Wednesday, 8 January 2014

For the mother's love

This mornin' started with a rather rough unappetizing note. Last night I said something to my son right before sleeping and no sooner I said it, I realized saying it was an utter mistake. The moment I realized my mistake, I grimaced because now I had to apologize for my thing. Not because I wasn't genuinely guilty but parents sometimes delve too much in I-am-so-right attitude. But I said sorry to him not once but several times but the damage was done already. He was seriously angry with me and when he gets angry, heaven can only save me. My own kid starts to shout, yell at me, crying at the same time, looking away from me and never ever let me touch him. In short, he invited hell on me. so he got angry and I felt really bad. I really wanted to make it up for him but as I am so much absolutely busy in promoting my book these days that I hardly get proper rest. My back was aching continuously yesterday. I also do not stay in my best mood these days {Thanks to Sumit for enduring me and my impatient (sometimes irrational too) behavior}. When one does not get to rest, everything unfavorable around sucks. You just can not bear a single NO or a genuine shout. You just become your less favorite. So I am really being my less favorite these days though I do my best to save everyone's day if I can't save mine.

So because of my up and down merry-go-round behavior, I couldn't bother much to smooth out the damage. I slept after him. These days, I am again the last family member to sleep stuffs and all.

When I woke up this morning, the flare of my last night's careless speaking was hanging inside my head. I had thought of presenting myself with extra sweetness and an ear-to-ear smile to my son whom, I presumed, would have forgotten every iota of what I had said. But the destiny wasn't in my favor too. My kid still remembered when he woke up and started telling his father. I felt bad and sorry and was ridiculously disgusted with myself. Usually my son forgets things easily but when he remembered it, I realized how much I have hurt him. However, I said sorry over and over again but nothing could cheer him up. After a good dose of crying and silly accusations, he left for his school and then I got the privilege of sighing at my expense.

Now there is a good one hour for him to come home. I am thinking, not thinking of but I have decided to go to pick him up from his school and before I do that, I must plan a great out-of-the-box surprise. I would pick a McD's Happy Take away meal and then I will pick him up and when he is settled in the car, I'll announce my surprise to him. Does that sound wonderful? A wise patch to the damage? Or, does it sound like a bribe? No. It is not a bribe. Instead, it is a mother showing love to her son and communicating how sorry she is for her mistake. I think I should do what I am thinking. Just a silly word can not ruin my kid's tiny sweet heart and the gargantuan feelings it carries. I hope he will like my surprises (First, I have personally come to pick him up and second, The McD's Happy meal). Wish me luck!! :)

And yes...there are few things going really good round the corner. I got to see my book It's Never Too Late in bookstores and here are some snaps. How are they?

Hope you will like'm all. Will feed the details later. Currently on run. So catch you later. Wish me luck :)


So finally. We are resting at home (me and my kid). He has finished his burger and he is in a good mood. He really liked the surprises and I went successful in cheering up his mood. Thanks to heaven!! I am a happy mother :)

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