Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Before saying goodbye 2013 - A New Year poem

Before saying goodbye to 2013...
Let's cherish what it has given us.
May be a sharp pain that may take a lifetime to immerse;
May be a bouncing happiness that still makes you smile;
May be a stone tragedy that's hard on you to allow moving on further;
May be a supple love that is enough to surpass all the feelings;
May be an eternal friendship holding you in every sinking and bouncing moment;
May be a teary loss that you will always regret;
May be a stuffy gain that will lure you throughout the coming year;
May be a vivid vision of where you will land after a long journey;
But whatever it is, embrace 2013 once again with all your love and passion,
As it has taught you with so many feelings,
so much learning, mischief, so many laughter and so much tears;
But the most important is...
It never left you even for a moment while so many others might have done.
A loving goodbye to 2013,
and a welcome ode for 2014...

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