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Glam up for the festive party

Festivals are one of the biggest potpourris of culture, colors, fashion, cuisines and loads of memories and they sure are swiftly ringing around. But what's a festival without being celebrated with family or friends? In my terms, I like crowd on festivals; crowd stringed with familiar loving people with whom the festival celebration becomes a lot more fun.

Diwaliis just a few days to go and since we are away from our families, hence we have thought of celebrating Diwali with our good friends. The evening will be jammed pack with delectable cuisines, Rangoli designs and cracker firings. But to plan for a festive party is bit tricky. You have to keep check on everything like what can be organized as well as what may go wrong. And you also have to look fab at the same time.

For a festive party and that eye catching look, munch on the tips below...

Prepare for the party
You already know the date of the festival and now you need to make some skillful preparations. Prima facie, make a lis…

Things that go unheard between *you two*

Communication sums up the major part of any relationship but when it comes to partners, it plays a vital role. We get to know about each other likes, dislikes, personality perks and certain pointers through the language. But if you stress on what I have just said, you will notice that I mentioned language plays a vital role but not a complete role. Language does not constitute the entire happening communication between you two. It only makes for around 40% of your communication, per se. So what makes up for the rest of the 60% to build a relationship? What fills in the gap?

The 60% thing that fills in the gap is, the non-verbal communication. It envelops those gestures or actions which are not dependent solely on the language but majorly to the ability to get that untyped message deciphered; more of your ability to read between the lines. Few things that we like can be signaled with a thumbs up gesture while dislikes can be prompt with hesitant nod. If you don't get the right mes…

A wonderful opportunity in a Spying Agency

Few days back I got a very alluring job offer from a Spying Agency. Not that my resume fits the job but because this agency is run and supervised by my kid and his one neighborhood friend. Now I see your smile there. Good! You got it that it's a fun post and I am not coming to spy on YOU.

So their agency came into the existence few weeks ago and it is named A & B Co-operation Ltd. They have even put their names like agents. My kid is Agent 006 while his friend is Agent 007 (as in James Bond series. Clearly, his friend is the senior agent). Believe it or not, they have enormous range of gadgets. From binoculars to LED projector, from I.D. cards to record diary, guns and whistles, they have got everything in check. Of course their all gadgets are their own toys but it's admirable to see the way they have stocked them up. If you ask them about the person whom they are spying on and other obvious questions, they won't tell. Their every mission is a super secret and being …

Things to avoid in friendship

Lots of people want to ride with you in limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down ~ Oprah Winfrey
How true is the above statement! True friends are those who will walk beside you even if you are stripped of luxuries. True friends will love you as YOU ARE. True friends are also your best critiques. People blessed with such friendship are lucky and happier than those who travel on the opposite track. I am also blessed to have such a friend in my life who has always been there whenever I needed her. She is beautiful not only from her outlook but also from her heart. She is a good listener and reflects a warm stature. I love being with her and enjoy her company. I have in fact written a post on her. We have been friends since say, fifteen years. Yes! It's true. Our blissful friendship has seen fifteen bitter sweet seasons of life and I am sure will see the rest too. 
But I am not the sole reason of our friendship. I know the efforts sh…

10 efficacious tips to get rid of a bad habit

Just few days ago, I motivated you to recumbent on your hobby or to cultivate a new one in my post The best buddy of your lone time :: Your Hobbies and today, I am discussing how to get rid of those habits that irks you or may be others as well which means, bad habits.

We all are a big reservoir of habits. Some are good and some are bad. While accepting a good trait is far easier to enjoy, right there a bad habit is tougher to throw away. Bad habits are the fruits of human foibles and talking about them not only includes serious quirks like smoking, drinking, bullying etc. but summons to little irksome idiosyncrasies too like nail biting, cracking knuckles, making a sound while eating, tapping ground or desk incessantly and what not.

I agree with you that letting go off a bad habit is not easy but I will also assert one fact on you that, trying over and over again can eventually culminate into a success. Join the chit chat below to get aware of the eminent reasons of suffering with b…

How do I celebrate Dushehra at home

Happy and a very prosperous Dushehra to all my readers. It is our one of the main festivals; the symbol of the good winning over the bad; the rise of the god over the evil. It holds a very special place for Indians as this festival is commemorated for the Goddess Durga. That is why it is also known as Durga Puja (The worship of the goddess Durga).

This day usually we cook delicacies and go out in the evening to meet and greet our friends and relatives. We share sweets. Then we all head towards numerous Puja pandals (stalls) where the idols of the goddess Durga are established. In those stalls, above (in the picture) or similar to this idols can be found easily. We go there, perform the worship and finally get Prasaad (offerings). We all enjoy those delicious Prasaads. There is always a lot of gung ho on this auspicious occasion.

The best buddy of your lone time :: Your Hobbies

What's one common thing among reading, writing, music, travelling, Aerobics/Yoga, net surfing, watching TV series like TVD or FRIENDS, and learning guitar? Well...don't mess with your hair. These are all my hobbies and you will find me hanging out with them very often. *Hobby* This certain human trait I have chosen today to discuss our particular characteristics that defines, entails and says so much about our personalities.

Hobbies brings the person out of you that is hidden somewhere; probably afraid of this out world or from the people manipulating you all the time. When I sit with my hobby, I seriously enjoy myself. In those moments I simply forget everything. No stress, no creased forehead and strictly no tears. I enjoy myself and just be ME. I relish every emotion. And that's exactly you want with your lone time buddy : the squeeze of merriment, glee and yes...a genuine smile on the face.

I am usually ridiculously busy during the most of the day time. I am so busy t…

A quiz for the kids

Hi there! It is Monday and after doing my work, now I am settled down to write a post after so many days. I feel bad though for not being here but writing a post is not a child task you should know. You just can not stop by and write anything on any matter. You have got to be something interesting to drop in here that can intrigue the readers as well as satisfy the creator inside you, ergo, make your blog a very subtle portal to watch out for. I guess that was a long sentence. Anyways, moving on...

So today the electricity board kept playing hide and seek with us. This evening when there was no power, I got my kid and his neighborhood friend to play an appealing quiz show. When I told them to sit on the chairs because we were going to play a quiz show, they thought it would be like 'Who wants to be a millionaire' kinda quiz but I said NO upfront. Rather, I told them the quiz is about your life, your choices, your likes and dislikes and a little more about your individual pers…