Monday, 7 October 2013

A quiz for the kids

Hi there! It is Monday and after doing my work, now I am settled down to write a post after so many days. I feel bad though for not being here but writing a post is not a child task you should know. You just can not stop by and write anything on any matter. You have got to be something interesting to drop in here that can intrigue the readers as well as satisfy the creator inside you, ergo, make your blog a very subtle portal to watch out for. I guess that was a long sentence. Anyways, moving on...

So today the electricity board kept playing hide and seek with us. This evening when there was no power, I got my kid and his neighborhood friend to play an appealing quiz show. When I told them to sit on the chairs because we were going to play a quiz show, they thought it would be like 'Who wants to be a millionaire' kinda quiz but I said NO upfront. Rather, I told them the quiz is about your life, your choices, your likes and dislikes and a little more about your individual personalities. They got excited and curious on the spot. After churning my head a bit, I asked below questions. The end result will be shared there where they deserve to be shared i.e. at the end of this post. So happy reading.

Q 1. Who is your favorite person?

Q 2. Your favorite color?

Q 3. How will you deal with a bully? suppose you are in the school and going to drink water. A bully comes along your way and starts speaking ill to you and hurting you. What will you do in such situation?

Q 4. What qualities do you have? Talk about both, the good ones and the bad ones.

Q 5. One wish that you want for your each parent?

Q 6. Which qualities do you dislike about your parents and why?

Q 7. Now which qualities that you adore in your parents?

Q 8. How do you see yourself when you are grown up? Which career do you want to pursue?

Q 9. The biggest learning in your life? It can be more than one.
And I have to say, I got really interesting answers and a peek inside their hearts and attitudes. In Q 3, I elaborated more on how to deal with a bully. One of them said he doesn't like to fight so he won't be hitting the bully despite of him doing the same. I told them to take fight only as their defense, rather than thinking it is of a fight! Saving yourself or defending yourself is the correct attitude towards dealing with a bully. Firstly, we should talk to avoid unwanted miffs but if the bully is not listening and goes on with sick intentions, use fight as a defense. I also entailed on some weak body points where they can hit and some tricks to deal with the person taller, stronger and elder to them. They were relatively happy to learn it. They were not getting bored and I was delighted to see their enthusiasms.

In rest of the questions, I also get some eye opener answers. For example, when my kid told me what he dislikes about me. I got the point and now I am sure I am not gonna repeat it. I was also glad to hear that he already knows the good and bad qualities he possesses. I heard both of them patiently and this way, I learnt little more about them today. 

I keep playing such unique quizzes or games with them. They get thrilled and I get to spend some nice time in the process. You also try this. Who knows, you may also end up learning something from those tiny heads and messy hair. :)

P.S. And the power goes again. Writing this post in lamp light. Life is enjoyable. Isn't it? :)

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