Friday, 29 November 2013

It's Never Too Late Cover

I am delighted to present my book It's Never Too Late's cover here. It gives me immense pleasure as to finally reveal it. Hope my readers will love it as much as I do and will look forward to read this. The book will hit the bookstores and online forums (like Flipkart, Amazon etc.) very soon. Just have a little more patience and the fruit will be delicious.

Million of thanks goes to my publisher Srishti Publications and cover designer Wasim Helal. They have put enormous efforts to bring it on board.

Front cover

End to end cover

Don't forget to drop in your comment below about how much it appeals you :)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Welcome to the writers' world

How easy is for the people to humiliate others? How well thought and a well planned strategy it can be for others to suck all the positivism that you have? How hurt you can be when someone accuses you of stealing their ideas while they have always been your own, as close as your heart is? I am just amazed at it and not only amazed but shocked...extremely shocked. I feel to go to such people and teach a lesson so that they don't get even a slightest of a chance to do it with others.

I am on the verge of release of my book. Things are finally settling down and a little more time and bang! I will be an author and I am so happy about it but last evening...last evening I encountered some hippocrates who better mind to ruin other's peace and dignity. Some people suddenly started to accuse me for stealing their ideas of their cover design and the title. I just couldn't believe it. My work is sincerely authentic and I have worked so hard on it. And not just me but also my cover designer and publishers have put their best efforts in to this. But I guess, that's another harsh way of learning.

Thankfully my publishers are with me and things got sorted out easily. I am doing much better now. If I ask why few people do it then I'd be mad of course. People have this tendency to suck up to other's work and make it a publicity stunt...a cheap one on that note. If your work is genuine and you believe in your work then how come you require such sort of stunts to add up to your sales? I have always believed in my work. I know that my novel It's Never Too Late will do positive and people will simply love it. I have faith in my work but I am not like those people who start faking on others and gaining their friends' and colleagues' respects and sympathies out of the selfishness and mockery of human feelings. I am just not like that.

Night was ruined. I couldn't sleep because of those worrisome pills such people gave me. Morning was also kind of screwed up but I have 24x7 support of my husband so thankfully I am doing a lot better now. I get to know couple of things in the field of writing like book titles can not be copyrighted and no one can raise an issue about it but if someone does, he or she may face legal issues for harassing others as well. I am relaxed and that's really wonderful. But learning process was painful. I seriously wish for such people to get the habit of minding their own businesses and leaving the rest of the planet with peace and ethics.

I am smiling now and a smile is all needed to move on with silly unpleasant things in my life. All I can say to me is -

Welcome to the writers' world, baby!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Smart 5 minute breaks from work

Half n hour ago I have returned from outside. I roamed for almost four hours but still I feel fresh. I feel good and rejuvenated. I went outside with my kid and we had lunch at KFC. Unfortunately, McDonald was closed for some reasons. But KFC is also delicious. Then I did shopping. I bought more for my husband and my kid. You may amaze at it but I love to shop for my family. Anyways, it was altogether a very nice refreshing experience or say, a well deserved break from my hectic schedule.

Now that I am relaxing on my sofa and writing this post, it certainly feels good. There is also an amusing smile on my face. Aren't we all deserving to have some quick breaks from our rounds the clock staggering schedule? Don't we all need some solutions that can entice freshness as well as spark a level of achievement also? Yes! We do. We all do need such short breaks.

Read below to get acquainted with such pauses that not only keeps a check on your crumpling mood but also gives you a fresh taste of living a good life.

Tea reminds me of a break.
Take a break.

Listen songs

Best thing I guess. Mood is off, ran into a miff, fought with spouse, ugly boss, no promotion, kids tension, car accident or whatever is wrong with you, just take your gadget out and listen some soothing songs. Music helps you relax your stressed muscles and nerves. If not gadgets, croon then. Singing is also a good break.


I know that in some of my previous articles I have vividly stated that gossiping is bad for health and career too. Today I am saying, go for gossips. Gossips incite your curiosity and hence, they fill you in with energy. When you listen something that wraps your attention spirally, your mind naturally forgets about your dull mood. It gets distracted and that's exactly the goal we want to achieve here. But be careful while gossiping. Do gossips but in a good way, not to hurt someone. Words have their own fly overs and from which point they can travel to which destination, you can never control. So do some positive healthy gossips.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

You do what you want to do!

Today is rather a dull day for me. Why? No reasons actually. I am allowed to feel all the turbulence of life like you all do. I slept and couldn't write today except for this post. But that's okay for me. Not everyday is equal, I believe.

So in the evening and out of boredom, I switched on TV and started to flip through the channels in the anticipation of I might get something of my interest to watch. Fortunately I got a good movie to watch on the channel Romedy Now. This channel shows good soft movies that are fusion of Romance plus Comedy. The movie I stumbled upon was Waitress. It was already started nonetheless I started watching through the middle. After sometime, I realized it was a good movie indeed.

The lead actress, named Jenna, was in an extremely unhappy marriage and wanted to get rid of her husband but she didn't have enough courage to do so. She also happened to be a wonderful Pie maker. Her handmade pies were loved by everyone. She was sort of star in this pie making section. When I started watching the movie, Jenna was going through her pregnancy and much to her chagrin added to her failed marriage, she was having an affair with her doctor, Dr. Pommettar (I guess the spelling is right according to the movie). The actor that played doctor is really handsome. I like him a lot even though I don't know his real name. Anyways, things started to roll up and down. Jenna wanted to run away from her husband and to win The US Pie contest at the same time. Twist was, if she didn't win the contest, she wouldn't be having the money to run her life. Interestingly, Jenna didn't want baby at all but she couldn't abort it just like that. But as life never fails to give you some happy surprises occasionally, things worked out in her favor. Not just the world became more beautiful than ever for her when she saw her child for the very first time and that gave her enough courage to ask for divorce to her nuts husband but also, she received a generous gift of stupendous money from one of her customers (The customer was old and he was a fan of her pies).

Sunday, 10 November 2013

A glimpse of my novel "It's Never Too Late"

My debut novel It's Never Too Late is about a woman named Maya who is lovely and bold at the same time. She loves challenges and believes in giving her best. Rajat, is her husband who loves her madly. He can do anything for her. When he is with her, he feels on cloud 9.

In short, Maya and Rajat are a perfect couple with all those little perks and imperfections of any relationship. But they are happy with each other; more than they could ever be with anyone else. Rajat loves his Maya so much that he has decided to show his love through a poem; a poem made exclusively by HIM for his lovely wife, his better half, Maya. Catch an eye shot below ::

Click to get a big view

Thursday, 7 November 2013

DIY when life gives you lemons

When life becomes gruesome, what to do? When you are dumped by the very unexpected turns of situations, which direction should you head for? In other words, what to do when life gives you lemons while you have a sweet tooth? I can easily take an oath on - take the help from your friends or family or both but what if no one is around? Or worse, if everyone is around but their presence merely equals a physical sting? Every eye and ear is sealed and shut for your tears, cries and mourns. You are soaked fully in displeasing emotions that you can't handle entirely on your own and to make the situation worse, people around you don't bother to check on you either.

Very bitter lemons.  Right? If I have learnt anything in life then it is that life is everything but easy. Life is like a parasite that totally, absolutely and helplessly lives on your perspective. It eats only what you feed it. If you feed it positivism, enthusiasm and smiles, it looks good and vice versa. When no one is around, it is still stuck with you. It sucks during such phase. But even at that time, your very same perspective comes at your rescue. Your DIY tool, Do-It-Yourself strategy can save you from wrecking havoc onto your own self!

DIY when life gives you some raw lemons is not easy to plan but nothing is impossible. Few quick fixes and some life saving glues can work wondrously, only if you know what to use when and how. Follow the procession below to deal with hardest phases of life.


Talk. Make conversations.

I have faced some really tough times in my life and during those moments I wanted someone, anyone with whom I could talk on anything. Whether, cartoons, crockery, shoes, home, internet, even bed bugs were fine with me. I craved to babble on anything. I just wanted to TALK and when ever I got it, it had helped me up to a considerable extent.

So the moral of the story is, don't lock yourself within the four walls. Come out of your self built inferno and make conversations. Talking can spare the moments from hanging idle and thus, curdling onto your thoughts like noxious germs.


Only a reader can jellify what it is to read. For me, book reading is a haven where I lock myself and travel with many new people to newer places; places where I crave to go; places where I'd like to go again and again. Sometimes I find questions that churn my head but many a times I find solutions to some of the problems. 

Reading opens up the jammed locks of your mind. It oils the window sills so that they can open to a new greener world that consists good stuffs like hope. Taking a sneak peek of other's world through books brings you myriad of engaging things. When no one is around you, don't somersault only for a physical presence. Pick a book as your miraculous DIY. It will give you exactly what you want and sometimes more than you have ever expected.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mornin' when I couldn't sleep

Yesterday I made it official that I am An Author now. Official because I have revealed it now otherwise the process was being churned since a while and on Diwali occasion, I found it's time to tell my little secret. The response I have received is tremendous; very unexpected. My Author page and novel page It's Never Too Late both have managed to gain 53 and 42 Likes respectively in less than just one day!!! It is huge and so very flattering. Yes! I expected good response but the whooping numbers have certainly bowled me over.

Thank you everyone, for visiting my pages and considering them worth to Like and sharing the same on your timelines. I DO realize the huge expectations now laid on my shoulders. I will do my best to comply with them. Thank you once again!

Yesterday was majorly nailed with rounds of nail biting and frequent Facebook visits. I and my husband Sumit both worked till late night. We were thrilled to see the response to my pages actually. Then we slept after talking to my parents and wishing them Happy Diwali. I slept soundly but somehow I got up in wee hours. When I opened my eyes, it was still dark outside. I gathered it was either late night or early morning. I tried to sleep but the train of thoughts didn't allow me so. For say about initial ten minutes, I didn't bother to check on time  and tried to sleep but later I had to give up at my attempts. I picked my mobile and checked on time. It was 5. Really early morning. Then I opened my facebook account much like a child who has received a jar full of chocolates and can't help it to count all of'em over and over again. I noticed there were few more likes on my pages and some comments too were hanging loosely on the board. I gave away couple of comments. It was crazy for me doing so in such odd hours. I have never done it before. But I guess, history will repeat itself for the next few months, if not less.

Monday, 4 November 2013

I am An Author now!!

And it's official. I am An Author now and my novel is It's Never Too Late. As much as I am happy to announce it to the world today, I feel like jumping with joy. I am very happy to finally have a ground for my own where I can travel with another huge identity.

So here are the details ::

My Facebook Fan page ::

My Novel It's Never Too Late ::

Go, visit the pages and kindly hit LIKE and SHARE as much as you can.

The journey till this point has been quiet and quite interesting. I will tell it here on the day of my book launch. Till then, you have to wait. But I assure you, the waiting will be worth, if not the least. :)

Other details will be revealed soon. Till then, Enjoy and wish me luck my dear readers. I need it :)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Happy diwali wishes

Happy Diwali to all my readers. I wish ya'll loads of happiness, success and prosperity this year and every year.

And Happy New Year too in advance.