Sunday, 4 August 2013

'Wishin' ya'll a Happy Friendship day' post

"Thanks for being IN my life", He said

"Thanks for being MY life", I said.

And I guess it's needless to mention the people engaged in above two-liner conversation. With such a lovely day start, I wish Happy Friendship Day to all my readers :)


So what's your plan for today? Buying a gift or already owned one? Planned a trip or already on the road singing at the top of your voice? Making a call or already in a half n hour long conversation with your friend? Whatever you do, I am sure you will make it special for your loveliest friend.

Talking about me, I indeed am jeweled with one best friend in my life and we have been shining proudly in the precious friendship bracelet for, if no less then 17 years. She is very special to me. She is sweet, beautiful, understanding and what seems to me is a persona with a great quotient of tolerance too (as she tolerates ME!! ;)). I wish our friendship to continue till I breathe my last. This post is also dedicated to my one lost friend. We met in Std. 8th and our friendship was revived for the next many years. But since some good things can end at a saddening note, our friendship too faced some unexpected tumultuous events and it died an unnatural death. But I still wish to see her, meet her. If I meet her someday, I will try to resurrect our friendship. But nevertheless, I wish my both friends a very happy welcoming and wonderful friendship day.
Every occasion has a history circling behind. Friendship day has too! I am gonna share some interesting facts in here so that you can drizzle this special day with some extra topping of your knowledge. 
  • The first ever World Friendship Day was celebrated in 1958 in Paraguay, South America. Basically it was first promoted by Joyce Hall in 1919. Joyce Hall is a founder of Hallmark cards. She tried to make the every second of August (2nd August or first Sunday of August) a dedicated day as in friendship day but consumers took it merely as a marketing trick to sell her greeting cards. In 1940s, the number of greeting cards supremely retrograded in US and that triggered the friendship day holiday to breathe its last but as good things find their own way to the surface, this day kept celebrated in several Asian countries. This way, friendship day has kept alive. 
  • In 1998, Nane Annan (UN secretory general Kofi Annan'a wife) declared the cartoon character Winnie The Pooh as the brand ambassador of Friendship day in United Nations
Pooh, the brand ambassador of Friendship Day

  • On 20th July 1958, Dr. Artemio Bracho held a dinner party with some of his friends in Puerto Pinasco (a town in Paraguay) and exactly at this date, he proposed the idea of Friendship day. They then proceeded to bring World Friendship Crusade foundation in life. This foundation promotes the nature of friendship despite of the color, race or religion. Since then, 30th July has been the harbinger of Friendship Day in Paraguay every year.
  • Women's Friendship Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of September. (Bingoo!! Now we ladies have one more day to celebrate our friendship).
  • The whole February month is dedicated as International Friendship month.
  • Best Friends Weekend is celebrated by Best friends Animal Society in order to procure animal rights. It falls from June 23 to June 25th. The first day of the weekend is called the Best Friend's Day.
  • Old friends, New friends Week is the third week of May.
  • With a little help from my friends by The Beatles (1967) struck the chord with millions. This is the song made specially for friends and it has been quiet popular.

Reasons to celebrate an occasion may be in hundreds or thousands even. But you should always remember the true essence of it. Friendship day is a day that is naturally dedicated to friends but if you can find a true friend by burying your hatchet with someone, do it. Friends are one of the most precious gift one can ever have. Thus, forget their bad or ugly words, delete their harsh comments from your memory, wipe out the tainted spot of any bad event that happened with them from your life screen saver, flush out the troubling issues. Make this day a very special and let your friends know how special are they for you!! 

Now that you are aware of the friendship day factual, it's time to enjoy the day. See you!

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