Thursday, 28 November 2013

Welcome to the writers' world

How easy is for the people to humiliate others? How well thought and a well planned strategy it can be for others to suck all the positivism that you have? How hurt you can be when someone accuses you of stealing their ideas while they have always been your own, as close as your heart is? I am just amazed at it and not only amazed but shocked...extremely shocked. I feel to go to such people and teach a lesson so that they don't get even a slightest of a chance to do it with others.

I am on the verge of release of my book. Things are finally settling down and a little more time and bang! I will be an author and I am so happy about it but last evening...last evening I encountered some hippocrates who better mind to ruin other's peace and dignity. Some people suddenly started to accuse me for stealing their ideas of their cover design and the title. I just couldn't believe it. My work is sincerely authentic and I have worked so hard on it. And not just me but also my cover designer and publishers have put their best efforts in to this. But I guess, that's another harsh way of learning.

Thankfully my publishers are with me and things got sorted out easily. I am doing much better now. If I ask why few people do it then I'd be mad of course. People have this tendency to suck up to other's work and make it a publicity stunt...a cheap one on that note. If your work is genuine and you believe in your work then how come you require such sort of stunts to add up to your sales? I have always believed in my work. I know that my novel It's Never Too Late will do positive and people will simply love it. I have faith in my work but I am not like those people who start faking on others and gaining their friends' and colleagues' respects and sympathies out of the selfishness and mockery of human feelings. I am just not like that.

Night was ruined. I couldn't sleep because of those worrisome pills such people gave me. Morning was also kind of screwed up but I have 24x7 support of my husband so thankfully I am doing a lot better now. I get to know couple of things in the field of writing like book titles can not be copyrighted and no one can raise an issue about it but if someone does, he or she may face legal issues for harassing others as well. I am relaxed and that's really wonderful. But learning process was painful. I seriously wish for such people to get the habit of minding their own businesses and leaving the rest of the planet with peace and ethics.

I am smiling now and a smile is all needed to move on with silly unpleasant things in my life. All I can say to me is -

Welcome to the writers' world, baby!


  1. some people are sadist and mean so don't get upset by these elements as these are not meant any thing to you. people who know you would always support you no matter what so ignore these as you did and keep on doing the good things you are doing. good luck bhabhi ji welcome to real world :P ::)

    1. Yeah. Very rightly said Vikas. Welcome to real world. I was shocked but now I am perfectly fine. Family's and friends' support means a lot to me and when you guys say 'I am with you', I feel elated. Thank you for being there at each point. :)


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