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Guest post by Maya from It's Never Too Late

Hello everyone! I am Maya and delighted to write a guest post on my best friend Priyanka's wonderful blog titled as Pages From My Life.

First of all, I wish you all Merry Christmas. I also hope the upcoming year adds new glint to your hopes, success and to all those things that you wish to accomplish. Happy New Year.

Just day before yesterday I got back in Bangalore, the city I so deeply love and where my home resides. Over Christmas greetings, Priyanka asked me to write a guest post on her blog. I am delighted to talk to all of you. Priyanka has told me how much love so many people have showered on me in a very less span of time. I am delighted and thankful for your blessings and wishes. Please keep them coming on my way :)

As requested by Priyanka, I am not supposed to reveal much about me or my life but there are few fronts on which I am free to talk about. As you all know, I am an Indian Institute of Kanpur (IITK) alumnus. During my studies, I came across Rajat (who is my husband now). Things then went on smoothly and we both got jobs in a wonderful city called Bangalore. If I tell you one secret {don't tell it to Priyanka. She will kill me (wink)}, I had never imagined that the guy whom I was meeting for the first time would become my husband. In fact, we both took many classes together but never happened to talk to each other. But life has its own magical ways. It sprinkles some unexpected seasonings on our ways to make every turn relishing. And today when I am married to him, I realize marrying him was the best decision in my life. Rajat is always supportive, loving, caring and amiable towards me. I still see my best friend in him.

Then life took a swift turn and our daughter, Sejal, stepped into our busy lives. The moment she arrived, the whole world blurred past ourselves. Nothing mattered to us but her. Becoming parents would be so much livelier, we had never imagined. Now Sejal is five year old and I feel like she is indeed the naughtiest kid in town. She hardly listens to us. Always busy with her dolls and doll houses. When I chide her, she finds her father on rescue. Rajat dotes on her so much that my wishes often sit back. He madly love her. He just can never imagine his life without his little daughter. She will always be the love of our lives. She is like a sun around which our life planets are revolving in happy orbits.

Degree from a prestigious organization like IIT Kanpur, job and home in Silicon city of India, Bangalore, married to the best friend and proud parent of a sweet kid; such life easily resembles to a fairy tale. Right? Yes. It does. For me too. My life was perfect with little natural ups and downs. Life otherwise was flawless; like a pleasant never ending journey. Rajat and I both had woven our future dreams with so much love and care. Nothing could dash it down. Nothing.

Or so we believed.

A storm changed our lives altogether at one night that shattered our dream of a happy life ever after. One incident clutched my senses tightly and hurled me to the reality. At one horrible night, I was crying for help, begging for mercy while I kept seething with pain. That night when two criminals barged into my house with the intention know well...raping me.

That night I was alone with my daughter. Rajat was out of town. I was not on my best health. I was sick since a while. Rajat's absence had made me highly vulnerable, adding fuel to the fire. When those criminals were trying to enter, I was jolted. Precisely at that moment, for the first time in my life, I realized I had been living into a denial. I always thought or better say, decided my happy life was an edict to stay hassle free. No crime to bar my way ever. But it is not true. Isn't it? Anything can happen to anyone but still, we all live in denial.

When those petty criminals were harassing me, I was shivering with anger. When they were touching me, I felt a volcano inside me for how dare they could do this to me. But I was helpless. I could not call for help. I was strapped like a poor deer with two beasts.

That night still sends me shiver down my spine. It still hurt to remember all the details. I still feel stuck somewhere back at that night although so many years had passed away. I am not supposed to give you much details about that night. For that, you will have to read my story, beautifully and skilfully scripted as in It's Never Too Late by Priyanka Baranwal.

Many people may think of the very obvious consequence happening with me on that unfortunate night but life, again, has its own ways to show its magic. You will have to read the book as sometimes, we get something out-of-the-box, very unexpected yet very genuine and very natural to its course.

My story It's Never Too Late is not only about that night but it is also about the life afterwards when the real struggle starts. People around change their perspective. People start to drift away. People start to see you as a victim but not as a fighter. Real life actually starts after such incident. You come to terms with the biggest enemy of your life, Fear. Fear of those horrible memories. Fear of losing yourself over and over again. Fear of losing your family. Fear of so many whats, whys and hows. You face only fear; in big chunks wrapped in different situations.

Life afterwards was never easy. Rajat and I had to face a lot. I possibly can never thank him enough to be the angel of my life. For loving and respecting me so much. I love him and that's pretty much sums up my feelings to him.

If I was the only one attacked on that night, life may be, would be little easier to deal with but I had Sejal with me, sleeping soundly in the other room. She was terrible after that night. She all the time lived in a sort of child's trauma. She was deeply scared. I afraid she still is.

Life was not easy but as Priyanka has said it in the book,

Gaining control over one's own mind plays the trick. If you can control what you think or what you see, you can easily decline the affect of any situation, whether positive or negative.

Life eventually came around. Life is with peace now but can it really be at 100% peace? With no tickle in the brain of that night? With no trace of the brutality I had faced? No. Life can hardly be at complete peace let alone imagining it as one happy ever after fairy tale.

My story is not an extra-ordinary tale but the struggle I have faced makes it so. With sincerity and humbleness, I will say the struggle I had to face can be an example to many girls and women out there. And not only for them but anyone can get the strength within. Never think you are alone. YOU are with you always. Never think it's too late but think...

It's Never Too win the battle against your biggest enemy : Fear

Thank you for spending a lovely time with me. You are a one such wonderful reader. I hope you to buy the book and read my story. If you happen to like it, don't forget to tell Priyanka and me. We will be more than happy to receive your kind words.

Enjoy the video and have a great evening ahead.

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