Friday, 23 August 2013

Simply Cherai!

We got four days vacation lined up and how dare could we leave this wonderful opportunity to pleasure ourselves. So we did make a plan to go to Cherai, located in Kerala state with one of our friend, his wife and little daughter.

Cherai is a simply awesome place. We left at 4.30 AM (Yes!! You read it right) by our car. It is around 550 Kms from Bangalore and we had decided to make travel more fun and more convenient. So we departed from our car stuffed with all the bags and baggage. In the dozing stature, we kept one another awake so that no one could sleep and hence, miss the merriment of the trip. I was dreaming of myself driving the car on the highway but my all the dream castles came crashing down, mixing with the dirt and dust in the emotional churner, when Sumit didn't allow me to do so. Needless to say, I was frowned at him but yet, who wants to bother driving among the cars. Let's enjoy the ride or so I consoled my poor soul.

After around thirteen hours, we finally made it to our resort. It was Club Mahindra Indriya resort. We checked in and then were showed our apartments. The resort itself is a beautiful place to visit. At the reception, I found very intimidating lamps and I had to click them :

Club Mahindra Cherai Kochi / Cochin - Reception
Boat shaped ceiling lamps, hung upside down

The aft of our apartment was abutted with the scenic beauty of Backwaters. There lied two recliners with a small table if residents desire to enjoy the charming weather. In the evening, we had dinner. The dinner was a surprise birthday party for my husband as it was his birthday that day. He was highly pleased to see everything arranged in an enticing manner. To know more about the evening, click on A surprise birthday party.

Sunset at Backwaters

Our resort was a beach facing one. Next day, we all planned to enjoy the sea and its incessant waves. We all had a lot of fun and splashes. The sea is actually Arabian sea, crossing Kerala. It's a sand beach and bathing was bit tricky but as where is will, there is always a way. We all enjoyed ourselves and I collected some beautiful shells. Find some clips below ::

Marvel at the expanse of water

On beach, such pic is inevitable

Yay! I found a nice shell
We marveled at the endless supply of sea water and stayed there for few hours. Then we left to relish the locals. There is not much to travel in Cherai but it is rich with stupendous amount of greenery which is almost impossible to find in urban cities. We went to one nearby harbor. I wanted to eat an ice cream there but alas!! It was the afternoon and people were probably sleeping at their homes and most of the shops were either closed or they didn't sell what I desired for the moment.

Anyway, we left. We had decided to come back to our resort by four o'clock to relish its swimming pool. The pool gets closed after 7. So we traveled here and there like nomads but it was lovely to breathe among the nature. We returned to our resorts on pre-decided time slot. While I chose to read one of the books that I carried with me to the trip, my husband and son couldn't resist themselves hurling themselves inside the pool. I sat on the recliner nearby to the pool and clicked them often. I was reading And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. It is a very marveling story, enough to entangle my attention and get me detached from the moving world around.

Okay! Next chapter now

Next day we had planned to visit Kochi/Ernakulam. it was around 30 Kms away from our resort but as we were with our car, travelling became much easier. Chatting, laughing, enjoying the nature, we made it to Marine drive first. There we hired a boat for one hour trip that took us across the sea (it was again Arabian sea). The boating sojourn was very soothing and serene (we had chosen a secluded one).

Standing on water

Then we went in and around Kochi. It was wonderful to see that Kochi is such a big city and is embellished with several superb markets. Kochi is also proud of having Lulu Hypermarket because this is the biggest mall of Kerala. We went there while returning and I with my friend did lots of shopping. It was so much time consuming that our husbands were coercing us for umpteen times to let go back but we were hardly listening to their any bait. After 3-4 hours of frenzied shopping, finally they dragged us out otherwise we could have installed our private awnings there so that we could manage more shopping!! When we settled inside the car, they told me that two salesgirls were laughing at seeing us doing crazy shopping despite of our husbands' constant pulling outs. We laughed at that too. When someone laughs at you, join them. This is the best way to deal with the situation. ;)

Eventually we came back and relaxed for sometime. Then we headed towards the Activity Club of the resort. There we played Carom. The evening host played two games and I won in both.  Then we all played Housie/Tambola but sadly, I couldn't win even for one round. I was disgusted and the feeling only puffed out with the good dinner later we had.

Next morning was our departure but we all felt like staying there for one more day, at the least. It was so much fun, so much excitement and so much dangling into the nature's lap that I and my husband both got very sound sleep at nights. Living in urban cities with honking vehicles, oft flying aeroplanes near to my terrace, barking dogs in my neighborhood, anxiety of finishing tasks and the stress of dealing with life's several fronts sometimes make it hard to get a deep good night sleep, unlike a little baby. In Cherai, we had that kind of luxurious babyish sleep. With faces hung down till the ground and the emotion of 'I will miss this place', we left next morning after tackling the remaining formalities. It was raining heavily and it was so unfortunate. If we had stayed there for one more day, the rain would have triggered our pleasure by manifolds.

So this is it. The Cherai, simply Cherai trip. I wish to go there once again. I will recommend others who are in Bangalore and thinking to have a long trip, please try Cherai. It's a lovely place and it will take you to the sky height with its Arabian sea waves. 



  1. the roads across the state is in miserable condition and it s good that you didnt drive..

    i m not sure if you are still in Kerala, dont miss Munnar, maybe it s the one of the best time to visit this hilly area...

    1. Yeah...roads were quite miserable. I didn't drive. We are back in Blore now. Munnar will visit some other time. Seems you have been there? Isn't it?

  2. of course i have, being a keralite i could not have missed that place :)

    1. That's good...we will try to cover Ooty, Cunnoor and Munnar at once


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