Saturday, 12 October 2013

The best buddy of your lone time :: Your Hobbies

What's one common thing among reading, writing, music, travelling, Aerobics/Yoga, net surfing, watching TV series like TVD or FRIENDS, and learning guitar? Well...don't mess with your hair. These are all my hobbies and you will find me hanging out with them very often. *Hobby* This certain human trait I have chosen today to discuss our particular characteristics that defines, entails and says so much about our personalities.

Hobbies brings the person out of you that is hidden somewhere; probably afraid of this out world or from the people manipulating you all the time. When I sit with my hobby, I seriously enjoy myself. In those moments I simply forget everything. No stress, no creased forehead and strictly no tears. I enjoy myself and just be ME. I relish every emotion. And that's exactly you want with your lone time buddy : the squeeze of merriment, glee and yes...a genuine smile on the face.

Enjoy your hobby with positive and happy people
I am usually ridiculously busy during the most of the day time. I am so busy that I hardly dare myself to switch on the TV. or do something else that can amuse me but I don't complain. Hobbies do not need to be done all the time but yes! they do need attention; not as a patient but as a doctor; to release you from all the negativism and ill aura. They can cure the bad things sprouting in your mind and soul. 

There are several benefits of enjoying your hobbies like ::

  • They help you to grow your network
  • Stress deduction
  • Releasing happy hormones
  • Leaves you with eustress (Eustress is a positive stress that makes you feel excited about doing something; something that you love) 
  • Keeps you physically and mentally fit
  • Improve memory and self-esteem
  • Help you out with sleeping better, and 
  • They enhance your immune system. 

How to get time for hobbies?
  • Stop wasting time on useless things.
  • Spend time with friends and do things together. Friendship is one ship that will never let the fun of life drown in the potpourri of life trivia. 
  • Believe in yourself. You can do anything.
  • Take help of others to finish or sort chores faster. Time saving helps you to enjoy the hobbies.
  • Enjoy one hobby at a time. DO NOT crowd yourself with lots of'em. This way, you will be able to give a detailed time structure to just one hobby.
  • Be curious and look for some new hobby, if you are done enough with your old ones. This way you will get eustress that will increase the positivism in yourself.
  • Spend time with positive people who love to do something fruitful. Happy people make others happy.
  • Do your hobbies with your family members too. Sitting in group and enjoying a game tightens up the bond and opens up hearts.
  • Think on your behalf on how you can pluck more time for your hobby.

What's your hobby by the way? Gardening? Playing games? Gossiping? Photography? or, simply wandering around? Whatever it is, take some time out of your busy schedule and resuscitate or rejuvenate your hobbies. Even if you are a lousy languorous creature, crack yourself out of that parasitic cocoon and do something what you really love. Enjoy what you want from yourself. Hobbies adds that much needed luster in the life. You are just not made to live a life of a person loaded with responsibilities. You are also allowed to be *YOURSELF*. You are also responsible to feed your soul and what's better food than your hobbies? Right? :)

Life may be is short but if it can be made enjoyable and simple by living with what you genuinely love, there is no harm doing it Do it. Live it. Love it. Sometimes, it should be all about YOU after all.


  1. Yeah.. soooo correct...I was really stressed yesterday and today I tried to pursue a new hobby and I really enjoyed it and now I am really feeling very happy :-)

    1. Glad to hear you tried a new hobby. This is the way life should be :)


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