Thursday, 7 November 2013

DIY when life gives you lemons

When life becomes gruesome, what to do? When you are dumped by the very unexpected turns of situations, which direction should you head for? In other words, what to do when life gives you lemons while you have a sweet tooth? I can easily take an oath on - take the help from your friends or family or both but what if no one is around? Or worse, if everyone is around but their presence merely equals a physical sting? Every eye and ear is sealed and shut for your tears, cries and mourns. You are soaked fully in displeasing emotions that you can't handle entirely on your own and to make the situation worse, people around you don't bother to check on you either.

Very bitter lemons.  Right? If I have learnt anything in life then it is that life is everything but easy. Life is like a parasite that totally, absolutely and helplessly lives on your perspective. It eats only what you feed it. If you feed it positivism, enthusiasm and smiles, it looks good and vice versa. When no one is around, it is still stuck with you. It sucks during such phase. But even at that time, your very same perspective comes at your rescue. Your DIY tool, Do-It-Yourself strategy can save you from wrecking havoc onto your own self!

DIY when life gives you some raw lemons is not easy to plan but nothing is impossible. Few quick fixes and some life saving glues can work wondrously, only if you know what to use when and how. Follow the procession below to deal with hardest phases of life.


Talk. Make conversations.

I have faced some really tough times in my life and during those moments I wanted someone, anyone with whom I could talk on anything. Whether, cartoons, crockery, shoes, home, internet, even bed bugs were fine with me. I craved to babble on anything. I just wanted to TALK and when ever I got it, it had helped me up to a considerable extent.

So the moral of the story is, don't lock yourself within the four walls. Come out of your self built inferno and make conversations. Talking can spare the moments from hanging idle and thus, curdling onto your thoughts like noxious germs.


Only a reader can jellify what it is to read. For me, book reading is a haven where I lock myself and travel with many new people to newer places; places where I crave to go; places where I'd like to go again and again. Sometimes I find questions that churn my head but many a times I find solutions to some of the problems. 

Reading opens up the jammed locks of your mind. It oils the window sills so that they can open to a new greener world that consists good stuffs like hope. Taking a sneak peek of other's world through books brings you myriad of engaging things. When no one is around you, don't somersault only for a physical presence. Pick a book as your miraculous DIY. It will give you exactly what you want and sometimes more than you have ever expected.

Think positive.

I'd be a fool if I tell you to think positive even though I know it is an impossible job to think straight when nothing good is happening around. There is no way through which positivism can knock at your door only to get disappointment from the other side. But okay! Call me a fool because I'll still say, whatever happens, always and forever think positive, be positive and stay positive. Wrap up yourself with the invisible cloak of positivism.

I'll tell you why I am saying it. Once the great king Akbar summoned to his favorite courtier Birbal. Birbal was a quick witted person and it is said that he had solutions to almost all of the issues. Akbar asked Birbal to tell him that one sentence which can be said in both the situations, good and bad, without making any changes. Being skilled with words, Birbal replied,

"This time shall pass"

When you are deep in troubles, think above. No time stays still. It passes with itself, the time. Also, being positive begets positivism and good times.

DO something.

An empty mind is a devil's workshop. Don't let the predicaments do the same with you. DO something, anything that can engage your mind; that can put you in thoughts leaving no room for useless doubts and questions. Sitting idle is anyway not recommended and when you have lots of ugly grievances about life, you have got to get on your foot.

Read my one post on HOBBIES. Hobbies are also great pirates to steal your worries and tension.


This one I always love to do, not only when I am stressed but also when I get some free time and my car (if my husband is not using it) in hand. Travelling no doubt keeps you busy. Lots of things, places, people, culture, and not to forget versatile cuisines are more than enough to keep you at bay from your troubles. It all helps you to distract from unwanted thinking and keeps you on right track. Travel as much as possible. It makes you curious and thus, causes your body to release hormones that help you relax.

If you live in a little town or you can't afford to travel much, fret not. Books are your saviors, again. They can be your secret bunch of skeleton keys from which you can open any door of pleasure and happiness.

Give yourself a makeover.

I am not kidding. Give yourself a happy makeover and see the magic. I know that when we are stressed, we hardly feel like going to salon or shops let alone giving ourselves a new look. Trying out a new look, a different hairstyle, or adding a couple of good clothing brings back lost confidence. You feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror. Your beautiful reflection will fill you with the confidence. The feeling of having something NEW and that too of your own choice adds that much required energy and good thinking on your palate.


Where your mood goes melodramatic during the tough phase, choices pertaining to the music type shift too. Listening sad slow songs resemble the sinking mood and every time you feel like staying in the same stupor for a little more, only to get sunk like Titanic at the end of the day. Do yourself a favor and storm out of the sulking ambiance. Try to listen songs that send happy vibes. Rock or pop may not do the required job. You can also try your hands on instrumentals. Instruments when played in a rhythm leaves a peaceful serene effect on your soul.

In short, music can be your another DIY that can help you do better during tough times.


Keep a journal of your little secrets. If you are not fond of writing, still try it. Writing finds a conduit that lets your eerie feelings pass out of you. Writing helps you a lot when there is absolutely no one to listen to your calls and shouts. Write about your feelings but don't forget to add some positive note at the end. For example,

"I feel sad today as I tried my parents/friends to listen to me. But they couldn't understand what I want to say. It sucks but I hope one day, this will all be over and good times will come to me. I am waiting for that day"

Ending your thoughts on a positive note stitches your heart wounds surreptitiously. You will not realize it but the sub cautious mind takes notice of how you think or behave every moment in your life. If you think positive at the end of the day, you feed your soul with some nutrition and this way, you mentally become healthy.

Try the above DIY tools and cease the day. You can do it, you know.


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.