Tuesday, 15 October 2013

10 efficacious tips to get rid of a bad habit

Just few days ago, I motivated you to recumbent on your hobby or to cultivate a new one in my post The best buddy of your lone time :: Your Hobbies and today, I am discussing how to get rid of those habits that irks you or may be others as well which means, bad habits.

We all are a big reservoir of habits. Some are good and some are bad. While accepting a good trait is far easier to enjoy, right there a bad habit is tougher to throw away. Bad habits are the fruits of human foibles and talking about them not only includes serious quirks like smoking, drinking, bullying etc. but summons to little irksome idiosyncrasies too like nail biting, cracking knuckles, making a sound while eating, tapping ground or desk incessantly and what not.

I agree with you that letting go off a bad habit is not easy but I will also assert one fact on you that, trying over and over again can eventually culminate into a success. Join the chit chat below to get aware of the eminent reasons of suffering with bad habit/s and some tips along to shoo them away.

Reasons of bad habits

Having a bad habit is not a big deal, however, not trying to get rid of it is certainly a BIG deal! There may be few reasons behind suffering with one or more bad habits.

  • Upbringing - Whether your childhood years were spent happily or in a wrong companionship.
  • Education - How much value you give to education.
  • Social circle - What sort of friends do you have? How you spend time? Which sites you use? and so on...
  • Personal grooming - How much attention you give your personality to groom it; whether you are ignorant towards your bad habit.
  • Being unaware - When you are really not aware of any of your bad habits.

Ways to shoo bad habit away

Sometimes Right isn't always right
Take the left turn and dump that bad habit

1. Keep trying with stronger motivation

Not easy but not *that much* difficult though. There are some easier tips following which you can easily shun your bad habit down. Some exercises may seem tough to you but it will all be worth once you have shooed away your bad habit. Try them and if they do not go away, try again and keep trying till you get rid of it. Here, your motivation factor will be at your rescue. Motivate yourself for spending time doing something better not just biting your nails or incongruously yelling at your neighbor's dog. Curb on your bad habit cravings by practicing stronger motivation.

2. Find a perfect replacement

Biting nails again over finding a perfect replacement of your bad habit? O c'mon. Stop doing it. If you suffer so much with teething issue, paint your nails with a nice nail paint. Before you put those perfectly manicured painted nails between your teeth, you will stop right there in fear of wasting your nail beauty. Or, chew a gum. Easier one and that suits males too.

Pondering over a solution with smoking? Try sketching. Pick a pencil and start drawing anything, say a flower or a building. You need not to be an artist for doing it but you are simply distracting your mind to do something else. More like keeping a tap on your bad habit. Try it and one day, who knows, you may emerge out as an artist that you never knew was hidden in your personality corridor.

Well...I also have a habit that irritates me sometimes. I talk a lot. On some occasions,  I have even wondered at my own stamina. I can talk for hours. Trust me. So if you are also an incessant talker just like me, do not suppress it. Rather, make your talking fruitful. Talk about happy positive things like I do. But if you still want to get rid of talking uncontrollably, try to listen others or, the radio. It will help.

The point here is, find a perfect replacement of your bad habit. Think WHY you do the bad habit and slice it away from your life by doing something better.

3. Start with piece by piece

None of us is supposed to dump a bad habit just like that. It has taken years to curdle into our personalities then how come it will go with just a click of a finger? You are not a fool and let me tell you a secret, neither am I. So start slow. Suppose you smoke five cigarettes a day. Do not try to stop it all at once. You will left with heavier cravings and you will end up smoking ten a day! So start slow and go easy. Make it goal of inhaling two or three tobacco pipes by max (that's cigarettes I am talking about). Go for lesser number and then gradually decrease it. Three....two...one and finally (and hopefully) the day will come when you'd have smoked none!

In the same way, decide in what span of time you will be out of this bad habit business. Few weeks? A month? Two months? Okay. More than that? Whatever the time span is (Don't keep it in YEARS...please), make sure your bad habit has seen the exit door with the last minute of it.

Going slow does the trick. Remember the tortoise and the rabbit story? Same way. Be the tortoise and win the race of your own battle.

4. Stay away from unhealthy eating

When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone known as Cortisol that makes you crave for energy giving food items and sugary items are highly one of those. It happens with me too. When I am stressed, it takes a massive effort to keep myself away from sugary things. In those moments, I can hardly think of anything but to grab a chocolate bar and eat it till its last piece is finished. And when I do it, a pile of guilty rises up in me and I feel bad. Eating unhealthy things allows a loophole in you. Every time you fail to keep a check on you, it eats up your confidence bit by bit. How will you leave a bad habit then? So, steer clear of unhealthy eating.

5. Ask others to assist you

If you are miserably and horribly failing at your own agenda, take help of your family, friends and well wishers (I will not say relatives because they may enjoy the pitfalls of your personality). People around you will keep reminding you about your frequent drinking habit. They may hide your twenty years old wine bottle or gently stomp their foot on yours just to refrain you from tapping the floor for a long time. If you have a habit of making sound while eating, make sure you are nowhere around me. Gosh! This habit irks me like hell. I can't stand it. I either make a face and chose to be quiet till the person finishes up the food or, I simply (and quickly) shove myself away from the place.

If you don't want to be the culprit, ask others to help you out.

6. You are on duty

Until you are out of your bad habit, you are ON DUTY. Consider your bad habit as a criminal and you are a police. Until you have shown your bad habit the prison or the exit door, do not put down your gun. Sounds funny? Yeah? Try it anyway as this can be effective on children.

7. Try experts and meditation

After umpteen trials, if you are still stuck with your bad habit, ask the experts. I mean to say, try any specialized doctor, teacher or a winner of this battle. This will help. Meditation also supports strong and healthy mind set that can set you free from negative things like, a bad habit.

8. Treat yourself

Decide the reward you'd like to give yourself when you have dumped the bad habit. Reward should be enticing so that it can maintain your plan till the end of it. But do not make the reward an over powering or undeserving. It should be in sync with the level you have achieved during leaving the bad habit.

9. If it's done, it's done!

Once you have moved on from your bad habit, never ever let it dare to make a come back. Be strict on this point. Once it is done, IT IS DONE. Even if it asks for humongous efforts, mountainous will and few sleepless nights in return, do not give your bad habit another chance. Sufferings in the process will go but once the bad habit has re-entered in your life, it will be highly tricky to get it out.

10. Love your life anyway

Whichever bad habit you pursue, always love yourself. Love yourself for all those good qualities. Love yourself for you have that stamina and power to pin all the bad habits down. Hating your self for something that is intertwined in you (like a bad habit) will only make your mission harder. Love everything about you. In exchange of one bad habit, you may have four other good winning qualities. All you need to do is, to find that WILL and turn that bad habit into the fifth good habit within stipulated time slot.

Happy trying and Good Luck.


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.