Saturday, 30 March 2013

When there is no space for you!

Create one. As simple as that.

Let me juxtapose two incredible truths of life. One is, there are these people who don't want to see you go up on the stairs; and, there are those flock of birds who are eager to see you fly high.

People of the first category can easily be spotted at the crucial bumpy road of life. When you stumble, there will come very few hands to help you stand again and to continue the journey. And such few people are a bliss. But not many are lucky enough to get such ones.

But when people enjoy your misery; when they find serenity in your grief; when their lips shrink when you smile, it certainly makes your journey harder to travel. Life is already harsh on you and when such people come with 'Handle with care' tag, they awfully make your 'Go getter' attitude more complex. They won't let you do anything in your life. In fact, they would love to ruin whatever you have cooked for your future.

But if you flip the coin and see the picture from a different window, you will find these people as 'Life tester'. Life tests you by sending such bizarre people on your way; it checks on you whether you would be able to handle yourself in the opposite flowing stream. This is much like a teacher who strains his/her eyes hard to find out mistakes, if any, on the answer sheet you have provided; not that the teacher is willing to cut your marks deliberately but s/he surely wants you to see go up in the sky by rectifying your mistakes next time!!

Friday, 29 March 2013

I miss you sister!

Today morning when I opened up my eyes, I was bit disappointed at the sight. Next to me was lying my son, soundly sleeping. Not that his presence hurt my eyes but I tenderly missed the last few days' rare sight. And this morning when the sight was changed, it hurt.

My sister had come to visit us for few days. I and her used to sleep together at nights, bound by sisterly bond of course. Every morning after opening my eyes, just a look at her was delicately filling me with the joy of the upcoming happy day. We share a very beautiful bond with every possible impression of sisters-go-happy-together. We both are a nuisance when it comes to talking. We can talk endlessly to each other. We tease, we travel, we share, we work, we laugh, we cry, we get angry, we shop and we do everything that comes with the sister bonding with a high ease.

She came to attend our kid's birthday party and to celebrate Holi together. We enjoyed a lot. We played with lots of colors and loaded our cameras with an array of snaps. I made her favorite meals. The delicacies that I had made for her in advance (and that can be stored for up to a month), she liked them. She also brought gifts for all of us. I teased her by saying, "You should keep coming to Bangalore" to which she grinned too with an instant reply, "I'd have to think on that then".

But when she left last night to her destination, it seems a part of me is also gone with her. I feel terribly sad. In fact, I cried when she was sitting inside the train, waiting for it to depart. I was cracking up jokes but tears suddenly bobbed up into my eyes and I tried to hide them well. My mind couldn't suppress my heart any longer I guess. I walked few steps away for wiping my tears but she got me. She cued me to not to cry. I knew she was also feeling the same yet she is stronger than me to hold herself back. Few more columns of tears gently rolled down my cheeks and I wiped them out.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Last words of the day :)

It's 10:40 P.M. This is the time that I have gotten free of my whole day of work load. Not that I am an employee somewhere but sometimes being a housewife also demands for fulfilling so many of responsibilities. Isn't it? :)

Whenever I get tired or feel joyous or sad or something different apart from normalcy, I start to crave for writing a post; my fingers long to settle on the keypad and type languorously to embellish my blog with my heart contents. I don't know why but my blog lures me out in such a manner that I can't deny it and if I can manage to scribble something here under such circumstances, I feel ecstatic; out of the world. This time is exactly the same time. I am done with a long process of two delicacies making and have tidied up my other works, though I feel tired yet I am writing. It satisfies me as I let my heart speak only. No interruption of brain, not worlds' and not any other unwanted ping of life. Just me and my blog. That is why the label I have put in my blog as "A moment of heart" is so close to me. Posts under this label exactly accentuates what my heart is feeling when I am writing them.

Anyways, let's talk something to my blog and I do have something to talk. I wonder why I love writing like a crazy? Why I thrive for writing so much? Why writing something brings peace and joy to me? I searched the answer and what came out of thought churning process, I can gather that it lets me express more precisely and moreover, it helps me to deal with every situation. Writing gives me a much required *pause* that helps me enormously. When I write, I don't like anyone's interruption, not even of my own family's. I just want the flow to happen smoothly, without disturbing the freedom of drift letting words come out in sentences bearing the fine traces of my thoughts and sentiments.

How much I wish!

Sometimes I so wish to get a clone of myself or if not this then get more hands just than two. These days when I am entitled to do a whole lot of multitasking, I feel like going frenzy with all of it.

Getting up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and lunch, getting ready and munching breakfast simultaneously so that I can make it to my fitness classes, going there and doing all the jumping, pumping, dancing moves around for full fledged one hour and then after relaxing a bit, rushing again back to home. This is just my every morning routine that I do without missing a beat.

Now a days, further routine has got so much entailed that I bite my nails while thinking of it. Getting a call from a company two days back as they need a content writer for a short term project and meeting them for two consecutive days, undergoing the elaborated process of understanding their structure and technical strategies, gathering all the essential details and all this while keeping my share of bargain with them seems a new touch to my life. Yesterday after putting much effort in the process, I delivered them my work for the approval. I have kept my fingers crossed. But I have a glitch that I will strike the deal. And then only I proceeded for my lunch at 3 p.m.

And my sister is coming to visit us for few days. So I am making home made delicacies for her. I love giving my loved ones something made by me when they visit us. At least I try my best to follow my own created ritual and do not fail at it until it is the last day of my life. Yester-evening I made bountiful of one snack that consumed two hours. But the tiring long process became easier to deal with a playlist of my favorite songs buzzing in to my ears via ear phones.

And without any need to say this, there were obvious household works waiting for me patiently. With a steady pace I did; I did everything and the time I went to bed, I was exhausted. Truly tired.

Today again I have another load of work to do. That is why how much I wish for having a clone of me infused with similar or more caliber or, getting myself stitched with more hands. Life would become so easier na! Sigh!!!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Be a little selfish towards your children

Shaking your head dismissively at the title? But I won't stop myself for what I have to say. Not because I don't care but because I want you to understand ONE very important thing if you are a parent.

Yes! As a parent, we all should be little selfish towards our children. But take this *Selfish* word in a positive way because being selfish is always taken with negative connotations. Sometimes parents get so much involved in taking care of other arenas of life that they had to ignore or get failed to understand the needs of their own children. While such thing can be understood at some level, it is sometimes not acceptable even if the children are old enough to assess the reason/s behind it. 

Do the basic - Listen to your children
Getting scold or being hit because of someone else's mistake creates a gap between the children and parents and if the situation is not taken care of carefully on time, this gap gets wider as the time passes by. Contrary to the fact that big children can take care of themselves, they still seek for their parent's attention; they want their parents to listen to their things. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

A state of *Nothing*

What is light? The absence of dark; And what is dark? The absence of light, of course.

What is air (gases)? The absence of vacuum; And what is vacuum? Nothing but the absence of air.

Have you ever lost yourself in vacuum (especially then when you are not an astronaut)? Have you ever achieved a state where nothing reverberates in your whole but the void only? It is a strange state under the effect of which you neither feel happy nor sad; neither anger nor peace; neither love nor hatred. Nothing but a dense reveling quietness in every vein, every pore of the body. Feels like you are walking filled with flesh and blood but still, there is nothing. You feel absolutely nothing and the fount of such state does not necessarily be any bad or negative incident or thought or whatever. It just happens.

What is void? As I have stated above, the absence of air (gases). We can define it via one more way. The void is filled with *Nothing*. *Nothing* is flowing everywhere in void, fulfilling its every nook. So the void is technically not the emptiness but it is still stuffed with *Nothing*.

The same theory goes for human body and mind too. The state which I was talking about above, equals the void and the dense reveling quietness equals *Nothing*. When you achieve such state, you are not empty; there is *Nothing* fulfilling your mind and body. It flows everywhere and you feel ethereal. Such feeling can only be combated by living some of the best natural encounters like watching the beauty of the crescent moon till your eyes feels droopy; lying somewhere embraced with lush greenery and verdant nature where eyes can relish the horizon, the mating point of the earth and the sky; sitting on a perch getting showered with the cool purifying beads of snow; getting touched by the incessant supply of oval delicate bubbles of rain. 

Where there is *Nothing*

TV Off Life On

Now that summer vacations are about to start in a whiz, I have already started thinking of getting my kid join any summer camp. But these camps will only be able to let me relax for few hours. But when they are finished and my kid is at home, it becomes a mountainous task to strip him off from television.

I have given a thought on this. Though my society is not privileged to have a club or party hall kind of thing where I could organize some games for my kid and his friends, I will ask for his interests on what would he like to do in summers.

Asking my kid's interests and then proceeding for any club, class or workshop will make my task far more easier. On the basis of previous summer vacations, I know he loves doing Art & Craft things and Drawing. He also loves playing roles in Drama. So I guess this is where I can take the lead from and send him to such class where he could avail these and other new wonderful activities.

However, these classes will not last for more than few hours. Then again he will be at home, watching TV in a constant loop. Now this time it will become trickier to take his eyes off because he would already be ready with some reasoning like "I have already gone to the activities. Now I want to relax and watch TV". Though I agree with this up to an extent yet I want him to go outside and enjoy the surroundings. So to bring my desire to fruition, I'd definitely do these things that can encourage him to go outside and explore the outdoors ::

  1. Now that school will be closed, I can easily take him to the park frequently where he can enjoy, ride and explore the outdoors and the nature.
  2. I will plan for a picnic or some other outdoor fun activity like Badminton match. This way he will be doing some physical training, a plus for his health.
  3. As there are not much children in my society (if there are, they are not known to me), I can send him for cycling.
  4. I will get him into some new classes where he could learn different things. 
  5. I will send him to his friend's home where he can enjoy other games (not on TV or computers) like Tambola (Housie), Chess, Business, Carom etc.
  6. Summer vacations are perfect to plan for holidays. We have already plan to go to Ooty, Cunnoor and Mysore that is maximum of 3 days trip. Later on, there will be one more holiday planning where my kid can enjoy himself and the nature. Wonder La seemed to fun for all of us. So we will certainly take our kid to Ooty, Cunnoor, Mysore and Wonder La this summer.
Above are the things that I am going to do with my kid this summer. But Yes! I will also allow him to watch TV but for a short while only. 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Facts from Shiva Triology

While I have set The Vampire Diaries' next episode on download, thought why not to give away some interesting facts from the book series Shiva Trilogy in the ocean of which I have been diving so deeply since a while.

Don't worry. None of them are spoilers here. These are the facts behind those notions that we (The Indians) have been munching on since our childhood but never came to know about any of Hows and Whys correlated to them. So get ready to shoot your general knowledge at new level with some interesting facts.

Notion # 1 In India, Kashi (Currently Varanasi) is known to be one of the holiest places in India. People usually prefer to spend the last days of their lives here only because they believe that dying in Kashi will make them excused of all of their sins and they will attain salvation.

Fact :: When Lord Rudra executed eighty asuras at one ghat in just one day happened to be in Kashi, it fondly turned into Assi ghat. It was one of the biggest violence of that time. Later on, Lord Rudra realized that those asuras were actually not evils but little different from devas and this turned over a new leaf into his life. He completely gave up the violence and declared Kashi/Varanasi as a sacred place and those who come here will get salvation after their death.

This made Kashi a holy place where people from all around the world come and spend their last days. This is the drastic effect of the Lord Rudra's orders since ages.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Deceptive affection to maintain relationships

Once again, a new study has indeed blown away one widely accepted quote that *Honesty is the best policy* while supporting another one concretely *All is fair in Love and War*.

In Washington, researchers have found that couples lie to each other with the average of thrice in a week. The motive behind is simple and loving. They do it to maintain a healthy relationship. And doing so, they fall for Deceptive affection. Such behaviorism or lies that are harmless and do not intend to hurt the person is called Deceptive affection.

Even simple lies can spark the fire :)
If your partner asks about her new hairdo and you give a standing ovation despite of your sulking feeling inside, you are throwing a deceptive affection. Your partner has bought a new dress as your birthday present and you don't feel like "Go get it" but still you kiss him for his wise pick, this is again, deceptive affection.

In my point of view, it is good in someway because we always want appraisal and good words for ourselves. If you can make your partner happy for few minutes, it is good. Your motive is steer clear to not to hurt him/her.

These deceptive affections may contribute to balance the relationships but going overboard with them can be harmful. Telling lies for the trivial things; for the stuffs that does not count much into the personal account are fine up to an extent. For example, lying about some annoying traits for once or twice is fine but more than that may jeopardize you.

Relationships are like haven where you can breathe with freedom but lying sometimes can strengthen the bond between the partners. Sean Horan, the lead study author and the assistant professor in the college of Communication at DePaul University has stated it correctly,

"We don't always want to know the truth all the the time".

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tips to identify and achieve your goal

Here I am again! :)

Yesterday was my birthday and I was deluged with SMSs, phone calls and messages on the Facebook wall. It is always wonderful to have an occasion like *Birthday* which makes me feel literally like a Queen of the Day. With a Thank you note for those who wished me, I'd also like to thank that person who created or invented or celebrated the day of the birth. Because of that wonderful person, we all celebrate our birthdays.

If you still wanna wish me, guess what? IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! Today is my official birthday. So go on...wish me again. I'd still be pleased with equal resonance :)

Now sit straight and let's talk for what I am here. For writing a post of course. I have come across many people who haven't identified or achieved their goals yet. I was also one of'em once and that is why I know how difficult it is to first identify and then achieve the target.

If you have a pre-set goal in life, life becomes so much easier (though I also nod to the fact that path to claim the target becomes even more elusive). Goals give you a motivation; a reason to keep walking after every stumble. Goals are like Oxygen cylinders, pumping your life with the most important life saving element. Therefore, it is very important to set a goal for yourself.

However, there are lot many people who are still scratching there heads to find out where to go or how to go? Or, may be sleeping with lice, not bothering to scratch even. C'mon! Get off the platform and kick yourself. Life is too short to set more than one goal. So grab the opportunity and make one....RIGHT NOW. And guess what? I am here to help you on this front today.

Prima facie, if you are messing with your hair for what to do with your life, keep below tips handy on how to identify to do the thing that suits you the best. I myself have done several things in my till life. Not believing? See (or read) for yourself :: Break your cocoon

How to identify your goal

If you still have doubts about yourself and which way you should head to, ask these questions to yourself ::
  • What I am looking for? Being at what position will quench my thirst for the inner peace?
  • What is it that satisfies me?
  • Which area interests me the most?
  • For which quality or idea I was/have been appreciated for? Take a lead from here.
  • Is it really nothing that fancy me? How is it possible when million of people are transforming themselves into something else; something different and unique? Think hard.
  • Take help from your friends or family members or someone you think can really help you. Talk to them.
  • It takes time to identify what you want to do with your remaining life. Keep thinking until you figure this out.

What you can do to achieve your goal

Realize your hobbies. If you are married then who says you still can not pursue a new hobby or continue with the old ones? If you are willing to move above on the chart, you definitely will find your way.

Work hard. If you are lucky to be next with your goal, work hard to achieve it and once you have achieved it, work harder to maintain it.

Read books. Books helps you to understand different facets of life. They let you feel your own repertoires and potential. Excuses like I don't read/like books are worth keeping them at bay. Have mercy on yourself. Read. It will help you even in those moments when no one is there to hold you.

Think positive. Positivity begets positivity. We know that opposite attracts and similar repels but here, the equation is reversed. If you think positive, an arena of positivity will be formed enveloping you inside. It will attract people who also fall for positive thoughts and actions. This way, positive people will be in your list.

Save your time. Or, don't waste time on trivial unimportant things. If I tell you a very strange fact about me, I am not a gossip loving girl. When I have the premonition that this particular meeting/gathering is going to be about nonsense useless gossips, I try my best to avoid that. Even I have ditched such gatherings into the previous years of my life. I always like fruitful discussions; gentle exchange of words on interesting knowledgeable stuffs. These areas fancy me and I always make it a point to be a part of such meetings/gatherings. This way, you also purse your time with utmost care and take it out only for the things that are really worth.

Love yourself. Trust me, this is the biggest favor you can do to yourself. Read one post of me on this Love yourself for what you are. Loving yourself will make you comfortable with your own. It will becomes easier to achieve your goal then.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Break your cocoon

Yesterday was International Women's Day. I scribbled one post on it with an ode to women (in the form of poetry). This morning is still carrying the memory ingots of some of yesterday's happenings. While I mentioned about the webinar that I attended and that was organized by Accenture, something else also happened yester-evening.

I called one of my neighbor hood friend to have some snacks and chit chat. Our sons play with each other regularly. Therefore, it is quite natural for the friendship to grow over just the familiarity. Anyways, she came and we started chatting. Being a talkative person, I was throwing humor balls to which she was laughing a lot. We both were talking to some usual stuffs. At one point, I told her something personal about my life. This opened a conduit between us. She also shared some of her issues with me and then like there was no red signal to stop ourselves anymore, we continued sharing and munching on our personal issues for the rest of the evening. We both understood how life is and how it comes with the several Ups and Downs.

She is very beautiful, a little introvert and a soft spoken person. I like her a lot. She already knows on which path I am heading to, I also suggested her to do something on her own that can inject her heart with the immense joy and peace that she craves for. We all crave for the same in our lives...aren't we? ;)

Initially she was like bit hesitant, much to my surprise. But I told her not to underestimate her personality. And the same goes with everyone. No one should underestimate their pertinence. We all have hidden gems inside. The only thing required is, we have to go deep inside ourselves to search that gem that makes us different from others, that let us shine ourselves in the crowd. The process is not easy but it will definitely be worth doing.

In the webinar that I attended yesterday, the renowned author Preeti Shenoy was also featured in their documentary and she was also the part of discussion panel. At one point, she said something worth pondering on. She said how does a person's sex can decide his or her ability to do anything? Anyone can do anything and gender simply can not define one's ability. It is simple yet very marveling thought. I agree with her.

Break your inhibitions and let the sunshine come through
If I talk about myself, I am merely a Graduate in Science but I never underestimated myself. I know I have the ability to do anything and I have proved myself very well at this front.

I had organized a 3 days Art and Craft sale few years back. It was one-of-its-own-kind initiative and people who came to the sale profusely lauded me. I had put handmade items in the sale along with some other ready made stuffs. I was showered with appreciation and surprises.

Later, I also took part in two summer camps. In one, I was the Coordinator while in the other, I played the role of an Art & Craft teacher. At both the places, my efforts and energy that I put in were highly recognized. In one of them, I even created their advertising rhyme. They used it extensively for the advertisement of their summer camp.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy International Women's Day

Winning hearts,
Omitting fear,
Marveling at own clarity,
Emitting the radiance,
Narrowing it's fragility;
Here comes International Women's Day,
Let's wish them at least a century of -
Happiness, joy and prosperity.

Let's cherish being Women,
Let's flourish the womanhood;
Let's enjoy the breeze today,
And let go the tears away.

It is OUR day like the other days,
It is OUR life no matter what the others' says;
No rules for freedom,
No logic for wisdom;
We live, we enjoy and we heal,
We share, we walk and we laugh;
As We are the WOMEN,
And this whole universe is OUR den.

With my this creation, I commence my post now. Here is another poem written by me few days back, coincidentally on woman itself :: A journey of a woman. Read it. I am sure you will like it. If yes, mark your words down the post :)

Happy Women's Day to all my readers no matter which sex you belong to. If you are a female, this day is completely dedicated to you and if you are a male, you are blessed with one of the best creatures on earth in female forms like mother, sister, friend etc. So this days literally belongs to everyone :)

This morning when my husband wished my saying Happy International Women's day, I smiled and said, "Same to you". Not because such reply instantly spurt out from my lips but I did it deliberately just to make him smile for few more seconds. But if I reveal the truth, he is indeed my best friend. He shares everything with me and vice versa.

Women's day is the day when the womanhood is ought to be celebrated on the global panel. Everyone talks about it; wishes each other and even send greetings to their loved ones. Other days of the year are also equally worth celebrating but being one day especially dedicated to women makes it more special.

Several questions are pinned down on the table asking for women's wishes, their desires, their perspectives on success and life, how they achieved the success they have always dreamed of and what not. As the question varies in its form, answers diversifies even more. But one question always tops the others, What do they want from life?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

15 great thoughts by Chanakya

I came across a very intriguing set of 15 statements said by legendary Chanakya. For those who doesn't have any idea about him, he was an adept professor of Economics and Political Science at ancient Takshashila Univeristy, India. He is also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta. He is also the author of Arthashastra.

To find more about him, visit the link Chanakya Wiki.

1) "Learn from the mistake of can't live long enough to make them all yourselves!!"

2)"A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and Honest people are screwed first."

3)"Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous."

4)"There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth."

5)" Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions - Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead."

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Amazing Spiderman

Was getting bored and didn't have anything interesting to do. So I resorted to watch a movie and then I got stuck with The Amazing Spider man. Here is my point of view whether I would recommend others or not. You may get some spoilers here. So if you intend to watch this movie, take your eyes towards the other post that can fancy you equally :)

So the leading star cast is Andrew Garfield as Spider man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curtis Conners. 

Prior watching the movie, I, with obvious reasons, had pre notions from the previous four Spider man movies that revolved around Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco. Since I am a fan of previous Spider man series, I anticipated that The Amazing Spider man would also stand at the same height, sharing the same level of curiosity, excitement and reveling plot. But alas! It didn't happen. So here are the pros and cons of the movie.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

A thought on Dreams

Dreams are not those that can be defined after you shut your eyes for sleep.

Instead, dreams are those wind chimes that you go on staring, whose melodious tuning keeps you hypnotized and does not let you sleep in obvious hours.