Wednesday, 18 September 2013

And the greater responsibility is...

Today I was caught by a moment. It struck me with bountiful of surprise followed by glee. I found the moment worth treasuring on my blog.

Our kid has participated in National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) and the paper is due tomorrow (on Thursday). He had already solved some of the initial chapters and was busy in completing unfolded ones.

Today I caught him surreptitiously looking for the answers on the back of the book provided. It startled me for a moment. Where I was living in an awe seeing him doing every chapter successfully and that too without consuming much time and hassle, now I could gather the reason behind all of it; behind most of his right answers. I was displeased of course. But I felt it was uttermost important to teach him the bigger responsibility and that amend his mistake and to not practice again in the future.

When I caught him looking at the answer page, I interrupted right off. He didn't expect me discover his own planned clever trick. When I asked, he held his head low and admitted that he had seen some of the previous chapter's questions on the answer page. I didn't chide him nor ignored this. Rather, I asked him in a low tone whether he had realized his mistake. He said 'Yes! I know mumma that I had done wrong thing. But I won't repeat it again'. I was relaxed to hear. At least, he was sincere on this front.

I held him by his shoulders and explained, "Listen Ashmit! Committing a mistake is not a big deal. It is not a bad thing as it is the human foible. Mistakes do happen. But the deal becomes much greater if you don't realize it and not take any actions to amend it. If you have realized that you have done a mistake, you must correct it by not repeating it again. If you use your brain, you will learn more. By cheating, you will reach nowhere. Will you repeat it?"

"Yes mumma. I will not cheat on again. I will use my brain to solve the chapter but please! Don't tell this to papa. He will scold me"

I assured him that I won't but as it was an important matter for me, I had decided to talk to my husband in private about it. Anyways, Ashmit completed his chapters and learnt so many things along. He enjoyed MS Paint and learnt various tools and even drew some nice pictures on it.

When Sumit returned form his office, much to my amazement and shock, Ashmit came and admitted to his mistake. He explained how he tried to look on the answer page secretly and how I caught him doing so. He promised the same thing to his father that he will not repeat his mistake again; that he will always use his brain to solve anything.

I stood in a daze. I marveled at his courage to come upfront and accepting his doing with no fear. Sumit felt so happy that he hugged him immediately. We both appreciated Ashmit for his bold step to say the truth. 

This was the moment for us, the parent, to be proud of. 


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.