing my dream turning into reality one day. I am so much grateful to my publisher Arup Bose and the entire Srishti team for publishing my dream. I am also very much thankful to my cover designer Wasim helal who put his good stock of time and incredible talent to design end-to-end cover. Because of his prompt replies and sheer imagination, the book is getting envious attention from everyone. Check it out yourself -

Some interesting facts -

  • When I started writing INTL, I wanted to tell it to my parents but my husband, Sumit, refrained me from doing so. His logic was simple. He said let the things get a shape. Let some certainty come your way and then you tell them. When things are in shape and then informed, it makes more sense and bring settled happiness. With his sensible words, I waited for the right time. After few months on Mother's Day, I told my parents about my book and they were so delighted. They congratulated me and felt extreme happiness. My father even teased me by saying, "You got the publisher?" He knows how hard it is to find a publisher and when I said yes, he was even more delighted. I guess it's all because of my parents I have managed to pull myself as an author now.
  • After starting writing my book in August 2012, I started writing my blog in November (same year). People often tell me how good and natural I am at writing. Their kind words and encouragement have always uplifted me and gently pushed me to write better by each passing day.
  • After submitting my story to the publisher, Nirbhaya's shocking moving bus rape case happened in Delhi. I was deeply moved with the brutality of the situation and that filled me with rage, anger and frustration. I sincerely hoped my book to send a strong sense of positivism of thinking it's never too late to get a control on the situation.
  • "If you can heal someone from your words, if you an empower someone with your message, it will certainly heal you in return" This beautiful quote in my book is suggested by my husband that embellished the scene with more meanings.
  • Whenever writer's block happened, I couldn't write even a single word. I sat staring at my screen for hours and getting frustrated at myself for being unproductive. Those times was dealt with my other hobbies like listenign to music, chatting with friends and family, reading books, travelling in the city and so on. But the best thing worked for me was Sumit's witty remark,
"It's never too late to start afresh honey. Get up and write. People are waiting to read your book". And the block was all gone.
  • While compiling facts for my book, I came to know that - According to National Crime Bureau Report, rape is the fastest growing crime against women. It sure sent a shock and I wish one day this heinous crime will be demolished from our society paving way for a freer community for women.
Above are just few facts. It took almost an year for my book to come in life. Therefore, there are several other things happened in and long its journey. Everything can not possibly be written her. For more interesting stories and happenings, join me on my page.

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Happy reading and thank you for reading the post. :)


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    1. Yeah. My book has released and that's why this year has extra glow to its face. How about you?


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