Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Missed you the most today...Dear brother

Today is Rakshabandhan, an auspicious day when a sister ties a thread (colloquially known as Rakhi) on her brother's wrist. The thread is a loving symbol of the promise that a brother makes to his sister to help her through every thick and thin. Whenever the sister needs her brother, he will be there to solve her predicament.

This occasion is celebrated by most of the Indians. If girls can't make it to their brothers, they sent their rakhis by courier service. I too sent to my brother. I missed him a lot. I remember how fondly I used to loop the Rakhi plate across his face with one candle lit inside it. Tying the rakhi and then stuffing his mouth with some sweet. In return, out of his love and affection, he gives me some gift but gift is not important. My forever gift is going to be HIM only. I love him a lot. His presence, well being and understanding towards our relationship are true gifts to me though I demand my gift every year but yet, none of those materialistic gifts matter. The thing that matters most to me is, his intact and tightly sealed love for me.


He missed me too today. We talked twice on the phone and both the times, we expressed how much we are missing each other. If I can't tie my rakhi on his wrist today, at least I can wish him lots of happiness in his life. My all the blessings are with him. I love him and I know, he loves me too in return even though he often forgets to call me.

I love you my dear brother and I so deeply missed you today. Be happy always!!

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