Monday, 2 December 2013

The Sunday mirage

What a relaxing day yesterday (Sunday) was! The day was over in a blink of an eye. It started with rush in the morning. There was annual day function in my kid's school and we had to drop him at the venue by sharp 8 am. The tragedy happened with me on this note. The previous night I set the alarm at morning 6 o'clock but I had forgotten that the alarm was only from Mondays to Saturdays. No Sundays. I forgot to change the day and that's why it failed to jolt me up in the morning. When I opened my eye lids, it was already 7.30! Oh gosh!! With double jolt, I got up hurriedly and instructed Sumit to get Ashmit wake up and ready. I washed my face and I ran into the kitchen. I did some speedy cooking and packed snacks and two water bottles in Ashmit's function bag (extra snacks and water bottles were the instructions we had received from the school). Finally when it was 5 to 8, Sumit went off to drop him. After coming back, we also got ready in haste and left for the venue. The function was scheduled to start by 9.30 and by the time we reached to the auditorium (where the function was held), it was jammed packed with promiscuous number of parents and guests. We sighed and somehow occupied two seats in the rear side of the crowd.

Finally the function commenced and our kid did really well. He was in a skit named Wisdom of Solomon and in a dance called The Fisherman's Frolic. We were ecstatic to see him performing so well in both. Finally we left the venue after the function finished off on the success note. We picked our lunch from outside and headed towards home. We had lunch and then we all three rest-seeking musketeers settled down on the bed to play the game Cluedo. Sumit bought it just yesterday and after rummaging through its long pages of rules, we finally got the clues how to play it and started playing. Gradually we picked the ropes and the game turned out to be a very interesting one. We played for twice and in between, we kept teasing each other, fought over the facts and giggled whenever the other person lost. All in all, it was wonderful to spend time with my family, as usual.

Then we, the fatigued family, wrapped up the game and slept wherever we were. It was a very relaxing to catch the nap after the hasty day. We all got up in the evening and then enjoyed the game again for thrice in which I won for twice, had delicious dinner with tea, talked and laughed like the happiest people on this earth and in the meanwhile, I finished reading one Hindi novel (Yes! I read Hindi novels too. I love them). There upon, we are now finally settled on the bed to sleep.

This way my Sunday passed as a super nice Sunday. Whole day I got to do something that I always love - spending time with my family with no tiresome responsibilities of outside work, got to see my kid's performance, spending wonderful time while playing games and yes! talking with no haste, no interruptions and absolutely no worries.

I said to Sumit that wouldn't it be so good that life keep going on such happy note? No tension for earning money and all. We would be sitting at home and enjoying life like this, playing games, enjoying food, talking with no end. He agreed. But we both know it is a mirage. There will always be something to worry about; to look after. Life will never let us sit back and enjoy the simmering sips of relaxation with such ease.

May be we humans are selfish enough to long for such mirages or such mirages turns humans into selfish creations. Who knows. All I know is that now has started another week and my kid is having holiday today (Monday). So I must sleep now so that I'd to be able to deal with his nuisances throughout the day.

So good night my dear readers. Think about something good that makes you happy and dreams will surely personify them after you shut your droopy eyes.

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