Saturday, 19 October 2013

A wonderful opportunity in a Spying Agency

Few days back I got a very alluring job offer from a Spying Agency. Not that my resume fits the job but because this agency is run and supervised by my kid and his one neighborhood friend. Now I see your smile there. Good! You got it that it's a fun post and I am not coming to spy on YOU.

So their agency came into the existence few weeks ago and it is named A & B Co-operation Ltd. They have even put their names like agents. My kid is Agent 006 while his friend is Agent 007 (as in James Bond series. Clearly, his friend is the senior agent). Believe it or not, they have enormous range of gadgets. From binoculars to LED projector, from I.D. cards to record diary, guns and whistles, they have got everything in check. Of course their all gadgets are their own toys but it's admirable to see the way they have stocked them up. If you ask them about the person whom they are spying on and other obvious questions, they won't tell. Their every mission is a super secret and being dealt with utmost sincerity.

Few days back when they both were going out on one of their missions (let's call my kid A and his friend B), I asked them on whom they are going to spy today. After much hesitation and with a sincere touch on my face (that I was not kidding), B told me they were going to spy on the construction workers (there is a construction work going on in my neighborhood). I got amazed and somehow managed to suppress my laugh. I appreciated them for their exquisite choice on the mission and send them off with good wishes. But before leaving, somehow B asked me whether I would like to join their agency. I was surprised and darted some questions, just out of the curiosity. The conversation happened further is given below ::

I : "What will be the post?"

B : "Aunty! You will be the Controller"

That indeed echoed flattering.

I : "Okay. That sounds really nice. What will be my salary then?"

B (thinking for a bit): "Zero"

I : "ZERO! Oh! That's bad then. I won't be able to join" I was disappointed.

Then my kid interrupted.

A : "Mumma! Your salary will be Rs.50"

I was having my own fun time witnessing their desperation.

I : "Wow! That sounds amazing and flattering guys. But A, if you pay me from your piggy bank, you will run out of your savings soon and then I will have to leave the agency. I clearly don't want either of that. So thank you both so much for offering me this wonderful opportunity but with a sad heart, I will rather pass it"

Then they both set off for their mission leaving me behind, highly amused and with a big smile on my face.


  1. At least you got 50...these people offered me 10 bucks a month...even after bargaining :P

    1. That's the value of being around you see :P :)


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