Thursday, 1 August 2013

I was missing you!!!

A sweet moment that happened this evening is worth cherishing. It happened like this.

This morning after coming back from my Aerobics dose, I found Sumit soundly sleeping back at home. Respecting his need of sleep, I silently went on to finish my works and then finally settled down with my laptop to check on Facebook, important e-mails etc. etc. After sometime, he woke up. I looked at him and thought he'd be coming out of the room but neither he moved nor did I. We both stayed at our respective places. May be we both were living in the anticipation of 'He will come' or 'She will come' but the same crashed within moments.

I was simply checking on my accounts on the sofa and he was simply dozing on the bed. There was nothing serious but don't know how, why and what for, we both got upset. We couldn't talk even till the time of him leaving for his office. Usually I wave him a happy good bye but today, I just couldn't do that.

The whole afternoon, we both kept sulking at our respective positions (he in the office and I at home). We didn't even text each other. And that was highly unusual. Around in the early evening when our son returned, I got busy in serving him snacks, shouting at him to get his homework done, arranging my little upset house and all. But I couldn't manage my own upset mood!!

After half n hour or something, I heard a knock at the door. It was four in the evening. For the first second, I was startled as this is Sumit's style to announce that he is back. I couldn't believe nonetheless I ran to the door and found him there!! How beautiful that moment was, I can never describe in my words. I was amazed though to find him so early at home.

I asked him, "What happened? Why so early?"

He smiled and said, "I was missing you. That is why I came"

Oh gosh! I COULD NOT believe his words. In our busy lives where all of us are busier to get in the perfect sync with our busiest life styles, when we usually fail to display our love, care and affection to each other, right there when such sweet unexpected moment arrives dangling in the quotient of surprise at you, it feels so amazing. Isn't it? It takes you to the whole new height where you feel like 'Yes! I am worth' and this was exactly I felt that moment.

It wasn't like he didn't have any work to do back at his office. He did have some important work to finish yet he left all of it just for ME, because of ME and I felt sooo elated hearing that.

Life is so unpredictable. When it is going to knock you down by its surprising jamboree, no one can get the idea.

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