Monday, 4 November 2013

I am An Author now!!

And it's official. I am An Author now and my novel is It's Never Too Late. As much as I am happy to announce it to the world today, I feel like jumping with joy. I am very happy to finally have a ground for my own where I can travel with another huge identity.

So here are the details ::

My Facebook Fan page ::

My Novel It's Never Too Late ::

Go, visit the pages and kindly hit LIKE and SHARE as much as you can.

The journey till this point has been quiet and quite interesting. I will tell it here on the day of my book launch. Till then, you have to wait. But I assure you, the waiting will be worth, if not the least. :)

Other details will be revealed soon. Till then, Enjoy and wish me luck my dear readers. I need it :)

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