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Glam up for the festive party

Festivals are one of the biggest potpourris of culture, colors, fashion, cuisines and loads of memories and they sure are swiftly ringing around. But what's a festival without being celebrated with family or friends? In my terms, I like crowd on festivals; crowd stringed with familiar loving people with whom the festival celebration becomes a lot more fun.

Diwali is just a few days to go and since we are away from our families, hence we have thought of celebrating Diwali with our good friends. The evening will be jammed pack with delectable cuisines, Rangoli designs and cracker firings. But to plan for a festive party is bit tricky. You have to keep check on everything like what can be organized as well as what may go wrong. And you also have to look fab at the same time.

For a festive party and that eye catching look, munch on the tips below...


Prepare for the party

You already know the date of the festival and now you need to make some skillful preparations. Prima facie, make a list of guests. Decide how many of'em are coming. Be careful with this taking the size of party place into the consideration. Your guest planning should not suffocate the place. Inclusion of children needs space so that they can play without creating a fuss.

The party and number of guests should be in accordance so that people can roam freely as well as you can get some spare space to decorate the party as well.

Indulge in the menu and party timings

Crowd means number of different taste buds. While you can not satiate everyone's, play safe. Include those items that are popular and can easily tingle guests' curiosity. You can ask some of your friends if you are not on *that much* formal note. They can help you select some. Cook in what you are expert for. If you want to try on new dishes, cook them in advance just to get the feeler about how much time it takes, the taste and the final amount. I thought of making a different chocolate dessert this Diwali for guests and I have already tried it in advance. It tasted great and can be made in a very less time. A sure shot dessert for a festive party.

Some snacks that can be stored for sometime can be made few days before the party. It will save your time from serving on spot cooked items. I am now done making verity of them (and that is the main reason why I was away from my blog).

Menu MUST be in sync with the party timings. If it's an early evening festive party, make sure you serve starters and some beverages before the main course. People can nibble on little eatables while giving you a crown of a good host. If it's a late night festive party, serve some light appetizers anyway before the dinner meal.

Festival perks

If there are some rituals for the festival and I am sure there are always one or more, plan better. Keep extra time for these things too. Like in Diwali, we make Rangolis at our homes and later shoot crackers. So I will have to keep extra time in hand to finish the rangoli making before I go for dressing up.

You can invite your friends to help you with these rituals too. This will be fun and they will no longer feel as *guests only*. They will feel familiar and more comfortable. This will give the festive party a cozy and warm touch.

Arrange for some soothing lighting and music. Games too can be put if the time allows. Games are a wonderful ice breakers among guests.

Dress and accessories

Now that you are done with the festival celebration planning, number of guests, rituals and the menu, now is the time to decide what to wear. Festive party demands for traditional dressing up. So pick dresses that can suit your personality as well as the occasion. DO NOT wear too much revealing dresses nor too tight ones. Also, make sure your dress should not fly away hear and there. Learn how to handle your satire all the time. Keep one more outfit in advance, in case if something goes wrong with the main dress or something spills on it.

Safe key is, wear comfortable and look fashionable.

Pre-party grooming

Festive parties woos for festive looks. Tick on the appointments to your favorite salon and go groom yourself. Get all those beauty treatments done in at least 3-4 days in advance. Discuss with the beautician about different looks and choose one that can go viola in the party. On festivals, salons offer verity of offers and budget packages. Go through them and pick one that suit yourself the best.

Party day

  • On the festive party day, plan ahead which means finish your regular chores early so that you can have some free time to relax before you go get dressed up. 
  • If it is an outdoor party, go to the place and check on everything. Ask for the tiniest of the details to the party organizer. Check the decoration, sitting area, menu, entrance, exit and all those important little and big stuffs. Also request for the First Aid box. 
  • If party is at home, cleaning the house should be the first priority. Get the party place neat and clean. Get the eating bowls, plates, spoons etc. arranged at one place. Sitting area should be watched out for too. As the guests starts coming, they will prefer to sit. So arrange required number  of chairs plus two extras. Make sure you are done with everything before you go dress up.
  • Dedicate a closet chamber for all your darn necessary things like dresses, accessories, footwear, make up boxes etc. This way you won't have to rush to find everything. One place, one go and much less time consumed. Go to dress up at least an hour before the party starts off. You don't want to leave your guests unattended because of unfinished mascara or searching for the tie.
  • Once the guests start pouring in, be ready on your foot. Greet them with festival wishes. When they settle, smoothly start with appetizers and then go for those festival rituals. Introduce guests to one another, if some are unfamiliar with the others. And then let the festive party flow like a supple wave.
  • If you are going to someone else's festive party, bring along gifts too. 
  • Play games, talk or do whatever comes along. Enjoy the time and company.
  • Keep doing a little cleaning through out the party, if possible and looks appropriate. You can pick toothpicks, empty glasses or cups, strewn over plates sort of little items. Do not look like on a cleaning mission. This will ease up the post party cleaning headache.

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