Thursday, 14 November 2013

You do what you want to do!

Today is rather a dull day for me. Why? No reasons actually. I am allowed to feel all the turbulence of life like you all do. I slept and couldn't write today except for this post. But that's okay for me. Not everyday is equal, I believe.

So in the evening and out of boredom, I switched on TV and started to flip through the channels in the anticipation of I might get something of my interest to watch. Fortunately I got a good movie to watch on the channel Romedy Now. This channel shows good soft movies that are fusion of Romance plus Comedy. The movie I stumbled upon was Waitress. It was already started nonetheless I started watching through the middle. After sometime, I realized it was a good movie indeed.

The lead actress, named Jenna, was in an extremely unhappy marriage and wanted to get rid of her husband but she didn't have enough courage to do so. She also happened to be a wonderful Pie maker. Her handmade pies were loved by everyone. She was sort of star in this pie making section. When I started watching the movie, Jenna was going through her pregnancy and much to her chagrin added to her failed marriage, she was having an affair with her doctor, Dr. Pommettar (I guess the spelling is right according to the movie). The actor that played doctor is really handsome. I like him a lot even though I don't know his real name. Anyways, things started to roll up and down. Jenna wanted to run away from her husband and to win The US Pie contest at the same time. Twist was, if she didn't win the contest, she wouldn't be having the money to run her life. Interestingly, Jenna didn't want baby at all but she couldn't abort it just like that. But as life never fails to give you some happy surprises occasionally, things worked out in her favor. Not just the world became more beautiful than ever for her when she saw her child for the very first time and that gave her enough courage to ask for divorce to her nuts husband but also, she received a generous gift of stupendous money from one of her customers (The customer was old and he was a fan of her pies).

When Jenna got discharged from the hospital, she decided it was wise to end up her affair with Dr. Pommettar and she did. Later on, she opened her own restaurant named after her sweet little hope of her life, the daughter she named as Lulu's. Also, she did win The US pie contest and claimed 1st prize.

Jenna did what she always wanted to. Her life pivoted around her daughter from the moment she came in her life. At last, she found herself happiness and at peace that every one of us craves for.

I smiled and cried during so many scenes. But I felt better when the movie ended up on a positive happy note. I don't like sad endings. Bad relationships, sad endings, hopeless people, reckless behavior, and crazy disoriented thinking...I don't feel good about any of these.

During the breaks in the movie, commercials about other movies coming on that channel were casting. In one of those movies, it said,

"Everyday try to smile for five minutes. After a while, it will come naturally"

Though one can agree but I couldn't stop wondering on how a forged smile is capable of bringing a natural one. Yes! smiling makes you feel better but still, a forced unnatural smile, I guess, is hardly capable of giving surface to a natural smile. Happiness begets happiness. A true one on that note. 

And yes! I do feel better now.


  1. Wow!! all your articles end with a positive note and I always end up smiling and being more optimistic. I liked this line a lot "Everyday try to smile for five minutes. After a while, it will come naturally" I will try to follow it .

  2. Thank you! A positive feedback encourages me.
    And if you are trying that 'five minute smiling' thing, let me know whether you got a real one at the end. it'd be helpful :)

  3. bhabhi ji tusi gr8 ho :)
    thanks a ton for the lovely writing. keep on writing these good blogs :) :)

    1. Haha...Thank you Vikas. Agar sanu great hain to tusi b kam naa ho...
      Keep encouraging me like this.


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