Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How to deal with a nagging neighbour

If you have a nagging fighting-maniac neighbor next door then you can easily relate to my pain and if this neighbor happens to have a dog barking day in and day out, you can feel the loads of irritation coming my way any time and every time.

Neighbors...they are always imagined as a friendly next door people who not only share their space with you but also comes at rescue when you need them. Good neighbors become your another family out of your own. Having been blessed with a good friendly neighborhood is a bliss; something that we always wish for when we move somewhere.

But...our wish comes crashing when we encounter a troublesome recalcitrant people living next door. Before you realize what wrong you have done to them, they will come rushing only to drag you into a fight. The fight majorly consists of verbal accuses and high pitched voice insults. Whether you are innocent or merely a witness to someone else's fight, such neighbors always drag the rest of the word with them, including YOU.

Then how to deal with them? How to keep a distance from such people? How to avoid these petty but very serious unpleasant anecdotes in day to day life? Help is not far away only if you are willing to look for it. Let's share the points that can save you from such frustrating people i.e. nagging neighbors.

1. Find the source of their agitation. The source may lie at your court sometimes. You may have been keeping your television volume quiet high or your homely kids keep playing at their porch area all the time. Reason could be anything. May be it is others who are provoking their counteractive nature. Whatever the source is, search and try to tap it as much as you can.

2. Talk. This may sound little uneasy because people who are habitual of nagging all the time hardly opt for talking and that too, sane. If the problem persists for a long time, try to talk to them. Invite them over to your place or look for the suitable time when they are relaxing at theirs. Target is, catch them when they are in calm mode and then proceed to talk. Talk with polite words and do not jump straight onto the point. First start with normal chatting and then gradually come to the point. Your choice of words and the overall language should not sound like you are accusing them for something. Just say about your discomfort and how it is negatively affecting your daily life. Talk but with caution. That's the take away here.

3. Do not gossip. People come good and bad. There is no more saying in it. If your neighbor is nagging, try to not gossip about it to others, especially with the other neighbors. Words may reach from your mouth to their ears eventually. Think ahead and do not gossip much about it.

4. Keep yourself busy or learn to avoid. You just can not go every time over to their place and start complaining. Most of the time you have to keep yourself busy just to ignore the molten lava in your ears. Ignorance can be your savior at many spots.

5. Greet your neighbors. No matter how much you are irritated and pissed off because of their some habits, always greet them warmly. Greetings bring smile on the faces and smile melts hearts. And when hearts are melting between the two people, a good relationship takes into shape.

6. Help them. Do not isolate yourself from them. When they need some help, show some eagerness at this point. People who help and who do not are clearly remembered by everyone. Step up for some help and see the magic.

7. Try to learn about whether they have any issue. Sometimes people are not naturally trouble shooting guns. Some certain circumstances turn them into so. Unfortunate I know. If you think your nagging neighbors are dealing with some issue, try to help them at this front but only if you have spare time and enough courage to do so. Most of the time, people think 'It's their private matter. I am not supposed to poke my nose in it' sort of things. It's your choice.

8. Do your best not to fuel the fire. Reaction to any action is common. If your neighbors are fighting with you, it is normal to feel provoked and munch some retorts in mouth. I will say do your best to not to pick a fight with such people but if situation isn't looking promising, then my best wishes are with you.

9. Move out. Easier said then done, I know. If the problem continues for a long time and there is nothing left that can be done to ease your misery, move out. Few months back my downstairs neighbors moved out because of one of my niggling neighbor and her dog. Move to some other peaceful place and enjoy the life.

10. Learn from them. Yes! You heard it right. But how can a nagging neighbor be a teacher? Anyone can be a teacher my dear friend. You can learn from them how not to be like them. Right? See them and take a vow that you will never ever become such miff loving, people hating and relationship breaking individual in your life. Every person comes with a lesson in your life. Some teaches good things and some teaches bad. The thing is, learn from every one of them and pick the best for you.

Ten tips I guess are fair enough to help you out. If these are also not enough, drop in your comment below. I will certainly be proved as your friendly neighborhood. (Chuckle)


  1. priyanka, my neighbours are very nagging. We do talk to each other but when it come to any issue they just cant be polite to resolve it and simply ring door bell and moment u open the door they start fighting away.
    Dont know how to handle them? They expect favour from us on any issue and never ready to offer theirs.
    They literally suck.

    1. It's a misery to have such neighbors especially when they are the ones we usually depend on challenging situations. Anyway, try to talk to them and if the issue still persists, try avoiding them.

      You can't be everyone's cup of tea. So avoiding is also fine.


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