Friday, 15 November 2013

Smart 5 minute breaks from work

Half n hour ago I have returned from outside. I roamed for almost four hours but still I feel fresh. I feel good and rejuvenated. I went outside with my kid and we had lunch at KFC. Unfortunately, McDonald was closed for some reasons. But KFC is also delicious. Then I did shopping. I bought more for my husband and my kid. You may amaze at it but I love to shop for my family. Anyways, it was altogether a very nice refreshing experience or say, a well deserved break from my hectic schedule.

Now that I am relaxing on my sofa and writing this post, it certainly feels good. There is also an amusing smile on my face. Aren't we all deserving to have some quick breaks from our rounds the clock staggering schedule? Don't we all need some solutions that can entice freshness as well as spark a level of achievement also? Yes! We do. We all do need such short breaks.

Read below to get acquainted with such pauses that not only keeps a check on your crumpling mood but also gives you a fresh taste of living a good life.

Tea reminds me of a break.
Take a break.

Listen songs

Best thing I guess. Mood is off, ran into a miff, fought with spouse, ugly boss, no promotion, kids tension, car accident or whatever is wrong with you, just take your gadget out and listen some soothing songs. Music helps you relax your stressed muscles and nerves. If not gadgets, croon then. Singing is also a good break.


I know that in some of my previous articles I have vividly stated that gossiping is bad for health and career too. Today I am saying, go for gossips. Gossips incite your curiosity and hence, they fill you in with energy. When you listen something that wraps your attention spirally, your mind naturally forgets about your dull mood. It gets distracted and that's exactly the goal we want to achieve here. But be careful while gossiping. Do gossips but in a good way, not to hurt someone. Words have their own fly overs and from which point they can travel to which destination, you can never control. So do some positive healthy gossips.

Eat or Drink

One of my favorites. I love eating. Eating what you love gives you happiness by deftly replacing your sinking mood. Be on your guard what you eat. I say eat but try not to pick highly sugary or too salty items. Your target is your off track mood, not your tummy. So pick light things like two pieces of chocolate, a sandwich or some juice. Healthy eating encourages healthy mood.


When you are stressed, take a walk for five minutes. Walking relaxes your tensed muscles and infuses you with fresh air. Fresh oxygen when regulated in your nerves cleanses your nerves and makes your blood circulation better. This way, you feel good. And to get more fun out these dinky five minutes, take a walk with your loved one.

Watch a video

Watch a short length funny video. When our minds are engaged into something fun and if we happen to smile at the same time, we get distracted at the drop of a hat and there, stress will say bye bye.


Play guitar or piano or make a sketch; do whatever you like. A tryst with your hobby plus music is a perfect combo of dealing with those ugly hassle. But if you are playing guitar with perfection and binding tune, don't forget to call me.

Shower love

Not on everybody, of course. Only on your spouse or your loved friend. A good hug, a tender kiss or just holding each other for sometime can toss your worries out of the window. And if you can't do it because you are in office or are away from him or her, send a love message. The effect of love messages you already know I bet.


Stretch your body for five minutes and see the difference. You will feel better because of enhanced blood circulation.


Not just my blog but also other things like magazines, news papers, comics, or books/novels. Reading (even if it is during only short breaks) engages your mind and lets you enter into a new world and we all know that travelling is so much better for all of us to call off those unpleasant moments.

Take a catnap

Doze for few minutes. It will help you to resuscitate those dead interests or uplifted mood. Recommended - Do not sleep in the office or at your work.

Take a smart nap, I meant.


I hope this five minute post reading has also cheered up your mood. Do above when you are stressed and if you do something else to perk your day up, don't forget to drop those keys below. :)

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