Saturday, 21 September 2013

Plan of the decade - A half night out

It feels so wonderful that I am snuggled on my couch in this cold weather and doing one of my most favorite things : Writing. Yes! I am writing and carrying a plan of celebrating a half night out today. Half night out bole to (means) staying up till late at night but sleeping right before the sun rays knock at your door. So may be I will sleep by two or three in the morning. It has been long that I have opted for any kind of night outs but today is the day to avail and I am a curious creature about it.

So here is the plan of the decade. I will write, write and just write. May be will listen to some of my favorite songs, drink orange juice or eat one or two biscuits in the process. There are also the modicum of chances that I may fall for a ten minute shut eye but that's again, gonna be good for me. I remember the kind of night outs I used to have with my parent, sister, brother, sister-in-law and my naughty nephew. We all sit together, stay awake till 2 AM, watch horror movies and then proceed towards the kitchen to make Maggi by holding one another's hands. I become the cook. My nephew and I keep our eyes around just in case if any ghost appears behind the shelves or the window or the kitchen door. Quickly we make our late night noodles and run towards the room, without looking behind. And then the magical moment arrives for enjoying those scrumptious Maggi meal. Room light remains dim because my father sleeps (Yes! I and my sister sleep in our parent's room when we are at my native. There are many spare rooms in our house but they prefer us to sleep in their's. It feels great!). Then we all talk in hush and reminisce the horror movie scenes. We laugh hard, teasing one another. My mother chides us for staying awake till late but we ignore her. Then she too gets up and mingles in our conversation. In between, my father wakes up because of our loud noises and scolds us to sleep but again, like stubborn kids we never opt for sleep until we finish our shares of Maggi. Then we drift apart to our respective rooms. I, my sister and my nephew sleep altogether in my parent's room. My nephew is such a naughty boy that he never lets me sleep and keep posing like ghosts, only to scare me But he is a sweet kid.

Oh!! I am getting highly nostalgic and before I run into tears, let me say bbye from here and do my other writing work. See you in my next post. :)

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