Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mornin' when I couldn't sleep

Yesterday I made it official that I am An Author now. Official because I have revealed it now otherwise the process was being churned since a while and on Diwali occasion, I found it's time to tell my little secret. The response I have received is tremendous; very unexpected. My Author page and novel page It's Never Too Late both have managed to gain 53 and 42 Likes respectively in less than just one day!!! It is huge and so very flattering. Yes! I expected good response but the whooping numbers have certainly bowled me over.

Thank you everyone, for visiting my pages and considering them worth to Like and sharing the same on your timelines. I DO realize the huge expectations now laid on my shoulders. I will do my best to comply with them. Thank you once again!

Yesterday was majorly nailed with rounds of nail biting and frequent Facebook visits. I and my husband Sumit both worked till late night. We were thrilled to see the response to my pages actually. Then we slept after talking to my parents and wishing them Happy Diwali. I slept soundly but somehow I got up in wee hours. When I opened my eyes, it was still dark outside. I gathered it was either late night or early morning. I tried to sleep but the train of thoughts didn't allow me so. For say about initial ten minutes, I didn't bother to check on time  and tried to sleep but later I had to give up at my attempts. I picked my mobile and checked on time. It was 5. Really early morning. Then I opened my facebook account much like a child who has received a jar full of chocolates and can't help it to count all of'em over and over again. I noticed there were few more likes on my pages and some comments too were hanging loosely on the board. I gave away couple of comments. It was crazy for me doing so in such odd hours. I have never done it before. But I guess, history will repeat itself for the next few months, if not less.

I lied down again; still far away from the golden doze of sleep. I couldn't help myself thinking about all those sleepless nights that I had spent thinking, munching and chewing over my novel characters and the whole plot. I ruminated how it was almost impossible for me to get even a catnap in those nights though I was so darn tired. I had literally stopped sleeping during the day time so that I could get some at night but as they say, 

Dreams are not those that come after you sleep. Dreams are those that never let you sleep. 

And so the same happened with me. I have stared helplessly at the ceiling fan for a long time, looked out of the bedside window only to witness lamp lights piercing the darkness of the night and enviously watched over my kid and my husband for how easily they were enjoying the luxurious and notorious baby sleep. No matter how hard I tried, my characters never let me sleep. It's indeed amazing to face such situation but sometimes it was highly frustrating.

But I had no qualms, no regrets and absolutely no grievance even at that time for I know, no destination can be won over without hurdles, no goal can be achieved without facing troubles; no dream can be made true without having own share of struggles. Now I am just waiting for the day of my book launch and I hope I will get to see my first creation in my hands soon and when it happens, exactly on that day I will give away a complete semblance of my entire journey till my first novel. You will find it intriguing, I am sure 'bout it.

Life is indeed a bed of roses only if you accept it with thorns. I have accepted several and now is the time to wait for the fragrance of my book pages. 


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.