Monday, 23 December 2013

Enjoy life - A one-way drive

If there is one thing unchangeable, that is the change itself. It never changes it nature.

Like the below picture says it all, life is a one way drive and this drive happens for only once. So why not making this one lifetime drive a happy and pleasant one in its truest sense? It is not hard to do so though. You just need few things like the best companion, a good car that runs on pretty good tyres and a stock of food to survive.

When travelling with someone who promises to be at your side at every turn and every fall, the ride automatically becomes a lot easier. No worries driving on the back seat, no stress heating up the engine and certainly no annoying people bursting your tyres out. If you are one lucky person to enjoy your life ride with such ease and envy, it would be highly recommended if you enjoy every moment too. No two moments are alike. One can be happy and the other can be happier or uglier but not the two moment you will find similar. 

They say life is too short to enjoy. I say, life is long enough to steal handful precious moments. But truly speaking, it doesn't matter what anyone says. The thing that matters is, what do you think, how you take on your life and how much better driving you know. I have a good car but in earlier driving days, I have generously crafted few scratches and one blow (first car comes with no guarantee you see). Technically one can say I am a terrible driver. But I am saying I am not. Why? Because I now come with experience. Once a mistake is done and analyzed, there is no point in repeating it. I drive good now. 

The same way life goes on. If you know a particular thing has the power to hurt you, take a detour and find something that can cheer you up. When you want pizza but you get a burger instead, pack it anyway. When hunger cramps hit you, the same burger tastes much better than pizza. When you bump on a hurdle, learn to take life slowly and get over the thing. In short, life is a one-way drive. Either get a fabulous car and the best company to enjoy the ride or make sure you have a parallel road on which you can hop on anytime to make the ride better and hassle free.

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