Thursday, 26 September 2013

Badminton and old days

Today I played Badminton, my favorite outdoor game, after so many years. It is so strange that we seldom indulge in our favorite things though we always long to!

Anyways, today I played badminton after our dinner. It felt wonderful to play. I played with my husband and my kid, Ashmit. Ashmit's one neighborhood friend also played with us. While playing, I fell for a reverie. I got to reminisce those golden old days when we all siblings (including my relatives' kids) were small and carefree and used to gather at my native in every summer vacation. We all then made pairs for badminton and then started playing on our big terrace. We all played and if some other pair's shuttle cock banged in our area, we started playing with that, ignoring ours. It used to be a lot of fun. I missed all of my brothers and sisters especially my elder brother, Rohit bhaiya, who is tall and reflexive enough to stand at one point and play shots by just sticking to his spot while we all kept running here and there to hit the shuttle cock. We all had played, laughed and cursed each other for playing better and shared countless high fives at the end of each game.

When someone couldn't get to play either because of the lack of the rackets or another player, he or she had to wait for the turn. We had set a fair rule for the game that who'd drop the shuttle cock for ten times, she or he would be out and the person waiting would get to play. And not just terrace games, we also loved to play Business (it was then known as 'Vyapaar'), Ludo, Snakes and ladders, video games and so many others to count on. We always fell for fighting. "I'll play" or "It's my turn now" or "No! It's my turn now" or "You played na? Now your turn will come after five players" and so on. How much fun filled those days were!!

Nonetheless those days are gone but their memories are still branded in my mind as fresh as winter breeze. But I will make it a sure point that now I will play my favorite outdoor game everyday. If not everyday then at least seven days in a week ;).

But I can't help myself thinking. Why we grew old? Why we got so many silly responsibilities? and why we have to be mature? I wish we all could run again as we did in our childhood years; I wish we all could gather and enjoy ourselves; I wish we all could be children again! But alas! those days are gone, never to come back ever.

But good old days are always good to cherish. I still long to share the same frenzy with my siblings what I used to. But now everyone is busy in their lives, earning money or taking care of their respective families. However, my longing is still there, breathing somewhere secretly.


  1. everytime i read ur post i could u write so well and express such simple things so beautifully!!!! i wish i too had the same talent you :) proud of u!

    1. Same as you have the talent of creating brilliant presentations and performing so well in academics. I didn't excel in that area much!! and Love you too :)


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