Friday, 13 September 2013

Say YES to NO - Next Opportunity

Everything has its pros and cons and when a negative word can be infused with a positive meaning, it will be no more considered into that negative parenthesis. In the similar fashion, 'NO' has been counted as often maligned, often unpleasant word to listen.

If you want to buy something of your favorite and parents say 'NO', you start sulking inside. If you want to visit a place and the spouse says 'NO' upfront, you silently prefer to curse. If you have done an outstanding job at the workplace thinking it will steal the show but the manager spits 'NO' right at your face, you feel like killing your own manager. These all and many more examples that houses the painful word 'NO' lets you feel bad and you become a helpless creature minus someone at your rescue.

But you can now get a better thing; you can now visit a better place and you can now work far better if you take a single persistent word NO as Next Opportunity rather than no opportunity. By saying it out loud inside your head elicits the positivism; it brings happiness and energy along with it. Accepting a negative word in a positive context can turn the way of your thinking and hence, the lifestyle upside down. If someone says NO for your idea, take it as a challenge instead of feeling low inside. The moment may be calling for a better opportunity. After all, the Hollywood movie star Sylvester Stallone would never be able to build the brand of his name if he had taken all the film producers' denial as negative gestures. He had written a story and literally knocked every producer's door to make it a movie casting him in the lead role. Film producers were ready to make a movie out of his story but were equally reluctant to cast him as the Hero. But Sylvester had that concrete belief in himself and with every NO, he stepped forward, grabbed the next opportunity and turned his life over a new leaf. Every NO meant next producer (opportunity) for him and this way a highly entertaining Rambo series were made and thus a trusted brand of Stallone took the world by storm.

A brand made after myriad 'NO's

The Harry Potter series fame J.K. Rowling would never become a literary star if, she had absorbed every publisher's refusal on a negative note. After snapped with around twenty (Yes!! You heard it right) refusals in respect of the publication of her work, finally she made it to the top charts and became the queen of the magical Harry Potter world. Her out of the box imagination brought her among twenty richest people in the world!! And let me tell you when you want to publish your work and if it gets rejected more than twice, you start loosing the chunks of your confidence in big pieces. It is not easy to listen 'NO' every time you knock someone's door. After every denial, NO meant next publisher (opportunity) to Rowling. She is now a celebrity from rugs to riches.

Believe in your dreams

The negative essence of the word couldn't deter these celebrities from doing what they believed in. They took every shaking head sportingly and transformed it into Next Opportunity. If you have faith in yourself and you think what you are doing is correct and viable, never ever let yourself fall in the trap of displeasing NO. If someone says 'You can't do', take it as an opportunity to know more about yourself; your caliber; the boundary of your limitations. This will open new windows or who knows, doors too, in the darkness. One example is flooding my memory this time. Few days back at my Aerobics class, our trainer explained about an exercise and said 'Let's see who can make it to 100 counts'. By that time, all of us trainees were tired of first 40 minutes of non-stop work out but when she said that challenge, I told myself 'I will do it' and much to my own surprise, I lived up to my expectation; my own laid out challenge! Everyone clapped for me; for earning stupendously high caliber and stamina. If I had said NO to those 100 counts like others did, I too wouldn't be able to know more about my competence. I was glad that day.

Moral of the post

Thinking positive begets positive events. So from now on, promise yourself that you will always take NO as a challenge for you; as a call for Next Opportunity. Life lays so many trivia and puzzles to test all of us. If you can't solve any, it will be carried forward to the other person and the one who will say YES to what other said NO, will win the gift hamper at the end.

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