Sunday, 1 September 2013

One more day off

How strong and how often do YOU crave for one more piece of chocolate after finishing a whole pack already? I don't know about you but I surely know myself at this front. And the answer is...Badly! I'd love to have one more piece of my favorite chocolate even after finishing a whole pack.

The same way, sitting on my couch, working cozily on my tomato colored laptop, with a nip in the air and on the top of it all, having my sweet husband beside me is incredulously making me desire for one more off day. Today is Sunday and the first day of September of this year. Our weekend went good. Saturday was packed with some bank stuff and then lunch at one of the malls. We tried Starke's in Garuda mall, Magrath Road and I must admit, it was the complete waste of money. We had burger, fries and Veg. nuggets but taste couldn't woo us even for a second. Anyway, good or bad, both mealtimes happen and it was just one of those later cases.

Today, we all got up late in the morning (As I have already mentioned it earlier, I am not an early bird at all. I love sleeping till late in the mornings). I had already made arrangements for today's breakfast last night itself so the breakfast turned out a real quikie. It was delicious. We all loved and enjoyed it.

Then we chatted, watched TV and lazed around. Didn't want to go anywhere. Then I made lunch. Our son got his hair cut done (Oh! It was so required). We all had lunch afterwards and slept like a dead horse till the evening. In the evening we had some snacks. Thereupon, we went out for some work at 7.30 and returned at 10.45 at night. Whoaa!! It was a much longer stay out than I had expected. We had dinner outside.

Now that the weather is lovely and rainy, I feel strongly for the coming Monday to turn into some impromptu holiday. Make it a bank holiday or dropped-from-the-sky holiday or some puja holiday or or anything. I don't care but I crave for one more day rest. Alas! I wish the wishes could be true the moment we ask for them!! But now let me hit my sac. See ya'll tomorrow.

Good night world. Sleep tight and dream bright.

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