Wednesday, 18 September 2013

End of a trail and beginning of a new journey

When you read book, you just don't peek into someone other's mind but also you travel to different places. A book takes you to entirely a new or may be an old familiar place but with an entirely new vision. And seeing a place or event/s through someone other's way is an exciting procedure plus learning endorsement too.

Also, if you are fond of books and own a library on your name (like ME), I bet you'd be the appropriate person to understand the intensity of the joy when I fetched another book. It is so exciting and so curious infused feeling to pick up a new book. It feels awesome and I go through such frenzy whenever I am about to finish the last few pages of the current novel and am about to dig into a new one. I always keep more than one fresh unread books in advance in my library. This way I get the motivation to finish a book as soon as possible and get the joy of plucking a new one.

Recently I have finished "And the mountains echoed" by Khaled Hosseini. It's a thick novel and a good read. I admit I got bored in the middle as I prefer to read slim books yet I picked it up because Khaled is well known for his writing style and story telling skills. Well, honestly speaking the book touched my heart. I found it a wonderful read and spent a quality time reading it. I visited Shadbagh, Kabul, Paris and some other places with this story, met so many new characters and munched on various daily life events merging perfectly with the story line. Overall, And the... is an interesting read.

Now I have picked up a new book named Wise and otherwise by talented and versatile Sudha Murthy. The author is the wife of Narayan Murthy, the Chairman of Infosys. The book is a short story collection, based on the author's real life experiences. I have already finished initial few chapters and they had managed to catch my attention. Stories that Sudha Murthy reminisces are honest and leaves a brimming impact. I couldn't help myself thinking about the real life characters portrayed in the stories; some larger than life and some as tiny crawling creatures on the floor. Because of short stories, I find it a relaxing read. I can read comfortably while finishing each story in ten minutes or so. Like this one, her other books also have got translated into all the major languages in India. Picking up this one after the fat And the mountains echoed has given me simple serene time.

Sudha Murthy

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