Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Parents are wrong too sometimes

Parents often think they are right; that what they do is always correct on the moral basis; and they teach right attitude to their children but...today happened one thing that put me off guard. I was forced to think about what I have said to my son only to repent later.

This morning when Sumit was going to drop off Ashmit to his school bus, I told Sumit to talk Ashmit about being recalcitrant after coming back from school. He doesn't listen to me easily and creates much nuisance. Sumit said okay and then they left. Thereupon, I got busy in tiding up my kitchen.

After few minutes when Sumit returned, he told me that he had discussed what I had said to him.

Sumit, "One thing I'd like to draw your attention towards is, never ever said Ashmit that you will also not listen to him in return to his tantrums".

I was washing my hands. I asked, "Why? What happened?"

Sumit, "Because I asked Ashmit that why you doesn't listen to your mumma after coming back from the school. He said that he doesn't want to"

My hands stopped as it hurt me but I didn't react much. Rather, I responded and asked why he said so.

"When I asked, he said because you keep him hungry. He doesn't like it and that is why he doesn't listen to you"

I can't describe my feelings here. I was shocked, hurt and vindicated all at the same time. As a parent, I tend to think that what I was doing was right. But here, my son had made me realize my mistake nonetheless I winced at his words.

Actually what used to happen that when Ashmit comes back from school, he simply keep throwing tantrums for a while. I keep telling him to change, wash his hands and face and then settle down for lunch but he just doesn't listen. Then I also decided to reciprocate the same. Not to teach him a lesson. Instead, to make him realize how does it feel when someone doesn't listen to you while you keep barking like a dog. When he asked for lunch, I told I'd give it later. Because you chose not to listen to me. Therefore, I have chosen the same for you. I did it for one day only.

This was the issue. But now I feel how wrong I was! Kids are always playful and love to throw tantrums as it is naturally stitched to their nature. But its parents who should understand and respond accordingly. I shouldn't have kept him hungry for sometime. I realized my mistake and when Ashmit came from his school, I hugged him and said sorry for my wrong behavior. To my surprise, he also said that he will now listen to me. I was happy to listen that.

But after sometime, I was again shouting at him to change his dress, wash his hands and face and settle down for his lunch while he kept throwing tantrums. Kids will never change and so will the parents :)

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