Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Mystified and glorified Nandhi hills

Last three days were a pack of holidays and on the morning of very first, we decided to go to Nandhi Hills. We had already visited this place and I had blogged about it too here A meet with nature :: Nadhi Hills. But this time, some of Sumit's friends were tugged along as well.

So the morning started ridiculously early. I woke up at 3AM!!! Don't ask how much effort I had to put in to get up at such wee hour. Anyways, I had bath, we all got ready and after around one hour say by 4.15, we left from our car. I drove first for the initial 30 kilometers. I tell you a secret. Whenever I drive, Sumit's heart literally jumps into his mouth. He always worry when I drive. Not that I need to work on my driving skill but it's him who needs to control his fear and regulate his heart beats. After that, we caught up with our friends on the way who were in other car. Then Sumit decided to drive for the rest of the entire journey.We all whooshed for the beautiful hills.

When the clock struck 5.30 AM, we were just inches away from the main spot of Nandhi hills but we could encounter the floating clouds and mist up above the sight. It was thrilling to see that. I had never walked through them. Last time when we were there, the sun was already shining in the sky and there was a warmth in the environment. No trace of mist or cold could be found that time. But this time, the scenario was reversed. The sheer imagination of walking among the clouds excited me with gust. But the road for reaching the top is quite risky. It has got high and some very high hair pin bends. There I learned that on such tricky roads, the car should be in its first gear otherwise it will be hard to drive. Thankfully I was not driving that time as the bends were highly scary to my sight.

Finally we made it to the top spot. There was such a heavy nip in the atmosphere that every single person was loaded with thermals. The weather was heavily misty. In fact, the mist was raining on us. We got wet of course as the result. Nandhi hills is prominently popular for its sunrise view but this time, there was no trace of sun. It was itself dozing heavily behind the clouds and mist. We were walking among the clouds. It was a very beautiful experience. All of us were talking and laughing. It was around 6 but it didn't feel so early as there were lots of people chattering around. Tea and dosa stalls and a single restaurant there open at 8. So sometimes you might have to curb your tea/coffee cravings.

Nandhi hills on a clear day

The curvy ramp enveloped with mist

The mist covering the walk way

We posed for several pictures. The atmosphere was very enjoyable. Tree houses are the added attractions there. After strolling inside them, we all settled down on a rock and talked for a good length of time. We clicked one other too there. Finally the stalls opened and others had their share of teas and coffees. I and a friend of our friend both had ice creams instead. Yeah! An ice-cream! If you haven't tried the crazy experience of licking an ice-cream in a cold weather, do it next time you get such chance. It feels awesome. It takes the experience to the next level. Later on, we promenaded around a little more. The uniquely shaped shades also hog your eyes. There is actually nothing much to see at this hill but coming in the early morning and enjoying the nature's beauty make the visit worth every iota of effort.

There is one thing to mention here. There is a lot of greenery and clean management around but the distribution of disposal bins have been done strangely. After walking for a good distance, you will find three bins stacked together. We discussed this point among us like instead of keeping all those bins together, the management should have distributed them evenly through out the road sides. Yeah! I know. It's bit weird thing to talk about but if such thing can cut down the sprawled wastage in our country, it is not at all weird to discuss. Isn't it?

There are lots of monkeys and dogs up there but you need not to worry. They don't harm. Later we had breakfast at the restaurant. It was okay okay type but the chilly weather had enhanced the taste. So we didn't complain much.

At around 9, we all left with our respective cars. After filling up the petrol back on the way, I drove for the rest of the journey. It summed up of around 50 Kms. Yay!! I was so happy to forfeit the car all by myself. The major journey had to be covered on highway. It is seriously tricky to drive on highways, I realized that. During the drive, Sumit said that I drive good to which I replied that Yes! I drive good unless you hand me over the steering without a fuss. We then went to one of our friend's house to eat his birthday cake. His birthday fell just a day ago and there was plenty of cake to munch on. Cake bites were delicious. We enjoyed, chatted for some more time and finally, headed towards our home.

All in all, it was fun re-visiting Nandhi hills but this time, several things were tossed. We had a group of lively friends with us plus completely mystified and glorified atmosphere that left us stunningly stupefied.

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