Saturday, 28 December 2013

Things to pack from 2013

As this year is ready to pack things up while making a generous willing space for another fresh year, there are always so many memories attached to this year. And not just memories but also some gem like learning, mind boggling situations, inspiring anecdotes and many more memory butterflies flying round the corner. Let's talk about the things I am packing from this year's trip and what do I expect myself to do in the next one.

  1. Take things slowly. Let things unfold on their own.
  2. Live life as tomorrow never comes.
  3. Kill your enemies by turning them into friends.
  4. Love your partner often.
  5. Pursuit a challenging hobby.
  6. Make new goals and before you do that, make sure last year goals are ticked on the list.
  7. Travel often. Learn new culture and blend in easily.
  8. Read a lot. Make books your best friends.
  9. Get inspired and let someone inspired.
  10. Develop passion and dedication for your work. These will make the journey more enjoyable and less exhaustive.
  11. Reveal a secret. Don't be like an inflated balloon anymore.
  12. Get a mentor. Or better, be someone else's.
  13. Be curious, polite and gentle, little taciturn at times, and little rough too. All kind of emotions work favorably if used for the right moment.
  14. Spend more time with family. Give them also the opportune moment to say, "You are everything for us too".
  15. Learn the trend of new year. Blend in with the crowd but stand unique with your own style.
  16. Wear your stand. If you do this, a simple t-shirt will look fab on you.
  17. Do not try to impress people. More you try, less you will accomplish. Try to leave a lasting impression.
  18. 'When meet a celebrity, give them dignity and respect. They most deserve it.' I read these lines in a wonderful book recently.
  19. Boss is always right only if you are standing to his left. Change the side and put forward your ideas.
  20. Never fall for gossip. Words are strongest fly overs built by the most competent (and probably selfish) people.
  21. Learn to let go.
  22. Inhale positivism, spread in your blood but exhale all the negativism out of your system. 
  23. 5 things to never forget - Your parents/family, Friends, Work, Good memories, and Insult.
  24. Work like you have the craziest boss over the head but live like you are the craziest boss of your own life.
  25. Find something invaluable and make the year unforgettable. 2013 is unforgettable as I ventured on a journey called Authorship.
  26. Be the captain of your ship but load only those on the deck who will be there to hold the helm with you when it is needed.
  27. Drink one more glass of water every day.
  28. Value your work and yourself. If you don't, no one is gonna do it either.
  29. Watch beautiful movies and live the moment (or hours).
  30. Make sure lots of new things to do next year so that the bag will be full at its end.
If you are willing to add something in the list that might look useful for me or others, add it into the comment box. It will be good to take few things from your bag too!! :)

Happy New Year 2014. Enjoy the upcoming year.


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    1. Thank you, Jon! Because of you, I got to read one of my old posts. And it felt wonderful.


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