Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Thank You note on Teachers Day

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.
Aristotle, Philosopher 

December 5, 1962 (the birth date of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, a great teacher himself) marked the date to honor and respect the intricate contribution of those special people who not only educate but also create a better society and thus, a far better nation. Such special people are known as Teachers for us. 

If I recall my academic days, there comes a feeling of serenity that I got the golden chance to get educated with such teachers that not just taught me but also filled me in with high morals, socially accepted behavioral patterns and lots other elements that I still endure, I still possess. Their passion, gusto of teaching with unique patterns and the personalities they carried with them are still stamped subtly into my memories. Let me name a few of them so that I too can relish some of those beautiful memories and pay a heartily thank to them.

When I was in std. 7th and 8th, my favorite teacher was our Punjabi language teacher named as Harjeet Kaur. We, all the students, tend to call our teachers miss and sir. Harjeet miss was an ethereal beauty. She was slim, fair complexioned and had an adorable flair for teaching. She believed in teaching with fun and enjoyment. She taught with books as well as with some other fun activities. Sometimes she allowed us to play interesting games in the class so that the sincerity and the interest towards the study in the students couldn't get loosen up. She endured a beautiful smile. She taught me some manners too. I was among the best students in Punjabi. I loved the language. I was her favorite girl student. In fact she was the first person who told me that I sing really good; that I had the sweetest voice in the class. Wow! The moment was so wondrous. That day I felt really good about myself. I miss her. Later she got married and then I also moved to the other school but I still do miss her.

My another favorite teacher was our Hindi teacher, Jyoti miss, again in the same standards. She was wheatish in complexion but had a slim caricature. There was a very interesting thing about her that still strikes equally when I was her student; that she had a strange dearth of smile that was as rare as the silver linings in the sky. Whenever she smiled or laughed, it instantly became a news for all of us. We used to say like 'Hey! Did you see Jyoti miss was smiling today?' or 'Hey! You know Jyoti miss was laughing?' We used to call her 'Express train' because she walked really fast. Her best friend was her peer and Sanskrit language teacher Uma miss. They used to come together to the school and leave together. And they walked really fast. Hindi has always been my favorite subject. I always stood first with distinction in the class. She was always happy with me. 

My other favorite teacher was Sunil sir who used to tutor me at home. He taught me every subject; right from Science to Maths; from Hindi to English i.e. everything Because of him, I mastered in English course. I got distinction in English subject in my 12th board exams. The entire credit goes to Sunil sir. He was very polite, good looking and had a very good smile too. He resembled somewhat like the Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor. I told him this and he laughed at me. He was a great teacher with a vast pool of knowledge. I totally admired him and still do!

One more teacher is there to remember. He is demised now. His name was Mittal sir. He taught me in his coaching during my medical preparation times. He taught Physics. Earlier I used to hate the subject until I joined his classes. Since then, Physics became an interesting subject for me. It is so true. A teacher distinctively holds the magic to turn a boring subject into an exciting one.

These teachers have made me excelled in academics. They were, are and will always be my favorites. I am still improving myself but the teaching they taught will always be like an aid to me. I love them, adore them and totally bow to them for their outstanding demeanor and unforgettable contribution in my life.

It feels really soothing to remember all these. I can't possibly write every moment that I spent with them here. They are treasured into my heart forever. But for now, these handful of writing is a dedication from my side to them, for all those teachers who taught me and shaped me into a person that I am today.

Thank you! Happy Teachers Day!

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