Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Learn to say NO

'Yes' is the word that is often considered as a very positive gesture. When someone needs a help, saying yes can probably be the best way to please. Where agreeing to do a task for others may crown you with a very positive and friendly person, right there can saying its rival 'No' makes you look like an unfriendly and cold individual? Does this two letter word 'No' has the power to label you as the person devoid of feelings towards others?

The answer may again fall on the lap of its opposite but I don't think that saying no to something can make you look all of a sudden ugly to someone. For me, it is utmost essential to consider your stand first because I believe in -

Your stand decides your direction.

If you think helping someone is good, it is indeed but up to an extent only. If someone just wants to nag you into something out of no reason or wants to keep you busy to fulfill his own tasks, or worse, if he really do not care whether you are in the position of helping, it is certainly best and wise to take your stand with a firm no. If you are not comfortable with helping someone, it is absolutely okay to deny it rather than doing it halfheartedly or with annoyance.

LEARN TO SAY NO as it will show that you are not available every time at everyone's dispense. LEARN TO SAY NO because you don't want another regret added into your kitty for doing something that doesn't suits you. Saying no is as important and as respectable as saying yes. So learn to take your stand and say no when the moment demands for it.

But where saying yes without even a hint of smile can please someone, there saying no with your best manner possibly evoke harsh feelings. Say no but with politeness and with a smile. If possible and required, explain why you are denying to help. Explanation will slice the further expectations and thus, will save the relationship you share with that needy person.

Sometimes it becomes tricky to say no. For example, if someone older to you asking for it and you are not at all able to help, it becomes hard to refuse out of respect. In such cases, try your best to help the person but if you still can not, express your discomfort with sharing the correct reason and try for someone else who can do the job. Choose appropriate words while denying because sometimes, older people fail to look beyond the curtain and may consider you irresponsible. Listening to the sincere words in polite manner enhance the chances of being understood correct.

You can not please everybody but if you are not pleased doing something, do not even try to please others. It may jeopardize you seriously. So be happy, keep an open heart and learn to take your stand.

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