Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I wish to...

I wish to be a child...again,
I wish to splash in pool...again,
I wish to enjoy the summers...again,
I wish to tie my hair with ribbon...again
I wish to meet my friends at school...again,
How so...
I wish to live my childhood all over...again.

Being a child is the most enticing bait,
When I had enjoyed myself at the fullest;
When I did drool over a lollipop,
That came with yummy chocolaty layer atop;
When I drove others crazy,
Keeping my tiny head as fresh as daisy;

But alas!
Gone are the tickling 'Childhood years',
When I loved to see Dexter, Johny Bravo
And those silly daily serials;
Now I have grown up,
Now I have liabilities to fill up;
Now I have a son to raise,
And a dream to chase;

How strange is this?
How hypnotic is this?
Life keeps changing,
Keeps rolling,
Like an unending film;
It only runs out of reel,
When there is nothing left to feel.

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