Sunday, 28 December 2014

Can someone be selfless?

It has been ten days and I haven't blogged about anything. It feels awful and also a crime to my writer self. Before I declare a serious verdict for myself, let me write a post right here right now in my helpless defense.

Can someone be selfless? Can someone go on doing good deeds one after another without expecting anything in return? Even if deeds are for the people who hardly give a damn about you? Is it easy to be selfish? Or, is it tough to be selfless?

To start with the last couple of questions, I guess it is not always easy to be selfish and it is also not tough to be selfless either. It all depends upon the perspective of the person in the situation. If I talk about me, I am a bit emotional person. I get attached with people easily (That is why some have hurt me just like that). I believe in caring for others even if it is the little daughter of the lady who comes every morning to collect garbage. I feel good after doing something good. But when the situation coaxes me to stop caring and go against my nature, it becomes difficult for me to be selfish. It's true. I am more like a giver (but only to those who have cups in the right position). I trust in making people happy in acceptable terms. There is anyway a lot of struggle and drama in life but if I can bring a smile to someone with an affordable gesture, I do it. The smile I get in return gives me the most coveted peace of mind. It strengthens my belief in doing good.

That is why when it comes to being selfish, I find it difficult. I need a strong reason to behave in selfish manners. It is tough. I can't do it all the time unless you have taken a vow to harass me every minute. If I put it in other words, it is bit easier for me to go selfless. I am instant in going so. If someone I know and am familiar with is facing trouble, I get on my foot to listen and help. If I have guests over, I go a little extra mile about everything. Be it food or good conduct, I am always active, honest and sincere about these things. So is it okay if I say I am selfless?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Don't say these to a heart broken soul.

She was talking to her sister over the phone. After a little personal chat, the sister said, "I am glad for you that things have become normal. It is good". She pursed her lips and didn't say anything. She felt a little discomfort at her sister's words. It was after two seconds that she found a suitable answer to tackle the remark.

"What are you talking about? Things were never abnormal. They were normal and will always be".

The sister's remark itched the wound on her heart. She wanted to go past things but people, sometimes, forbid her for doing so. I guess what happened with her had certainly been happened with any of us at some stage of our lives. We face some horrible phases, hardly find courage to pick the shattered pieces of ourselves and when finally we succeed in doing so, people never let the cracks fill with their sympathy coated painful reminders. What they don't know that it hurts! It hurts to stumble on something that can remind us of something painful; something that had an ugly face which once was bolted with sweating efforts but some acts just unbolt the pin and expose the wound. Needless to say, the situation deteriorates and once again, the gory past starts pinching hard.

So here is a quick guide about What not to say to a heart broken soul. Trust me, it can save your time, the goodwill and the foremost, the cornerstones of the relationship.

Glad to see things have become normal.

A complete no no. Because this sentence also refers to this - Things were abnormal once. Your compassion matters. So choose to express it in absolute and mature words. You can simply say 'I am glad to see you happy'. At least, you will bring a smile to the person you are conversing to.

Hope you won't do it again.

Want it or not, everyone knows mistakes happen. So saying this remark will stir the grief by manifolds. Talk normal and show your empathy but please! DO NOT follow your talks by questioning the soul's competency to act or judge. Some things happen in a way that even after years, it still feels incredulous thinking how foolishly we fell into the pit. Now the soul has nothing but to regret and moving on. The bottom line here is, if you can't bring the happiness then please, don't be the ugly face either.

Friday, 12 December 2014

A night owl.

I know I should be sleeping at this odd hour but since when writers have followed the world? Never. So let me abide by my world rules here. (Chuckle + Yawn!)

These days I have been so busy that I hardly find time to stop by here and write something. My in laws are here and we are very much enjoying our time with them. Most of the time goes by in a blink which I truly appreciate because loneliness kills sometimes (Sometimes I so wish books could do some actual talk too). So I have been darn busy and lots of things are happening around.

Year end's celebration planning is going on. Also planning to visit some places. Finished one fantastic book. Started another one. Took out full sleeve jackets (It's getting very cold now a days). Learnt some lip smacking dishes. Put on a little weight (Grin). June 21st declared as World Yoga Day. And not to mention, working on my next story. Theme is excited but you have to wait to have hands on it.

Life would be a bore if so much things weren't happening around. Being busy is cool. Remember how I talked about going neutral in my last post? Well..I am basically here to report on that. The post might have seemed a little out of track but actually it is about being on track. Being neutral actually works! Because you are ready to accept every kind of return. If you get happiness, you get excited and if you get sadness, well, it wasn't like you weren't expecting it. Being neutral truly helps to work out with every emotion. You feel more balanced, flexible and ready to handle anything and everything. I have been neutral about few things lately and fortunately, I am at the receiving end of the happiness. I am glad but I am balanced as well. It helps me to cope up with any unexpected consequences that might create a displeasure.  All in all, right now I am a night owl blabbering about my recent days of life which is great.

Hubby is here to instruct me again to go back to sleep. Okay! This is the last time he is ruling my world. Next time, door is closed for him. (Wink and smile)

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Embracing Bangalore

Living in a different state can fill your cup only then when you are ready to mold accordingly. We have been living in the city for long and I am quite keen to learn its native language which is Kannada. Despite of many trials in the past, I could not learn the language past more than a few lines. Somehow I could not comply to the fullest.

Learning a different language is tough? Isn't it? But being a stubborn soul, I won't stop until I learn it. So I have started learning it again. This time my maid is helping me getting through the barriers. I have learnt few new sentences lately and I am trying to instill them in my daily life. Therefore in the process, I started to have some fun with my husband this morning. After breakfast, I asked him whether he wanted tea but in Kannada. He looked at me, completely puzzled and clueless. I was being amused within. I repeated my question. He again looked at me but answered in Kannada out of a guess. And it was correct!! In the meanwhile, my maid was having her own share of fun seeing me tricking my husband like that.

It was fun. Talking to him like that. I guess if I continue like this, I can learn faster. Everyday I am learning new set of lines and trying to remember them before the next one. Isn't it appropriate to say...that let me embrace Bangalore in one more way. :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Happy or sad? Better go neutral.

Reading conspires against your will. It makes you think over so many things that you wouldn't think otherwise. The moment is one of them in which I am expressing another trail of my thoughts in this ever expanding white landscape.

The trail is triggered by a thought; a thought about an inevitable upcoming future. When I know my birthday or something cheerful is about to unfold, happiness seeps in but when I know I am going to face an unfortunate moment, sadness resides instead. Either way, we know a definite pavement to walk into but...knowing the upcoming and yet to be uncertain how to feel about it is weird and rather strange. Because we feel either happy or sad about something, anything. In other words, things either make us happy or sad. There is no third road to put forward our foot on.

But how about going neutral? Why do we have to bother about being either happy or sad about something? Emotions burden us with unnecessary pressure. If it is a good future moment, we involuntarily are delighted but if the opposite takes place, sadness ricochets from this wall to that one. But going neutral is worth giving a shot. When you know a certain span of future is about to lay bare in front of your eyes and you are helpless about its transformation under your control, just go neutral. Don't tangle yourself into deciding whether to feel happy or sad. Just stay, live and think neutral. Future itself will decide for you. 

It, I know, is easier said than done. We have always categorized ourselves by emotions. Loneliness, joy, anger, agitation, surprise, sadness, fear; every emotion categorizes our unfolding as per its emergence. For a moment, just for a moment, let's go neutral. Slice the own self away from every emotion. Would it be hard or would it make the upcoming easier to deal with?

Guess what? Only the time will tell. But for now, be neutral when you are uncertain about how to feel about the upcoming.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The curious case of brutal honesty.

Currently I am encountering people who are trying to be brutal honest with each other just to prove their point/s. I listen to them and counsel as well but after sometime, I fail to congregate what to say because none of them seems eager to actually listen to the wisdom I care to dispense. I have experience and if close people I care about can benefit from that, I choose to speak the history behind my grey hair (not much. Just a few for the record). But proving each other to them seems to be so much important that they simply disable their listening and understanding switches off. I am now mum. Let the time do its role as always.

Honesty, is one of the most significant glues of any relationship that keeps people in it bonded. That is why we receive bag of emotions. That is why we get angry, sad, happy or delighted. Honesty, in any relationship, must be the mirror to people. That is how it nurtures us, that is how we grow and that is how we become able to build an everlasting relationship entrusted with blooming trust and glowing affection. In short, honesty is an important virtue that should sprout other virtues like trust, love, care and passion.

But the case changes and becomes curious when honesty is degraded to brutal honesty. It is hard to spot the difference at the moment. The relationship starts to suffer. Honesty allows growth whereas brutal honesty kills a relationship. Somethings in life should go beyond saying. Things that seek visible harm must be locked tight in the resilient concrete basement. When being honest to someone (especially the one you are closest to), it is always better to set a priority of emotions to be displayed at the moment. Like affection and eagerness to understand each other. If these top the list, brutality will be chucked out from the scenario much like grey clouds ahead of a clear sky. The actual thing starts to shine and people starts to focus on each other rather than their own selves.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Friends make good times unforgettable.

Last weekend was spent totally meeting with some of our close friends. We had lunch at one friend's house and then dinner and sleepover at other's. We could leave only after following day's lunch. It was so nice and fun to spend time with all of'em. 

In a vast and ever expanding city like Bangalore, if you happen to bond with some of the best people on the planet then the world is surely at your feet. We are glad and privileged to find some new friends here who totally share our frequency. Finding true friendship is tough but when you get it, it is a bliss. During lunch, we pulled each others' legs and at barbecue dinner, it was soothing to sit out at the rim of the balcony and watch our husbands knitting veggie pieces in skewers. We chatted a lot. Laughter just came along swiftly. Altogether we had one of those times that we will never forget.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Never say...If I had a chance.

If I had to live my life all over again, I would relax more. I'd be sillier than I have been on this trip. I would climb more mountains, swim more rivers and watch more sunsets. I would have more actual troubles and less imaginary ones. Oh I have had my moments and if I had to to do it over again, I'd have more of them. In fact, I'd try to have nothing else, just moments, one after another. And I'd pick more daisies.

 - Nadine Stair, age 89

A wonderfully described thought on deathbed. Isn't it?

Currently I am reading Robin Sharma's Family Wisdom and the chapter I just started and finished was titled The Best Worst Experience of my Life. Intriguing by the very name I know. The book is about a lady named Catherine and her unstoppable blind race towards success and then more success. The particular chapter entails on how she came across her awakening in the final moments, at least she thought, of her life. During those final tick tocks, a collage of various pictures clouded her mind which, surprisingly for her, had none of the snapshots of her business meetings, success, money or the latest possession. It was all done up with her family's. Kids, husband and she enjoying themselves on a solo family holiday she had in Canada. She realized it was not her business that her life was worth for. It was her family that had the treasure of her happiness and success she was seeking and reeking for so long. In her words...

- of all those hundreds of thoughts that I had in those last few moments before the plane crashed, not a single one was about myself or my business. 

I am yet to read the succeeding chapter and I so desperately want to but I chose to share my thoughts here. Why it is always we realize the truth of life in our final moments and why not when we are young and enthusiastic enough to build a life as per our desires? Why life teaches us the most important lesson during our last final moments? Why?

Monday, 17 November 2014

A little reminder from life

Last week, one of my neighbors had to face a highly unanticipated emergency. Her li'l daughter swallowed something when she was out. Her helper called out immediately and she reached hurriedly only to witness her daughter feeling gravely drowsy. Unfortunately, her husband was also out of station and there was no one else at home for help either besides the helper. My friend was about to ran down the stairs when she caught on the idea of contacting her nearest neighbor. She banged on the door frantically. Unfortunate was generously hailing upon her at the moment. There was no one in the house to attend. Everyone had gone out. My friend started shouting madly calling her name when, fortunately, the other neighbor heard it. He ran down to see what had happened. Then he took her and her little daughter to the hospital where doctors did their job. Later on, the little one was shifted to another hospital for better treatment. I didn't know any of this. I was sleeping through the evening because of poor health while my friend kept crying for help.

Next morning she texted me with all the scenario. I was horrified to read them. I immediately called her. She told her daughter had probably swallowed the mosquito repellent from its broken case and how helpless she was at the moment. My mouth fell open. I winced for not being able to reach her on time. She then entailed on every detail and how her daughter's health was stable. Her husband had immediately caught the early morning flight and flew back home. I was relieved to hear this. I like my this particular neighbor a lot and literally don't want to see her going through any trouble let alone such serious one.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Switch the courts and that's it!

My son loves participating in competitions. He has even won three medals (2 Gold and 1 Bronze). This year, he has participated in International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) which is happening in the first week of this December. He had done satisfactory in National Science Olympiad (NSO) one that happened this week. He received his practice book the morning before the exam and in one day (and I acknowledge it very proudly), he completed all ten chapters! He slept one and half hours late than his usual time but not before he finished solving all those ten chapters. He wanted to do well in the exam and that was why he preferred to solve all those chapters, however, his eyes cracked with webs of red lines and I could see faint appearances of dark circles under his eyes. For encouragement, I stayed awake beside him to support in his endeavors. Finally when he was done, I was proud and all satisfied with his endurance to do good in science exam which went okay.

Now the Maths one is approaching fast. I received the practice book this after noon. In the evening when my son was done with watching TV, doing homework and playing random, I asked him to start solving Maths sums from the book. He refused constantly. He again wanted to watch TV which I wasn't in mood to agree for. I kept pestering for him to solve sums while he was all about watching TV.

Monday, 3 November 2014

When you are judged for being thoughtful.

Sometimes it feels like thoughtfulness or being considerate to someone else have become alien words. You do something for the sake of their own goodness and last thing you know, you have become unpleasant and a personality who was forcing things on them.

How illogical and unfair it is?! I was being good and kind enough to some people but all I am left with is an unanticipated bucketful of ill words and rudeness. And all this while, I enveloped myself thinking the world is sane enough to return warmth in exchange of the same. What an irony? I am now crashed on a different reality island.

It hurts. I feel bad. Such people have beautifully insured the stop button on my visit to their homes. I am being paid for my goodness. I now have no courage to meet and greet such people, forget about being thoughtful like earlier I was. This is, I guess, the biggest disadvantage. Because of others insensitivity, you lose people, you lose relationships and most of all, you end up learning unpleasant lessons. Why people do it anyway? Why they fail to acknowledge others' sacrifice of time and energy just for them? Who gives them the right to judge others? How they can be so misfit in the whole picture?

There are lots of questions that could be quenched with one answer. Because - World doesn't work exactly according to our expectations. Different minds, and different perspectives originate different people. But still...why people are immune to other's kindness?

Friday, 31 October 2014

Stories should be bumpy.

Currently I am reading the five people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. The author needs no introduction yet I'd like to say one thing. He is an international bestseller of tuesdays with Morrie.

The reason I bought this book because it talks about afterlife. It is fascinating to tickle my senses knowing about the unknown. I started the book, I liked it instantly. The protagonist, 83 year old Eddie, is as simple as any old age person and when he dies, his afterlife journey starts up. In fact, the very first chapter of the book is titled The End. Because the story starts where Eddie dies. No more secrets and let's jump on why I am here writing this post.

During one of the initial chapters, the author has molded a very thought provoking statement.

'It is because the human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect. That death just doesn't take someone, it missed someone else, and in the small distance between being taken and being missed, lives are changed.'

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Antwriting or Handwriting?

My kid is remarkably good in studies. Whatever he reads or listens, he quickly has a grasp on it. I like it a lot but the one thing that I don't like about him is, his handwriting. He writes in small fonts as if writing in bigger ones would cost him new set of pencils every day or shred his muscles in pain. Over and over again, we have asked, scolded and requested him to improve his writing but he hardly listens to us. But we don't give up either.

Last weekend when he was doing his homework, he showed his completed chapters to us. I again chided him to write in bigger fonts lest I would erase everything and he would have to write all over again. He didn't listen as usual and expected. Then he showed the same homework to his father. Sumit looked at him for a moment and asked,

"Is this your handwriting or antwriting?"

I and my kid both stared at him for his creativity. What a wonderful term he has invented for his kid! I thought. The term Antwriting truly justifies my kid's handwriting. It seems like small ants are running over lines; sometimes in a straight queue or sometimes in zig-zag manner. Since then, I keep asking my kid to improve his antwiritng, not handwriting.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Significance of finding passion.


One of the strongest emotion to keep all of us going. Passion is one thing that can make our lives a rags to riches story. It can also turn us into ashes from once a proud tall personality. This is the power of having a passion about something. This narrates the significance of finding passion into something that can lead our lives to meaningful turns and events.

For me, passion is to drive a meaningful life. I care about my life and the way I lead it. Most often, I make my own choices and take my stands on them without flinching even for a second. It hardly matters whether those choices look good or bad to others but if it is righteously good for my family, I do have the courage to bolt that choice in my life. I usually do not care much about what others would say. I practically care about what I (my conscience) would say at the end of the day without being biased to anything. I am my own mirror where I see my reflection in true flawless ways. That is why I care a little more than ordinary about how I reign my life. It helps me to carry my passion with perseverance and truthfulness it seeks for.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A wish from heart

Joyous festive season
Makes you smile
For no reason;
Tis the time to enjoy,
Tis the time to connect,
Call all your beloveds,
Cherish lovely moments you spent;
Rush, excitement, and beautiful lights,
Make way for stupendous sights;
Here I give my Diwali greetings,
With love, life, happiness and blessings.

Friday, 17 October 2014

When parents fight.

I don't know about you but I sure know about me. I laugh when my parents fight. Yes. You can say that I am a little spoiled daughter but I do. At least it is better to see them speaking to each other rather than speaking none at all!

This afternoon when I was having some sweet talks with my mother about myriad of things, she suddenly went emotional. During festive season, my father gets darn busy with his hectic schedules and he barely finds time to discuss other things to us. So naturally when my mother had tried to discuss some not-so-festive relevant concerns to him, he refused to listen. Now my mother is also going stubborn. She has also stopped sharing her things. When I listened, as expected, I laughed over it but anyway soothed my mother who needs it pretty much.

Sometimes parents behave like us, the kids. They fight over trivial things and simply stop talking to each other. Now all the horror responsibilities come down to kids. When they ask who is right between them, I look at them one by one and fail to decide what to say on the matter. Because no one is actually ready to accept 'I am wrong' and I don't want to hurt either of them as well. During such times, I have to speak to them on different times and I sure do try to pacify their anger and misunderstandings. Trust me. Getting my parents talk to each other again is tougher than my writing work. At least my characters listen to me.

Now that I am done talking to my mother, I need to talk to my father. Of course in a casual simple way. Much like cajoling, you can say. There comes time when parents and children switch their places. Kids become older and parents go nuts over tiny issues. Life is funny. Isn't it?

Do I treasure what I have?

This mornin', a small incident took my hands and made me sit for thinking about - Do I treasure what I have?

Then my mind raced to make the list that makes up for my treasure. I have beautiful friendly parents, lovely and extremely understanding husband, nice siblings, a good friend, a career to look up to, a great family and a world full of music and books. So this is my treasure, I realized.

Then I proceeded to think how much do I value them on day to day basis? Also, for how many times I have taken all of them or either of them as granted? Such questions appeared as unexpected characters much like in a puppet show. Because it was good to ponder over all these surprises. I analyzed that I value each of them a lot. I really love and care about people who are important to me. Sometimes I may fail to express myself but I still love them and want to be with them forever.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

SOS!? 'Team Work' is the answer.

When people work as a team, it is important to understand nuances between working as an individual and as a team. As an individual, you really have to put much effort on each and every front. You have to think about unthinkable questions that might pop up from any direction. Everything literally becomes your own sole responsibility which comes as a benefit sometimes.

But working as a team demands a lot more than working alone. You have to get frequencies matched and then getting people down to work together which might prove to be a horror many a times. Yes. Many a times. More brains at one project means higher chances of arguments and differences. Some people just sip their drinks and lay back assuming they are stripped off any responsibility. Some act like they are omniscient. Some go like 'Okay. If others are not bothered, why should I?' and some are like only about 'Me , me and only me'. They expect everything to revolve around themselves but when the reality dawns, they pretty much crash on their own fantasy land and start blaming others for no reason. And some goes like 'I am anyway not going to be part of it. So I won't have a say in anything' while they keep doing back talking on every front.

That's what I am talking about.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A chain is as strong as it's weakest link.

This evening my one neighbor took me to another neighbor's house just for a formal chit chat. As I sat and sipped tea, we started discussion on upcoming Diwali preparation. As a whole society, we have decided to celebrate this wonderful festival together. So there are lots of fronts that every one of us has been talking about.

Among all of these, some good, some bad, some bitter sweet and some eye brow raising issues have been paving way to us. One of them is to - Not discussing an issue that you come across with others. Whether you are attending a celebration or not but it's still your responsibility to keep others aware about an issue that might lead to chaos later. No one can come to know about every single quintessential thing happening outside. When there is a collective celebration, each person should come forward to offer help. Thinking 'If I am not going to be a part of it then why should I bother telling this to others' simply does not help. I explained the situation to my neighbor and made her understood that every single information or help counts, whether you attend the function or not. I am glad she got my point eventually.

When there are people and then there is a celebration, each person, each link is important. They say A chain is as strong as it's weakest link. It holds true. Despite of arranging the best, if a tiny issue becomes a huge one, none of the efforts you have put counts. So help others when you are a part of something. Contribute as fairly as you can. It strengthens the bond and multiplies the joy.

I hope and wish for this Diwali to be another blast for us. I also wish for everything should go just fine, without turning into anything unpleasant. And with everyone's efforts, I am sure my wish would be true.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What's life without a purpose?

Boring and meaningless, I'd say. At least this is true in my case. I have submitted the manuscript of my next book to the publisher and now I have to do nothing but to wait for the response. While I wait, I rack my brain over what-to-do in the ample of my leisurely slot. I get bored because I miss the regular dose of my story writing, tight deadlines and excitement of having something to look forward to everyday and now that my purpose is gone, my life seems hopeless to me. So to fill the gap, I am writing a post after so many days and it makes me feel great inside. I enjoy it immensely.

Somehow, I do not find solace in reading these days. And for how long I am gonna chat with my mother, sister or someone else over the phone? If I cross my limits, my chatting will swiftly turns into a torture to them. So I better refrain myself from over-chatting. I also like watching movies, English movies on that note (because Hindi channels show such weird titled flicks like Main Hoon Don or I am some place's Kiran Bedi. That sounds hell to me and I stay away from them). I find English movies interesting and making sense at some point. So I watch them but staring at TV and let it stare at me at the same moment kinda freaks me out, if it happens on the daily basis. So watching movies is also is out of option.

So I am watching Friends series...again. The series is awesome and holds enormous power to unfold you in fits of laughter whenever you see it. So I spend some of my time watching its episodes. I have got neighbors but I don't find bugging them either with my frequent visits and nonchalant chats. Basically I am homesick who rarely goes out. I do not prefer much to go to other's place and talk for hours. I am just not like that.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Angels on side

Night creeps in,
I am tucked in bed,
All sleepy and star struck;
Dreaming of an angel,
That rocks my bed, 
And soothes my aching head.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Where the life is?

Sitting idle,
With wandering mind,
And mute surroundings;
Make me wonder
Where the life is?
Chirping its song,
And blowing swiftly.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Lessons I learnt from my teachers

Happy Teachers Day! :)

The day is a generous reminder to all of us that we need to remember and respect our teachers. Teachers are generous.They are kind, selfless, guides and probably the best face of humanity. I have learned so many things from them right from my childhood which I am going to share. This will be a tribute to my beloved teachers because I am still their student. A heartfelt wish surely crosses the barriers and touches the person it is intended to.

Be flexible and fun

This quality I learnt from my Punjabi teacher, Miss Harjeet Kaur (now she is married), when I was in my middle school. She was slender, beautiful and her voice was very sweet. We all loved her a lot not only because she was a great teacher but also because she was flexible with her schedules. Sometimes she let us take breaks from studies and played games with us like Antakshari or Joke time. She was the first person to tell me that I sing good. That I had the sweetest voice in the class. I still savor that moment. Being open minded and easy to talk with, I learnt how to be flexible and fun both at the same time from her.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


A simple word to say but a strong quality to work upon. If developed in a positive manner, a bless but if in negative concoction, can be extremely harmful. Perspective is the way/attitude to perceive things and process them as per your thoughts and intuitions; things that may look or sound otherwise to people.

In last few days I have tried to improve my perspective regarding few things and it helps. It really helps. Not because I was at loss but just like that. Trying new things is better than to stay stubborn with yourself. Peace is the main product of the process. Plus, you get more time to focus on your priority check list like I do. I get more time and space for my things like writing, reading or other tasks. It germinates some extra happiness. And more you are happy, more you are productive. Therefore, it is always wise to produce healthy, positive and improved ways of seeing/analyzing things around.

You may already have an improved perspective but seeing from the other side of the mirror does not hurt. Standing on the front only shows what you normally fail to see. You can see only yourself but on the other side, you will find much more to explore. Much more to think about.

This is all I have to say for today.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I am one of a kind

Not free like a bird,
Not soft as a flower,
I am one of a kind
Knows no comparison,
Whether I sulk,
Or live unwind.

I am warm by choice,
Can be cold like ice;
I am one of a kind
Don't judge me,
Don't fix me,
I have a working mind.

Treat me as you like,
But v'll never be alike;
I am one of a kind
I am the sky,
I am the ground,
Limitless, and with spine.

Terms and conditions, 
Are defined by me;
I am one of a kind
Smooth, ruthless, smart, and sultry,
I am no better than Me,
But always better than the mankind.

- Dedicated to all girls and women

Monday, 1 September 2014

जानी अंजानी ख्वाहिशें

वक़्त कभी एक सा नहीं रहता,
एक नदी की तरह चपल, 
तो कभी किनारों सा स्थिर नही होता। 
यूँ तो हमने कुछ ऐसी ख्वाहिशें ना रखीं, 
यूँ तो हमने कुछ बड़े सपने ना देखे, 
फिर भी वक़्त के सूक्ष्म थपेड़ों को, 
कितनी ही बारीकियों से, 
ज़िन्दगी के स्वच्छ निर्मल आईने में, 
ना चाहते हुए भी देखा। 
गहनता के शब्दकोष में,
गंभीरता के समावेश में, 
गर देखो तो ये थपेड़े नर्म किरणों सी हैं। 
अपनी निरंतर सी बहती खुशगवार गर्माहट से, 
बहुत कुछ सिखा जाने की समझ है इनमे। 
अब बस देर है तो उन जंग लगे ,
कोनों में छुपे दरवाज़ों को खोलने की,
अब बस देर है तो खुद को उन किरणों से सरोबार करने की। 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

That little piece of time

Now the day has changed and it has become Sunday but the moment I want to share here belongs to just 5 hours ago i.e. on Saturday. So I will say 'Today' instead of 'Last evening'. Why? Because it suits more to what I have to say and sounds better.

So the thing goes like this. Today evening I was having headache after working for long hours. When Sumit woke up after a good long noon nap, he asked me for a cup of tea. Not me to make it but he was willing to do it instead. So sweet, I know. I nodded and he darted to the kitchen to brew two cups of hot tea. As he poured it in two mugs, I arranged some light snacks with it. And while I was busy in doing this, in the meanwhile he set out to the balcony for a little surprise. When I was done setting up the plate, he pointed towards the balcony and I obviously looked there. There I found two chairs and one table in between waiting for us. It was dark; wind was blowing with a sweet speed and there were no mosquitoes in our favor...thankfully. Altogether it was a nice charming gesture and I smiled. I have always loved having my evening teas/coffees on terrace or balcony.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Timeless moments spent with mummy and sister in Bangalore

Last two weeks were undeniably memorable and packed with chronicles of lovely memories. My sister and mother came to visit us. What made their visit more special was that they were coming to our new home for the first time. We all were excited. When they reached here at night, it felt like the entire house was set on laughter rides. I had made special dinner for them. Mummy loves having tea. So I made tea for all of us probably at 9 at night. It was crazy to have tea at such odd hour but who cares? It was fun. We were sitting together as family and were talking, laughing, teasing each other like little children. Mummy and my little sister loved the house. We were glad.

While their stay would last for around two weeks, we had planned to take them to Ooty-Cunnoor. Ooty is world famous for its beautiful serene picturesque natural beauty. It is also very cold in there at this time. We decided to go there by our car. This way we could enjoy the journey which, sometimes, happens to be more enjoyable than the journey itself. See the snapshots to believe me.

Mummy and me @ CCD on the way

Me and my sister decided to pose ;)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Moment

Eyes sparkle,
Night shines,
Lips smile- 
and coos divine.

Looking at just nothing,
Makes sense of many things;
Cry, joy, shouts,
Dollops of emotions pop out.

The Moment is blessed,
It is the best;
Living wired with inner-self,
With creeping fleeting desires in check.

Breathing moments,
Understanding cravings;
Looking something to revel,
I make way to my own self.

Being flawed is the way to perfection

Few days back I was standing in my balcony gazing lovingly at the natural serene beauty of the city when a thought flashed across my mind amidst others - In order to be perfect, we have to have flaws. In other words, being flawed is the way to perfection.

And it made so much sense to me. I allowed my mind to take over the thought and surprisingly there was more to explore 'bout it. We all crave for perfection and in order to procure it, we try, make mistakes, we again try and we again commit mistakes. The same cycle keeps repeating itself unless we find the flawless face of our desire. We work very hard on being perfect. We sincerely think about how it feels to be a perfect personality but do we ever stumble upon the thought that unless we accept and chisel our mistakes, we could never be perfect? That perfection is nothing but merely a triumphant reflection of fabricated flaws and umpteen series of trials and errors? No. We hardly do that, I guess. One can say that flaws are a part of being perfect at something.

If we are flawed, then only we can proceed to be perfect. perfect.


By the way, it feels great to be back here. I shifted into my new house lately and was supremely busy in settling down for the next one week. Then I got huddled into something personal and urgent. I could not make time for anything except to sort out things in priority check list. Could not update my pages; could not blog; could not tweet; missed several things and literally lived in jiffy. In short, I was almost disconnected from this virtual world called internet. So I apologize for it.

Now I am all settled and glee seeing my new home with every corner. Simultaneously enjoying my mother's and sister's stay in here. Talking a lot, eating a lot and staying awake a lot. Running sort of sleep deprivation but it's all worth. It's totally worth. Feeling blessed to live in such bliss.

Hope to be able to write more soon!!! Stay flawed and stay perfect. :)

Friday, 1 August 2014

"What blogging is all about?"

Recently when I was in New Delhi attending two events organized by UNICEF, I got to meet two beautiful journalists from Bhopal. Those girls were fun to talk with and I spent reasonably a good time with them over coming back to the hotel and later on, at dinner.

During dinner, I was busy in talking with one. The other one joined us swiftly in the conversation. She asked me,

"What do you do by the way?"

I smiled in reply.

"Well, I am an author, freelancer, poet and a blogger; all in one" I finally said.

Needless to say, they were astounded to hear this. One of them has her own blog. Thus, both of us naturally trailed on to discuss about blogging and its several aspects. The other girl grew curious and asked me.

"What blogging is all about actually? You blog because you have to write?"

I: "No. It is actually the other way. I want to express myself, that is why I blog. Blogging is not something you have to do forcefully because if you do so, you will never be able to justify it. When you feel like you want to write about something, when you feel it's coming naturally to you, then only you should proceed to make up for a blog or else, do not force yourself lest you will regret later" and then I explained my blog journey like how it started and how I gradually learnt the ropes.

She looked satisfied. But I probed her further,

"Do you have a blog?"

She: "No. But I am thinking to start one"

I: "That's great. I use Blogspot and it's a great portal for the ones who want their own space. If you feel like writing something, sure start a blog."

The other journalist who also owns a blog was glad to share her experience in exchange. All in all, it was a good company to spend time with. I will cherish those little yet wonderful memories. I hope best for both of them.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

"You should know. You built a family"

"It must be satisfying to be able to build something."

"You should know. You built a family," he said when she glanced back at him.

"That's a nice thing to say" she said.

My feelings totally goes with her. Having a family and building one are like chalk and cheese; completely different jobs. This evening I had rather a very interesting time with my family; another memorable set of moments. Today I am bit down by health. Reason to reckon? Having swelled face topped with rashes infused rough cheeks which have made me slow down. Frankly speaking, I am resembling a dreadful nightmare coming unabashedly true to life. Don't know the allergic source. Went to doctor and done with the consultation. Medication is on.

So I was on today's interesting evening. As I felt weak and bit dizzy, I propped down on bed having intention to catch up on some catnap but alas! The novel I am reading currently hogged my attention and I decided to catch up on it instead of some rest. Hubby scolded a little but I ignored. Reading is fascinatingly a bliss, only a true reader (like me ;)) can bet on that. I started from the page I left this evening when my son jolted down the bed, sitting next to me and asking what to do next. Because of my poor health, I could not afford to put forward enough efforts to give him some good time today (today was his holiday for him). So I was already riding with a guilt trip. To pat it wisely, I suggested him to read something also.

Any book would do, I said. He fished out two super heroes books from The Home Library (As I prefer to call my library). He came in and I then suggested him to draw some pictures out of them. This would offer him some creative time I thought and exactly the same happened. He went on making a Spider man picture. His trials were laudable. As he was busy in sketching, I was busy with my novel, sketching the scenes inside head plus...simultaneously smoothing out the guilt spikes that were harsh on me earlier.

Intensified Diarrhea Control Fortnight campaign, UNICEF

July 28th, 2014, Jacaranda Hall, India Habitat Centre (IHC). I was in New Delhi attending an event coined as Intensified Diarrhea Control Fortnight campaign mooted by our Hon'ble Union Minster of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, with the alliance of UNICEF and several other world wide organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, USAID India etc.

One out of every five children die because of diarrhea. The main squeeze of the campaign is to slice down the child mortality rate happens due to diarrhea. According to the health department, the disease remains the topmost concern for children deaths aged under five. If we look at exact calculations, it makes up for about 11% of under five deaths for children across the country. Almost 2 lakhs children die because of diarrhea.

Seeing through a clear picture, diarrhea is not a complex disease that can not be dealt with. Embracing the standard ways of hygiene and enough awareness about the treatment can easily lead to solve the problem. Preventive bars can be put on the disease by following simple steps like drinking clean water, healthy practices for sanitation, breastfeeding and washing hands before and after meals. It is as simple as that.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Celebrating Polio free India by UNICEF

A Thanksgiving event was organized by UNICEF on July 27th'14 in New Delhi with respect to Social Mobilization Network (SmNet) for Polio. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the event. The event marked the humbling presence of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the Goodwill Ambassador of the organization, and Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the pioneer of the polio eradication program in India.

The event was keenly organized to thank thousands of mobilizers who worked incredibly hard to make India what it is today...a polio free country. It was scheduled at 6.30 pm in Thyagraj stadium. I hit the venue at around 5.15 pm. When I reached there, I found huge preparations for the evening. A number of guests, journalists and others were present to attend it. Several volunteers directed every one of them to their respective places. They also handled every query with calm and sense. Chairs looked enticing with white embracing and yellow embellishments. The stage was marvelously decorated. The yellow background highlighted Mr. Bachchan's signature pose for Polio campaign extremely well. Everyone looked busy to make the event a great success. All in all, it was a very impressive arrangement.

And here I am before the event could start.

Finally the wait was over and Mr. Bachchan graced the venue dot on time. Everyone welcomed him with thunderous applause. It was really good to see him. Along with him arrived Trustee, Rotary foundation Mr. Sushil Gupta, UNICEF India Representative Mr. Louis Georges Arsenault and WHO Representative, India Dr. Nata Menabde. It was after they were seated, the event started. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What's wrong with you, Bangalore?

22 years old woman raped inhumanely in Frazer town! 

A 6 year innocent girl raped by two of the school gym instructors during her school hours!

What's wrong with you, Bangalore? What is happening with your ever so beautiful serene and secure haven? Culprits are turning you down; they are gradually making you a horror place to live in. Save yourself! Please! I beg. WE beg.

Protests have been raised. People have slammed shut their house doors behind them to speak on the issue. Parents are going crazy thinking 'how much my kid is safe outdoors/at schools?' Being a parent myself, I am also worried. I am also stressed over the issue. When the 6 yr. old girl complained of back ache and burning sensation during urination, her mother could not understand the issue first. When a stranger called from the school inquiring about why she was not coming, the mother instantly got curious. Then one day, girl asked to her,

"Mumma! Papa is a good man. Right?"

This was the moment that took the mother off guard. First a call from the stranger and then this statement, the mother went to school and tried to quench the maddening questions silently jabbing her heart. Digging more inside the matter, the spine chilling truth finally emerged at the surface. The main culprit, Mustafa, is alleged to keep number of child porn videos and several offensive videos on his laptop.

As for the 22 yr. old woman, she was abducted with her boyfriend in a car. Later the boy was dumped after getting robbed off his watch and some cash. Then the culprits led to assault the girl sexually. This left her scarred; physically as well as mentally.

Horrible! Aren't they?

Sharing is good

This evening when I picked up my son from school, he said something nice on the way back home but before I proceed, let me fill some details in here. It takes my kid estimated one hour by bus to reach to his school and another to get back home. The place where we live in currently is quite far but as soon as we shift into our new house, the bus will feed on relatively lesser travel time to the school. Because of spending an hour long tick tock till he gets back home, hunger drives him nuts. So everyday I give my kid a carton of juice so that he can drink in the bus while waiting to get back home.

Today as soon as he hopped inside the car, he blurted out.

"Mumma! One of my friends did not bring lunch today; only snacks. He was hungry and thus, was not feeling well. I gave up on my Frooti for him"

 I immediately asked out of concern, "Then what did you have on the way?"

"I just let him drink half because he was not well. He felt better with half carton of Frooti. Rest half I had". I appreciated his kind gesture and said he did a good job helping his friend.

I smiled as I turned my car left from the signal. I was glad to hear that my son knows sharing; that he cares for others. He also felt good when his friend felt better. This evening, he gave me a victorious mother smile.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Be busy, if you desire to bring change

Recently I was talking to my father over the phone. He has been elected as Rotary President and is supposed to deliver an installation speech for the ceremony very soon. I am helping him in writing the same.

So regarding this, we were in a deep meaningful conversation few nights ago. When I talked about how people easily make excuses by saying they don't have time for doing this or that, he said some lines enough to tickle my senses.

People who want to bring change have to be busy. Those who are free can not do anything. If you look up to famous people, they don't have time. They are always doing something. They are on the run 24x7. Expressions like 'I don't have time to do this and that' simply does not exist in their dictionaries. If you are busy, it means you are busy in doing something; that your mind does not have the slightest chance of turning into a devil's workshop. On the contrary, if you are free all the time, that expounds on you don't do anything and yet if you keep on complaining and excusing, it means you can not bring the change. Thus, be busy, if you desire to bring change.

Wonderful lines. Isn't it? I loved his words and naturally happen to comply with all of it. I too believe if you truly want to contribute something, you have to stop making excuses and start acting nevertheless I had my cherry pick among his talk.

Be busy, if you desire to bring change.

What do you think about it? And if your thoughts happen to coincide with us, think about the next question - What are we busy about?

Friday, 4 July 2014

Is it really a big deal for Maria, Sachin

According to the recent buzz, Maria Sharapova, the famous tennis player, is being victimized for not knowing the legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. Before I put forward my views on this, let me present an anecdote from my life happened few years ago.

I was at my native. One morning, I and my brother were watching news. Cricket world cup was about to happen. From the organizing country, media was asking people their views on the same. Many of them refused to have knowledge of any such world cup happening in their country. I wondered. How come they don't know about the match happening in their own country? I turned to my brother expressing the sudden amazement. He simply asked back. 'Do you know Football world cup is also about to happen in India?' I said, 'No' and with this, I had the answer of my amazement. Brother entailed further. 'You don't know about the upcoming Football world cup because you are not the follower of the game. These people are also like you. They do not follow cricket as we do'.

Exactly. If Maria Sharapova does not follow cricket, what's her fault in not knowing a legend across the globe? She belongs to Russia; a country deprived of the sport, Cricket. Majority of people there do not follow the sport. Then why Maria is being ridiculed for being unaware about a legend? She herself is a legend in Tennis yet millions of people might be unaware about her name. Does this turn them into a laughing matter? Maria is adorable when it comes to her sport. She is beautiful, sexy and an amazing player. She is considered as Tennis queen and has bagged grand slam championships. We should keep these in mind rather than her innocent unawareness about some other famous player. Know more about her life and journey on Maria Sharapova.

Stop ridiculing her!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Facts and myths about illness

As the clock strikes the universal time, I have settled for a post. Running on foot for the entire day has left me with a modicum of some 'Me' time. As I stated in my previous post, my husband and kid both are down with fever. While hubby is feeling better today, kid is still struggling with high temperature, sore throat, weakness and bad mouth taste. All in all, it is really heart wrenching to see both of them in such state. I wish for them to get well soon as soon as possible.

But have you ever noticed this one? That you can't help yourself but to come across some new strange facts or better say, myths during ailments like fever? Yesterday my mother told me to not feed them potato because its essence is hot. This morning, my mother-in-law was saying gourd has cold essence. According to both of them, some vegetables are harmful in illness and better not to feed the patients. Being a curious (and little stubborn on my part until I get the logic behind), I decided to ask these to the doctor we went today for the follow up. He said the husband and kid both could eat any vegetable. There is no harm in it. Huff! Relaxing to know this. Isn't it? Based on today's discoveries and prior experiences, I have listed out some myths about mild/high temperature or fever that tend to occupy people with its deep intensity. Let's find them out.

Do not consume fruits/fruits juices

Potpourri of June

I am writing this post live from my kitchen. With hubby and kid sleeping at this hour, I have woken up early and making a healthy light breakfast for them. It is taking time to cook. Thus, I thought to express something over my blog. It is calming to write and share things.

Past few weeks have bygone with verity of flavors. Sumit's big brother and his family visited us for few days. It was a good family experience. We laughed, we chatted and visited some places within the perimeter of the city. Bhaiya (Sumit's brother) has two kids with whom Ashmit enjoyed a lot. Trio had been successful in giving us some free time to enjoy ourselves. Kids played, enjoyed and shared lot of things. Sharing is one thing that every parent want for their kid/s. Ashmit shared his toys and books with them which was pleasant to see. Around other kids, he becomes possessive of his articles but sometimes, he let his inhibitions go easily. We all visited HAL museum, planetarium and ISKCON temple. Bhaiya and his family's visit was good. We enjoyed and loved their presence. Below are some snapshots during their visit.

In HAL Bangalore

Love this one

ISKCON Bangalore

 One more good news to share. My father has become the President of Rotary club. It is such a wonderful news. We all are excited and so much proud of him. He works attentively for social causes and has been delivered some outstanding performances. Because of his dedication and urge to work for good, the club has crowned him with such prestigious post. Now I am helping him with his Presidential Installation Speech. It is always fun to work with my father. Whenever he needs something to work on and a write up, he turns to me. It gives me immense pleasure. We work together, put together our inputs and then come up with the best face of the outcome. I dearly wish him All The Best. May he reach to the new heights of success.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Sunday grudge turned into happy timing

Today on the run was Sunday...a favorite to many including me. I find it wonderful spending time with my family on weekends and holidays, away from my hectic writing work. Unfortunately, my husband had to go out for some work. It took him around five good long hours to come back.

When it was three hours since he was gone, I started feeling anger. I grunted when he told me over the phone that it would take more time for him to return. I was waiting for him since long and there he was busy with stuffs. Anyways, I was angry, sad and dull melodramatic songs running inside my head. On the top of that, my kid announced he was hungry. I did not want to do anything nonetheless I went into the kitchen to find out the options. It was post lunch time. After mulling over  a bit, I and my kid settled down for Bhelpuri (a quickie and real time saver). As I started peeling of onions and carrots, I started thinking (I was still in the same stupor).

Why I am so angry? What is the reason? Because Sumit is not here? Yes. The same reason. But why can't I be happy? Sometimes we must be independent in terms of finding happiness. He is busy for obvious reasons and grunting about it would do nothing but spoil my time. I must turn over this sad moment into a happy one. I will sure do it.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

When anti-virus erased everything on her mobile!! :P

Recently my mother had to format her mobile. Unfortunate I know. She is fairly active on Whatsapp, Viber etc. sort of services. Thus, she was quite disturbed as every data, photo, video, message etc. is gone. It all happened because of a virus attacked on the system. Yesterday eve, we both got to talking on the subject.

I: But how did it happen mummy?

Mummy: I don't know. Some anti-virus had attacked my mobile and it erased everything!!

She was gloomy and very much sinking at her heart. She even could not sleep for a one whole night. Being an occasional devil myself, I laughed but only at her innocence and just to rectify her.

I: Mummy! Not anti-virus. VIRUS had attacked your mobile. Anti-virus helps to keep viruses at bay. 

Mummy: Whatever!! (Clearly she is still not in the state to acknowledge facts)

I smiled later on thinking how roads of life takes U-turn sometimes. Where parents teach us so many new things, we kids also get privileged to do the same in return. Now we all are forwarding previous messages, pics, videos and all to her.

Moral of the story - Download an Anti-Virus Software on your parents' mobile TODAY to give them peace of mind. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Promise Yourself!

Promise Yourself!
For every will smile twice.
For every will rise higher.
For every will improve to better;
And for every will shine brighter.

Promise Yourself!
For every stabbing pain...*you* will be your sole ointment.
Even if it looks so will find contentment.
For each will revert with a true smile;
And for every will go that extra mile.

Promise Yourself!
For every step will work harder.
For each bad will invent ways to stay happier.
For each will gain yourself;
And for every will rise to become the legend.

Promise Yourself!
For every fight...more love you will spread.
For each will stop to dread.
For each wrong will be keen to learn;
And for each will find peace of mind.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

'तुम्हारे' लिए ही तो! - एक कविता

देखा है इन आँखों ने टूटे तारों की ख्वाहिशों को ,
देखा है इन आँखों ने बिखरे फूलों की मोहब्बत को।    
और देखा है उन आँखों की झुकी शाम को, 
हंसी से उक्त चेहरे की उस सरल कोमलता को। 

आज यूँ ही बैठे अनमने से बारिश की बूंदों के साथ,
अपनी ही मस्तानी धुन में कुछ गुनगुनाते हुए। 
कि जाने कहाँ से पानी की एक बूँद मचल जाती है, 
और 'टप्प' से हमारी आँखों में समां जाती है। 
होठों पर एक मुस्कराहट सी खिंच आई है ,
जब स्मृतियाँ कुछ यूँ हाथ पकड़ कर बीते वक़्त में 
लौटा ले आई हैं .… 

ऐसा ही तो एक पल था वो भी ! 
जब हम यूँ बैठे थे उस मौसम की अलबेली शाम में ,
महकते गुनगुनाते बारिश की बूंदों के साथ, 
और तुम्हारे हाथ की बनी मसालेदार चाय की चुस्कियों के साथ। 
कि ऐसी ही एक बूँद 'टप्प' से आकर तुम्हारी प्याली में घुलमिल जाती है ,
तुम ये देख यूँ ही हंस पड़ती हो.… 
घने पेड़ों की छाँव सी झुकी उन पलकों में ,
मदहोश बना मैं खो जाना चाहता हूँ 
उमंग से लरज़ते होठों के भीगे मोड़ों पर 
कहीं गुम हो जाना चाहता हूँ। 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Dare to Care by UNICEF, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Recently I received a wonderful opportunity to work for UNICEF for their widely spread well-known project Dare to Care for UNICEF Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The event was on May 16th, 2014. Before I reached there, I thought it'd be wise to find more about the project. As I dug deeper into the matter, I came to know about their humbling and intricate work strategies for adolescent girls in Gujarat.

The project is a joint venture by UNICEF and the current IPL cricket team, Delhi Daredevils and is laid out for adolescent girls (aged between 14-17 years) who belong to the most backward and tribal villages from Gujarat. According to UNICEF, almost 40% of adolescent girls in the 14-17 age group do not attend school, and 22% get married before the legal age of 18 years. An estimated 56% are anemic and hence, highly prone to poor maternal health and not only to their own, but also to their future offspring. UNICEF works very closely and remarkably to spread the awareness but to make it more effective on the higher scale, they have called upon the IPL team, Delhi Daredevils, to come and help them in the venture. Because of the active participation from the cricketers, the impact has raised by leaps and bounds. Now the villagers are enunciating on the importance of girls' education. They are also barring on early child marriages and child labor. All credit goes to UNICEF's bold initiative, Dare to Care campaign. More on this we will focus later in this article.

Girls with Delhi Daredevils team players

No need to say, I was deeply impressed with the work and much looking forward to the event. The event was in Marriot, the official partner for UNICEF, Ahmedabad. I was sitting in a sophisticated corner with the group of bloggers and journalists when I spotted adolescent girls and the cricketers coming along. There were 11 adolescent girls who had come from the tribal villages of Gujarat and are part of UNICEF's child right initiatives. They intricately work on the grass root levels for thousands of girls like themselves to improve their lives and lifestyles. Basically these girls show dare to care for girls like them. The informal event was majorly based to cover three key issues - Child marriages, Child labor and Girls' education.

Shaking hands and spreading warmth

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Why do we need occasions like Mother's Day?

Firstly, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in this world. Today is a special day for mothers and after wishing my own, I feel great. Mummy did not know today is her day and she was simply surprised when I wished her. She wished me back and then we chatted for a little more while before we hung up.

But before calling her, something else had happened. I was calling her but she was busy somewhere for incessant 20 minutes talking to someone else. Finally I called my father and informed about it's Mother's Day today. He chuckled and wished me. Then he asked,

"Who has made days like Mother's day, Father's day etc.? Do we really need such occasions?"

I laughed. Comments similar to this often flow my way nonetheless I replied to him.

"No. Actually we really don't need such days but if dedicating one day especially to our loved ones, we can shower some extra pounds of love, affection, care and gifts, there is no harm in celebrating them. For the rest of the days, we hardly say 'I love you' or 'I care for you' but on such special days, we specifically take out sometime and express our warm feelings. That is why we really need such days"

Friday, 9 May 2014

When I looked up from my book...

Yesterday happened a rather unusual thing that scared me for few moments but I quickly gathered myself, feeling helpless at the end.

So the story goes like this. Outside my apartment, there is a tiny porch where almost every evening, I love to sit, have my share of tea, read a book and enjoy the weather. Bangalore is anyway becoming cooler by each passing day (which I dearly love). Yesterday I poured tea in my mug and milk in a glass for my son, placed the drinks outside on a table with some biscuits, took a book and decided to read it with the sips of aromatic tea (as usual). When I started reading, I thought why not to look up from the book and enjoy the pleasant, bit chilling weather? It sounded a great idea to follow in my head. So I closed the book and started sipping my tea. My kid's cycle is chained in the porch itself. When I took the first sip, my eyes went to the cycle. Behind its rear spikes, I saw something moving. I got curious and I looked harder. Then I saw a stray dog sitting quietly there. For a second, I was seated unmoved because I have heard stories from people about getting attacked by stray animals for no reasons. I held my breath for few moments and told my kid to stay inside. The dog's face and the entire neck region was looking strange; something like he was infected. I decided to sit instead of running away. He was not doing anything anyway.

So as I dipped the first biscuit in my tea, I threw another at him despite of knowing the fact that this would look as a bait to him to come at my home over and over again. But I could not eat alone while a hungry dog was sitting right in front of me and stray animals are usually always hungry. I threw few more biscuits at him which he immediately finished. By this time, he had started shaking its tail as any pet dog would do out of affection. Now I was sure he would not attack me. But as I could not take him with me, I took my stuffs and came inside. He was still looking at my moves. I was feeling sympathy towards him. Knowing the fact that he might be infected, I couldn't dare to take him to a veteran all by myself. I kept looking at him time to time until he himself made his way out of the building.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Love to live positive!

When our house becomes dirty, we clean it. And when our mind station gets polluted, it needs some sweeping job too. So let's talk about dealing with negative thoughts and how we can keep our life free of them.

Negative thoughts send negative vibes by their very name. When we think negative, we can not think good or say, positive. We always keep complaining. We always speak ill of others/everything. When negative thoughts overcome life, it becomes burdening and annoyingly irksome. We hardly like anyone and no one likes us. This is the truth. But now, say bye bye to negativism and say hello to positivism. How? Let's drop in the relevant conversation for its sake.

What you think, you become

In other words, if you think good, you will feel good. You just need to practice it little more. Suppose the weather is cloudy and you happen to dislike it. You go easy on making comments like 'Ergh! I hate this weather' or, 'No rains...please'. Exactly such kind of thinking invites more negative energy from around and you become a bigger sac of negativism.

Instead of thinking negative, think positive. Say, 'Cloudy weather! Hmm! I could enjoy warm cup of tea with some snacks. Let's get some friends over to my place' or, 'I wish the sky would be clear and sunny'. We all know that friends, good friends, entice the arena and make worst the best. So basically what you think, you become at the end. Simply chisel out words like No, Don't, Dislike, Hate, Annoying etc. from the list. Therefore, think positive to live positive.

And follow what the picture says