Thursday, 31 January 2013

"But this train has pantry. Right?"

Today I am gonna share a funny incident that happened with me years ago but it's still so fresh that I feel it happened just yesterday. Whenever I think of any funny moment in my life, don't know why but this moment jumps out of the memory cards. Each time it makes me smile and simultaneously I bang my head inside for the stupidity I fell for. So here I go.....

This incident took place almost 10 years ago when my one elder cousin sister was due to her delivery (of pregnancy not of any project). My sister's delivery was just few more days to go. I along with my uncle (her father) had to go to Noida (where she resided that time) to help her in the process (not that any of us is a gynecologist but as a family of course). My aunty (her mother) and one more elder cousin sister were already there to help her through.

We had to catch a train from our native place to Noida. Mummy packed food for the journey and then we left in the evening. We boarded the train and soon it caught its optimal speed. During dinner time, people around started taking their meals. Some had got it packed from their homes while some ordered it from the train itself. The train was equipped with its own pantry.

When I saw people ordering and eating pantry food, I was mesmerized (and right at this point, now I bang my head inside for a silly temptation). At that time, I had never eaten pantry food ever and it was like The God of journey food for me. Therefore, I was keen to consume it. There were few reasons behind it like the way it gets packaged (plates, water can and bowls everything nicely covered up with shiny silver foil), the cuisine looks inviting, you get all your stuff into a neat tray and you can finish the meal in a tidy manner. The accompaniments like pickles, lemon, salad, sweet etc. makes it even more mouth watering. One who has never eaten pantry food can easily go banana about such arrangements and outlook in first go (it's another matter what glitters is always not gold but I was yet to realize it).

The God of journey food...heck @#&*@
But I couldn't do anything because we already had our dinner with us from home. So we had that only. But I couldn't help myself from overlooking at other's pantry meals. I was chewing my food but I longed to taste their's only.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"Mujh me tu"...a lovely song

An upcoming movie has a special song called 'Mujh me tu'. Movie is Special 26 or Special Chhabbess. I love this song. It is surprisingly sung by Akshay Kumar, one of the finest actors in Bollywood.

His voice is lovely and lively. Interestingly, zero music epitomizes the beauty of the song by tons.

Broken threads

Life is wonderful many a times. One can compare it to anything and customize it as per the needs.

Today I am comparing it with an endless structure of a Thread. Yes! Life also resembles a Thread...a long series of yours stitched intertwined mother fabric that connects you with different fabrics of relationships.

It is strong when you have bindings of strongest fabrics that cares for you, that loves you and that can do anything for you. Such fabrics you get by birth like parents and siblings.

And it becomes stronger when you are lucky enough to drag more relationships with you in the later phases of the life say some relatives and friends. This makes your mother thread thicker. Those people let you live as you are; they let you be as you are and they enjoy every nook and cranny of your personality. They enjoy your goof ups, your candid reactions, your twinkling eyes after you spot your favorite chocolate, your full fledged smiles that takes them to travel far from the moment and also...they understand your faults,  your endless columns of tears, your dramas about pettifogging details and everything that comes from you in a spurt. They just stick with you matter what.


The same thread becomes weak when you encounter a stark realization of your life. Those precious relationships start to loose themselves from your mother thread. They start to go away from you. You live in a reverie thinking they are tightly tied up to you but due to the lack of little more understanding, they gradually grow away from you.

Where you expect them to stand beside you, there they prefer to take a quite exit from your life. Their tiny fabrications loose their strength and thus, increases its elasticity by manifolds. They unfold themselves away from you much unlike earlier.

One day, hands will be joined

It certainly hurts.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"Alert!! Your system is crashing down to failure"

Congratulations to all the juveniles out there in India who are getting ready to commit a wonderful crime like *Rape*! Why wonderful? Because the honorary panel of judges has given them such license. Go, rape a girl and get a punishment of measly three years and then, you are again free to repeat the cycle until you transform into an adult. Wow! Look at the decision. It feels like someone has bullied a classmate to her extinction and now he is not allowed to come to the school for next three days. And the school administration didn't bother to explain the reasons behind such decision.

I think rape is a slightly major crime by few inches than bullying. That is why the main perpetrator *the so-called juvenile* is getting only a three years of imprisonment. Judges just went through his school certificate, got his exact age and decision done. He is proved to be a Juvenile. They didn't even bother to check up on his actual age by taking down some tests like bone test. In India, parents often register wrong years of birth in the school certificates. I myself am registered as one year younger than my actual age and I know thousands of people in the same pipeline.

But the more shocking news is about the ignorance of a wide circulated fact. The main culprit alias the juvenile rapist was only three or four months due to his adulthood and he has been a delinquent since many years. He has committed few other rapes in which he was, again and that does not pop as a surprise anymore to me, the trigger and executioner of the victim.

Then how come these facts couldn't manage to steal the show and got him hanged till death?

How come the pleadings of Nirbhaya could not brainwashed the judges' minds to not to set the culprit free?

How come our system can reward and encourage other juveniles like this?

How come Nirbhaya's case is fizzling out like this?

With all these angst, our minds are only awashed with questions, questions and more questions with no answers at the end. Taking such decision is a great error to our system. Those judges will be responsible for every other rape that is skilfully executed towards the barbarism by other juveniles.

More errors and one day, we all will be doomed with a message on our faces ::

"Alert!! Your system is crashing down to failure"

Read the same post in HINDI here :: "सावधान आपका सिस्टम फेल हो रहा है"

Monday, 28 January 2013

A remarkable tribute by Amitach Bachchan for Nirbhaya

Amitabh Bachchan
Today I read a poem written by legendary Amitach Bachchan. He has dedicated this to the Delhi rape victim (on Dec. 16th 2012). When I start reading it, I couldn't stop myself completing it. It is so remarkable and sublime that literally it will make a vortex into your brain with a dot at its end :: Nirbhaya's (Real name :: Jyoti Singh) pleas and pains.

I am gonna share this poem on my blog to make it as an inseparable part so that I won't have to juggle to search it again.

Maa bohot dard sah kar..
bohot dard de kar...
tukhse kuch kah kar main jaa rahi hun.......
Aaj meri vidai main jab Sakhiyaan milne aayengi...
Safai­d Jode main lipti dekh sisak sisak mar jayengi...
Ladki­ hone ka khud pe fr wo Afsos jatayengi.....

M­aa tu unse itna kah dena Darindo k duniya main Sambhal kar rahna..........­­.....
Maa Rakhi par jb Bhaiya Kalai suni rah jayegi..
yaad mujhe kar kar jab unki Aankh bhar ayegi....
Tilak mathe par karne ko Maa rooh meri bhi Machal jayegi...
Maa tu bhaiya ko rone na dena...
Main sath hu har Pal unse kah dena.......­...­..

Maa Papa bhi chhup chhup bohot royenge...
main kuch na kar paya ye kah k khud ko kosenge....
Maa dard unhe ye hone na dena..
Ilzaam koi lene na dena...
Wo Abhimaan hai mera samman hai mera..
tu unse itna kah dena........

Maa­ tere liye ab kya kahu..
dard ko tere shabdon main kaise bandhu...
fir se jeene ka moka kaise maangu......

Maa­ log tujhe satayenge....
mu­jhe azaadi dene ka tujhpe ilzaam lagayenge....
Ma­a sab sah lena par ye na kahna
"Agle janam Mohe Bitiya na dena"

I have put the poem in its intact form. It is so very touching and will make your heart wince once you read it whole. The same thoughts must be crossing in every rape victim's mind before her death. 

Amitach Bachchan is such a diversified persona that even if I try my best to say something for him, it will always look like a mole for a mountain but still...very well done job Mr. Bachchan. I loved the poem and Thank you for sharing it on Facebook.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The concept lying underneath a game

This evening, my son was playing Chess with his one neighborhood friend. Initially they both were keen to play Ben 10 games on the laptop but this time, I mooted the idea of Chess to them and much to my amazement, they happily agreed to commence it at the drop of a hat.

So they started playing with laying the Chess board and placing the players at their respective positions. I went curious. I made tea for myself and sat with them in the anticipation of witnessing an interesting match. But mostly I wanted to observe their mind set before and after making a move, the mental status at the time of losing a player and lastly but the most important target was to see how they react when one loses and other wins.

A battle of minds
Finally the game started and sooner I could see my son losing his big players easily. His friend was playing sharper than him. He is older to my son but that definitely can not be used as an excuse. Chess is the mind game and one must have the acumen to play it right. I could see my son has lost his repertoire of playing it at some fair extent. He used to play this game with his father every now and then but somehow the chain was broken and the continuity of playing this stand-out game took a pause. I think that is the main reason because of which he wasn't able to pay much attention to the players' positions, their counter-attacks, the possible consequences of his moves, how to shield check-mate and all the important facets of the game.

I made a mental note during the game that he should start playing it with us like earlier. Thankfully, his school is also organizing Chess classes on every Saturday. This will also help him to polish his skills.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A dart to nowhere

Something happened very strange right now. I was reading a newspaper and was highly consumed by it but all of sudden, I started craving for writing a post!! Don't know why. Although the news I was reading were not meant to be the part of my blog but still...I longed for writing one post. It is strange for me. Strange because a realization has just tickled my insight :: Writing is something which I can never ever escape from and my blogs!! Ohh!! I love'em soo muchh...beyond I can ever imagine.

One can call this BLOG-O-MANIA or simply BLOGOMANIA; mania that consumes you, that totally repletes you and leaves you with more of its cravings with its every last dosage. And one that is suffering from this mania can easily be crowned as BLOGOMANIAC and I am happy to be a big default :)

So this post is heading to nowhere much like a dart who is shot towards a direction but doesn't meet a bull's eye. Anyways, doing all the things purposely is not my cup of tea. Random things brings the best in you sometimes...I believe so.

And now that I am using my finger pens as keys...I am unlocking my brain bank to toss some precious memory coins out of it. Let's see what I get.

Few precious and go-gaga-about-it memories have come first. The very first coin is branded with the memories of my priceless parents. I miss them...really. I miss them a lot. I wish them to visit me within two months but they are happened to be more stubborn than I am. They are prodding US to come to them first and then they will plan about visiting us. Clever planning...isn't it? Sigh. What to say! Can't say no no to them either but I will definitely prod them more to visit us first.

Second coined happened to be branded with my siblings :: One younger brother and the youngest sister. He is married with a very beautiful girl and they have one small chubby and very mischievous son. I love them a lot and miss them too. My sister is a unique creature as she has managed to win many accolades and medals and certificates and shields and hearts of countless teachers and professors (not of boys...mind you :) ) up till her life. She is unique because she is this much studious and hard working student. I love her, miss her and wish bestest for her career.

Another coin is one-of-its-own kind. If I say that I have one and only one true friend in my life than I might be sending you goose bumps and making your eyes went as much wide as they can be. The time in which we are breathing is the insane era of SNSs and when one says she has only one true friend in the life, it certainly is strange at some points but fortunately it's true. She has been my friend since we were in Std. 9th and since then, we are impossible to depart from each other.

If I put years of our friendship on count, it says we have been tied in the friendship knot for almost 14 years!!! Man!!! I never realized that time has taken such a huge leap. I feel special and lucky to earn such good and true-to-her-words friend.

Some other coins have also dared to come out which bear traces of the sad times I have faced. But as they are as much precious to me as my other happy coins, I lovingly pat and put them back into the brain box. Some other time I'll encash them here but not today. They deserve the reward of my full fledged span of attention :)

See...random thing indeed has given me some happy memories. Happy things and bad things come and go but their memories get sealed lock in our minds. We all should encash them whenever we can. It is important to smile at our past while moving ahead towards the future.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

"Can you please borrow my eyes?" Part 2 :: "A little piece of parenting"

Few days back I had started writing one more story on my blog. It is a story of a mother and her seven year old son Atulya. It is the story about their relationship that mirrors certain aspects of parenting and a child mind set. Parents, sometimes, fail to peek into their children's actual needs and this starts a whirlpool of emotions within the child. It takes him to a dilemma where he becomes paralyze about whom to trust when his parents are nowhere near trusting him.

To know more about it and to read its first part, click here :: "Can you please borrow my eyes?" Part 1 :: 'You are an embarrassment'. Clicking on this link will take you to the new window.

It is recommended to read its Part 1 so that you can keep yourself in the loop right from the beginning.

Disclaimer :: It's a fiction work and is entirely my creation. Copying its any part or using the entire story for otherwise purpose is likely to be treated with action. It is a copyright material.

Synopsis of Part 1 :: After finishing his holiday homework, Atulya went to his neighbor's (Nimit's) house to play after seeking his mother's permission. After an hour, Nimit's mother Suraiya and Atulya came back. Atulya was crying heavily. Suraiya started spitting poison about her son's behavior. According to her, Atulya had ripped apart Nimit's Maths notebook into pages.

This came as a shock to the mother because their exams were just a week away. She apologized to Suraiya and handed over her son's Maths notebook. After that, the mother started to scold Atulya for his ill behavior without giving him a chance to explain himself. Atulya grunted in disgust and shouted on his mother for the first time. His behavior took his mother to surprise. She decided to listen his side of story on Nimit's matter, something that she too never did earlier either.

To be continued...

Part 2 :: "A little piece of parenting"

Mother's love is supreme
The mother was stunned to see Atulya shouting like this. He was standing right in front of her, crying and yet, he wasn't looking at her. His shouts and tears, both were poignant to her. She felt a rush of pain within. She wondered when was the last time she had heard her son's things but her head fell in shame because there was no last time. SHE NEVER HAD LISTENED TO HIM. EVER. She always believed what others had conveyed to her on the matter of subject.

She felt it was the failure of her motherhood that failed to give her son a soothing embrace and compassion. She felt it was HER failure that she never listened to him. She always thought about Atulya as a little boy. Little did she realize her son had grown up not just by inches but also in terms of mental status and in repertoire of doing anything.

He had transformed into a fine keyboard player, a fond reader and also into a mature boy. He was no more a small baby who only seek his meals and lullabies. Rather he, too, had become a human being that needs love, care, compassion, support and every other expectation of a grown up boy from his mother.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I long to see....

At the time when half of this world is asleep, I fell for a creation that touches parts somewhere in my deep. 

My own creation...

Hands that is too busy to caress its veins,
Eyes that is too blind to see its own reflections,
Heart that is turned over to see its own bleed,
Soul that is locked to see its earthy fragility,
I long to see if this all can be fixed deftly.

Why not eyes get a glass of love and care?
Why not heart sits straight to see where it pinches?
Why not soul is free to carry my wings?
I long to see those lips croon my sings.

I long for those arms to embrace me,
I long for those eyes to shower love on me,
I long for those hearts to smile for me, and
I long for those souls to walk beside me,
I see them quietly departing on a ride without me.

I long to feel my very own existence, and
I long to stitch my very own bleeding heart,
I long to tether my twinkling flooded tiny eyes,
And yet again...
I long to see if miracle really dances nearby.


P.S. My creations are parts of my creativity. Kindly do not use it anywhere without my permission. It is a copyright material.

Friday, 18 January 2013

"Can you please borrow my eyes?" Part 1 :: You are an embarrassment

A very warm welcome to my readers. Today I am going to narrate one more story. It's a fiction work and is entirely my creation. Copying its any part or using the entire story for otherwise purpose is likely to be treated with action. It is a copyright material.

About the story :: The story entails a relationship of a mother and her seven year old son. Parents usually do few things they should highly avoid. Their harsh words, insincerity towards the child, ignorance about the child's routine and being immune to what child thinks about anything often results into some unanticipated repercussions. This story escapes into one.

The story will be having two parts, each one with a title of itself. Part 1 will include how parents' verbal behavior inputs suffering within their child while Part 2 will enlighten the fact that parents too should see things from their kid's perspective. Both the parts will deal with the individual mind set of the mother and the child named Atulya along with other characters involved.

Part 1 ::  "You are an embarrassment" 

"Ma! Can I go to Nimit's home for playing. I am done with my holiday homework?" A seven year old son Atulya asked his mother in a hopeful manner to get the permission though his agitation was clear. He had been to Nimit's house this morning to play and yet he was asking for the same. Nimit was their neighbor and he studied in the same standard as Atulya did.

The mother was reading a novel while her son Atulya finished his homework. She was still so much into the novel that she did not listen what her son had said just now.

"Umm. What Atul?" She looked up. She usually addressed her son Atul with fondness.

"Mumma! Can I go to play with Nimit? Pleaaassseee, pleaasseee, pleaaasssseeeeeee" Atulya pleaded, joining his both hands as one does at the time of worship. The mother paused for a moment.

"But you have been to his' house Atul. Going again is not a good idea" She counter played.

"Why is that not a good idea? You also talk to your neighbors more than once a day. Then how is that right?" He crossed his arms to his chest, demanding for the clarification.

The mother threw up her hands. "Okay, Okay. Go on Atul. Don't disturb me. I am reading an excellent novel. You being here means a lot more disturbance than expected. Go but come within one hour. Okayyy?" She instructed him and went back to reading.

Atulya found it annoying listening all this but he ran out to play with Nimit.

The mother went back to her novel as soon as Atulya left the house. She was relaxed to find her house on her own.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Your diet regime mirrors your work performance

Prima facie, your diet has a great resonance to your health and the stomach works as a centrifugal force that individually (and personally) commands several of your health factors. Mood swings, diseases, alteration in body adjustments, power of brain and its efficiency and not the least, your work performance.

This time I shut my mouth up and let the elitist reports and researches do their meticulous jobs. According to the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Brigham Young University and the Center For Health Research at Healthways, employees who eat healthy meals through out the day survive better than their peers at the workplace and reflects better job performance.

Another website, BusinessNewsDaily, shot a limelight on eating fruits and vegetables at least four times a week boosts up the stamina and lead the employees towards working a mountainous 25% more than an average.

If you are a junk food lover and also carry the caricature of a furniture (that always want to stick to one place), I have a doubt you are giving your eyes a new lead away from this post. Don't turn your head away. Face it bravely because the fact that had been masquerading the mantra of being active and a better performer is :: People who are fat/obese usually suck up to lower work performance and are loaded with absenteeism habit than those who are infused with depression or any other chronic (lasting for long) diseases or medical conditions.

It has always been a triangle of three different groups of people -- One, who are fit and fine; Second, who are obese/fat; and Third, who are suffering with depression or with any other medical condition. New researches have exposed the notable difference between the Group # 2 and Group # 3.

And if that is not yet enough to raise the happy hormone inside, employees who reserve 30 minutes of their day for exercise or any physical activity too hook up for a better work performance.

Right...I$n't it?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How do you manage your life?

This question has been scowling, irritating and irrigating the anger within to so many professional women and it's quite natural. How do you manage your life? Or precisely, How do you manage your personal as well as professional lives both simultaneously? Many eminent women give away smart answers but that does not mean this is not a thing to ponder about. It surely is.

Since centuries, the situation of women in our Indian society has been monopolized heavily. Where the maximum number of departments are inadvertently pocketed to men, there no one wants to see women standing to their shoulder high. The mountains have been broken by several women but still, this very pebble appears frequently from nowhere.

"How do you manage your life?"

Earlier, I hardly racked my brain over this question. But somehow, it slugged my mind only few days back. When I diligently processed its answer, this question doesn't remain a matter of mirth anymore. Why not men are being asked such questions? Why not?

Think carefully and the answer becomes as clear as a hot afternoon sky. Because women have not been very much supported by their parents, husbands (and children, if any), in-laws or worse, their own developing thoughts. When she wants to achieve something, others tend to stop her nourishing with their support. It makes her life hard, emasculate her ability and exactly creating the very reason to vie for her own survival.

Whenever a woman has tried to do something along with managing a house, one or other problematic mind set keeps her in check making her life stifling over squanders while the same case is a chalk and cheese with men.

Men gets support from every possible direction; they get it from their wife, parents, children and others too. Hardly anyone think of not to support a breadwinner of the family. And this very reason makes a man's life a lot easier to get hold onto. With all the earth's support, he surely can do things easier than a woman. That is why, no one darts such question to a man.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

An evening with Preeti Shenoy

In my last post, I had talked about three cookies that had given me three different tastes. Find two of them here :: A meet with nature :: Nandhi hills.

At the end of the post, I had talked about the third cookie. This third cookie was a meeting with a renowned author Preeti Shenoy who was at Sapna Book House located on Residency Road in the evening. After meeting her, I realized it was worth going for and we relished the every chunk of the conversation.

If I talk about Preeti Shenoy, she has claimed three National Bestsellers in her kitty and her fourth book is recently launched. She has been thoroughly praised for her excellent story writing skills and her several interviews have been published in different newspapers. The occasion was to get indulged in a face-to-face conversation with her regarding her fourth book, The Secret Wishlist.

After coming back from Nandhi Hills at 3 PM at the same day, I was seriously looking forward to meet her. I have read her all three books and they are superb especially the third one 'Tea for two and a piece of cake'. I had a handful time with me for completing my household tasks after returning back from the tiring trip. I finished my all the tasks. Then I got my husband and kid ready for the event. I wasn't sure what would happen when I meet her. Mulling over such thoughts, we left home (again) at 5.45 PM. My husband was very tired because of the hectic day but still he got on foot for me so that I could meet the author.

I realized this fact and thanked him on the way. This Thanks note came out-of-blue for him and he wondered. But I told him Thank you is for taking me there especially then when his every bone was cracking with pain and shouting for some rest. He smiled and said he has to do what makes me happy. This event mattered to him too because of me. Little Thank Yous and Sorrys do not hurt. Instead, it makes the relationship stronger when your partner realizes that you acknowledge his/her importance and efforts s/he is putting in place for you.

When we reached at Sapna, Preeti Shenoy was already there with her husband Satish Shenoy. We went upstairs and found a place where she was sitting with some of her fans. I along with my husband and kid greeted her to which she replied warmly. I told her I am a big fan of hers and I have read her all the three books and I loved them especially the third one. She was happy to listen that and said Thank you. We also met her husband Mr. Satish Shenoy. Then we started the conversation and being a curious person, I asked few questions. When she came to know I own two blogs; one in Hindi and other in English; she was surprised to hear that. She appreciated me for this too. She herself is an avid blogger.

A meet with nature :: Nandhi Hills

If I address my last three days as a bag of mixed cookies, I'd not be wrong. Life is a bag inside which you get different sort of cookies (incidents) with verity of tastes (emotions). Some are sweet, some are salty, bitter sweet or some are just...tasteless. My last three days have been like three cookies that carried altogether a different taste from one another. First cookie I bit was quite bitter and I didn't like it at all. I met with an accident with my car. It's effect was horrible and I was dejected afterwards. It took time to let it go off me.

Second cookie was our jaunt to Nandhi Hills which was really sweet and relishing. We went there yesterday i.e. on Saturday and enjoyed its every bite. And something as wonderful as a pleasant trip needs to be entailed in my blog, of course. So here is how our Saturday started off and ended with a great note.

Nandhi hills is situated almost 67 kilometers away from Bangalore city and it is in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. We (I, Sumit and Ashmit) woke up at 4 AM and left our home at 5.30 by our car. When we came on road, we observed mist and fog around. I was surprisingly amused to see this because Bangalore hasn't been successful in giving away a chilly experience so far this season. In day time, its hot and in evenings, it's very pleasant. Anyways, it was wonderful to have a foggy atmosphere. With the help of Sumit's best road companion Google maps, we reached there at around 7 (in just one and half hours). There were lots of hair pin bends during the journey which we thoroughly enjoyed by doing some hooting whenever our car took a steep turn. Nandhi hills is loaded with mountains, tress, shrubs and the scenic beauty that you can get an idea from from the below pic ::

Pic from the car

Thursday, 10 January 2013

A very very bad day :((

I don't feel like writing today yet I am doing the same. Writing is not just some thing I do when I am happy or normal; it helps me to absorb my sorrow too. It is cathartic you know. Today I met with an accident and because of that I am very very sad, not able to cope up with my own fear. Details aren't necessary to scratch here. What important here is :: I am trying to release my stress with the help of my blog and I don't expect anyone to read this post. If you don't, I will be happy because this way I wouldn't be infecting you with my sad heart and gloomy face. I am talking with my blog to help my own self, as usual.

Personally everything is normal but meeting with an accident on the road today had made me vulnerable. I was driving my car and met with an huge (at least for me) accident while hitting it to the other car damaging my car's bumper from one side. Instantly I knew it was my carelessness that led me to this trouble because I know how to drive a car and I drive regularly. Initially I was so boggled that somehow I got back to home and couldn't hold onto myself and cried like hell. I cried incessantly for around half an hour. It was so difficult for me to come out of that accident. My car is hit. The damage is not too much but I am simply not able to withstand with it. I am fine but my car is not. It happened first time with me and as we all know, first is always the most effective. I cried, cried and cried. But now I feel better because stock of the tears are done and my eyes are dry now. But still, I am not all okay from inside. 

Initially I tried to search 'How to keep yourself happy in trouble times' kind of articles on the internet but I realized those kinda stuffs aren't going to help me in any way. Or the things that I already know to elate one's self. But that will not help me either. It is ME who can help. But I am helpless. I feel sad and want to curl up myself inside the blanket for the rest of the day. Such emotions appear when you are scared and don't want to go out. Yes!! I am scared and don't want to get out of my home, especially on the roads. It's something like a cowardice act but it doesn't matter that it has consumed me. It will take sometime to dissolve my own fear, crystallize it and then spit it out of my system. Then only I guess I can regain my lost confidence. Thankfully, my beloved husband is with me and instantly left his office when he heard about the accident. He reached to me asap and comforted me like a baby (because I was shedding endless columns of tears like one). He soothed my sinking heart and tried his best to make me feel better. He is really a bliss to me. Later I assured him of my well being and sent him back to the office. I don't want him to get any work related trouble either.

I don't know yet how to uplift myself. May be the time will do this but time also needs sometime to do its job. So I am handing over the time, sometime to make me feel better and normal.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sunitha Krishnan TED Talk Video

Few days back I had talked about Sunitha Krishnan's TED talk in one of my posts and I said the time I find it, I will share it here. It is a very powerful talk coming from a lady who has got power in her thoughts. The post was :: A father teaching his child about respecting women

And the video that inspired or bound me to write something on prostitution, sex slavery, human trafficking and human rights violation is this ::

DO watch it. It will make you realize talking on such topics sitting in air conditioner is as easy as a cake walk but following the same on its own terms is something that can bring tears in the eyes and blisters to your soul.

Love yourself for what you are!!

It is hard sometimes...isn't it? Your anger keeps you isolated; your not-very-grown-up thoughts makes you look immature among people; sometimes people's reaction towards you make you feel like 'Oh! How come I did this?' or may be your own personality makes you feel negative towards your own self. You think taller people looks amazing because you are short heightened; you find your wheatish complexion a million times less attractive than fairer ones; your bulging body makes you feel standing last in the crowd; your heavy/high pitched voice is not very soothing to other's ears;  your some habits are annoying at your workplace or if not the people, YOU are the one hating certain aspects of your own self. All in all, in some or other way you think you are not a person that can be loved even by your own heart.

If what I have said above is right in the smallest corner of your heart, I will strongly request you first to listen the video I am giving below. Lyrics is also given to make it more working and effective. Play the video, let it buffer for a while and then start listening along with scrolling down for the lyrics. DO NOT MISS a single word of this song (For maximum benefit, use the earphones) which is popularly known as :: Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen or just Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann.

Monday, 7 January 2013

A song struck in the cords of my heart

Today I was feeling like Titanic; not romantic but as a sinking ship. Yes! I was not feeling my best today. Bas yun hi (no reason). I am also entitled to feel like a dot sometimes...isn't it? :)

Anyways, I tried to do things that could elate me up to an extent. My husband was busy with more work today in comparison of the previous days. So he couldn't talk to me on phone to listen my sad story of the day. So I had to come for my own rescue. After mulling over things, I left my work and took a break. Don't know why but a song was surprisingly struck into the cords of my heart. I played it on my laptop and kept listening over and over. It isn't a sad one (as you are thinking). It is a romantic song from a Bollywood flick Tanu Weds Manu and the song is 'Yun hi' or 'Kitne dafe'. Despite being a romantic number, the singer's voice (Mohit Chauhan) was very soothing to my sad heart. His voice, lyrics of the song, music and its beats, rhythm etc. entire melody was chiming into my heart.

There was one more song which managed to ring into my ears for several times. That one is corresponding with my sad story means it is a sad number from another Bollywood flick called 'New York' and the song name is 'Tune jo na kaha'.

Once you know things that can soothe you at times of troubles, it becomes easier to deal with yourself.

Later on, I took a break from my work and watched cartoons with my kid (Yesss!! Cartoons). I love cartoons too and I watch Doraemon, Chhota Bheem, Ben 10 and my most favorite Oggy and the cockroaches sometimes.
I played Temple Run on my iPod.
Then I finished my left over tasks like cooking etc. very quickly and before the usual time and I finally got some golden time with me. I wasn't feeling very much for writing but I finished my self assigned writing work (not my blog). I feel better now while writing this post. And yess...I am still listening 'Yun hi' mentioned above. :)

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Can I ask you a personal question ma'am?

Today a funny and cute thing I did with a teacher when we went to attend our son's PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) this morning. We had our breakfast and left for the PTA at around 9.40 AM. There we had to meet his class teacher first followed by the teachers of other subjects.

So we met his class teacher and asked about my kid's progress. I had the exam papers of in my hands pertaining to the last two terms. She was thoroughly satisfied with my kid's performance. In fact, she did show me an answer of his on the paper which was done brilliantly by him. Needless to mention, I was satisfied listening this. Yes! I did realize after examining the papers that my son has done fairly well in the last term than first twos.

Then we went ahead to meet his Hindi and English subject teachers. They were also quiet happy with his progress and I was happier. Then we met his Maths teacher. She is cute and beautiful. Really. She is. When my turn came, I asked again the same question about my kid's progress and she answered the same thing what other teachers had. She was satisfied with his progress too. Then I asked her a question that took her off guard at first. Here is how our conversation went:

I (seriously): "Ma'am! If you don't mind, can I ask you a personal question?"

Ma'am (serious face loaded with curious expression): "Yes. Sure"

I: "Ma'am! This question may sound disturbing and irritating to you first but please be patient. I need to know this"

Ma'am (with a lot more seriousness on her face now): "Sure. I won't. Tell me"

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A father teaching his child about respecting women

Since few days I have been watching a pair of father-son talking on a topic that once was an alien subject to children. The father has been teaching his child about how to respect and love women in his life. He has been telling him for doing his best to not to tease or to say ill words to any woman he meet. He is not supposed to do so even if he feels anger beyond his limit. The father was saying all these things because of the recent enhanced number of crimes against women in India and he went sensitive after hearing about victims. The father simply doesn't want his child to be a kind of those criminal in the later phases of his life. He wants him to be a good and positive community person. He is teaching all these things because seeds of good habits can only be rowed in the childhood years and its fruits of respect, love, passion, sympathy and many others will be received later in his life. The child kept throwing endless arrows of questions to his father to which he got a satisfactory answers and he is now learning more about the importance of respecting women and others. I was touched to hear their conversations.

Today the father was telling his son how to take his stand when someone try to take his advantage physically. He taught him, "When someone touches you on your these body parts (showing him on his body) or try to kiss you on your lips, you WILL shout out loud. You will not tolerate this as these are very bad manners" and then he showed him how to shout in a loud voice. The son comprehended and followed the same. In short, the father was teaching his son about child abuse and how to protect himself when no one is around.

The father-son duo I am talking about here is not anyone else but it's my husband and my 6 year old son. Yes! A grown up father is talking to his 6 year old son on such topics. It's strange. Isn't it? Such subjects were a taboo in children's lives many years or centuries back. They didn't know what a child abuse is; they didn't know how his mother, sister or grandmother etc. can be molested or sexually harassed; they didn't know what does 'Sex', 'Molestation', 'Rape' etc. mean. But in today's date, the scenario is reversed. Now the children are getting more aware about these things. It is essential for them to know about such dreading concepts given the modified version of human's especially male's strange nature of brutality in taking pleasure.

Life is falling apart